You Must Ask Your Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi Before Booking


Wedding day makeup is what every bride has dreamed of countless times, and to create that perfect look, she needs someone she can trust. You need someone with experience in this business, someone who will live up to your expectations. Choose the best bridal makeup artist in Delhi to look elegant on your special day. It is always better to go with an experienced makeup artist rather than a newcomer who may not be up to par on your wedding day.

As you browsed through a million options on the web, you might have liked some cosmetic artists’ work and some techniques used by another makeup artist. Shortlisting them based on your taste and preference is the first step. Obviously, location is also important, however today’s hair and makeup artists provide services all over India and are open to travel as well. Even when you have shortlisted them, the list is still not final, so you may be wondering what all you should ask your hair and makeup artist before you make the final decision. A wedding makeup artist in Delhi can answer a variety of questions, which can lead to getting a good deal and excellent services at the same time.

You and your bridal party will likely spend several hours with your makeup artist on the day of your wedding. It is important that he or she be someone you enjoy being around. If you recommend that your attendants have makeup done by this person, about 80 percent of the photos taken that day will feature the results of her work. Wouldn’t you agree that trust and confidence in this person are very important?

Make sure you book a bridal makeup service in Delhi that you are comfortable with, with whom you can communicate easily, and who you naturally trust. A makeup artist’s priority is to provide you with beautiful makeup in the style you want, but she should also offer moral support, boost your confidence, and calm your nerves in the hours leading up to your big day.

After choosing the perfect wedding dress and hairstyle the next thing you’ll want to do is decide on what kind of makeup you want for your big day. You should choose the right wedding makeup artist regardless of whether you want a glam or natural look. Before signing contracts and signing cheques, there are a few vital things you will want to know to ensure you have found the right artist for you.

Your wedding day look should make you feel comfortable and confident, which is why choosing the right makeup artist is so important. If you ask your beauty professionals these questions throughout your initial consultation, you will not have any surprises on your wedding day and you can focus on what matters most: enjoying your special day.

  • Are you available on the designated date?

Before jumping into a detailed discussion with a potential hair and makeup artist on your list, the first thing to determine is whether they will be available during the ceremony dates. Generally, couples and families in India follow a cultural or traditional calendar, such as Bengali marriage dates, Tamil wedding dates, Hindu wedding dates, etc. It creates a rush where a lot of weddings happen on the same day.

Since all service providers are in high demand, you need to be sure that the hair and makeup artist you want to hire is available on the wedding date. In addition, you can ask if they will do your makeup for your Haldi, Mehendi, and Sangeet ceremonies as well. Alternatively, you could use different hair and makeup artists for the other ceremonies, making sure they are available in advance.

  • Are you comfortable to travel?

It is important to have access to wedding pros across the country. For example, if you are based out of Delhi, you may want to hire a hair and makeup artist who is from Mumbai. You can also ask this question if you are planning to host a destination wedding. When planning a destination wedding, most young couples make sure that their makeup artists also travel with them, if they are from a different city. Most hair and makeup artists are available to travel to the destination these days.

If they agree to travel to your destination, you should also inquire about the travel and lodging costs. They could ask you if you will pay for their travel arrangements and make hotel reservations for them or if they will include those in their packages.

  • Can you do a makeup trial before the wedding?

Before you book the final appointment, you must get a makeup trial. By doing this, you will be able to understand your style and know what colors you look good in, as well as what products are suitable for you. You can also try different hairstyles out with your makeup trial and decide if your makeup will match the outfit that you have chosen for the function.

  • How much is the total cost of the package, and what all it includes?

Do not forget to ask about the costs and if a makeup trial is included in the wedding makeup services. You should also inquire about taxes or gratuities, the time to pay, and payment methods. Check the price and terms of the package as well as for hidden fees; there may be a hidden fee that you are unaware of, which raises the price. Your bridal party’s prices should be quoted on an hourly basis or per person. It’s fine to ask either way, but it’s better to avoid unpleasant surprises by doing so beforehand.

  • What beauty products do you use?

Despite the fact that all professional makeup artists use high-end products, you should ask which brands they use. A person prone to skin problems knows the wrong products can wreak havoc on their skin. It’s important to know what products and brands your artist plans on using so that your skin doesn’t break out on your wedding day. This is also the time to ask about parabens, cruelty-free brands, or all-natural cosmetics.

  • How Do You Work?

You should ask them if they are an individual or part of a team. You should also find out whether they work at the venue or the salon. Most makeup artists and hairstylists would be willing to come to the venue, but some prefer to work at their salon. It is possible that various makeup artists, hair stylists, and image advisers work together for the final outcome if it is a team of professionals.

  • How many events will you work on my wedding day?

Asking this question before booking is often overlooked, but it is very important. Your makeup artist will not leave before all the bridesmaids are done just because she has another wedding that day, even if things don’t go quite as planned on the big day. Moreover, make certain you are not the third bridal party she has worked for that day, which could result in the dirt on her equipment and fatigue from coming to your event.

If an artist books only one wedding a day, he or she is more likely to give you and your bridal party their full attention, do their best work and stay until the job is done regardless of delays. Though, keep in mind that such an artist will also often have minimum booking requirements on weekends and for in-demand dates. To make that minimum or pay the difference, smaller bridal parties may have to recruit family members to have services.

  • Are you free to do my bridesmaids’ or family member’s makeup?

It typically takes a long time for makeup artists to do your makeup, and therefore it may become a hassle when you ask your family or friends to do their makeup, unless they have a dedicated team for that. Despite the fact that many hair and makeup artists work alone during weddings, others prefer to be assisted by a group of other professionals. If possible, ask if the makeup artist is willing to do the makeup for the bridesmaids and the family members as well.

Your trial run artist should be booked, and the rest of the team can cater to your bridesmaids and family members. Since they have done it once before, they know what to expect and would have a better understanding of your expectations.

  • Can I see a copy of your standard contract?

This is one of the most important questions you should ask the hair and makeup artist in question. This, however, is one of the last questions you can ask, once all the other boxes have been checked on your list. Professionalism and work should have been great, but the contract is crucial. A contract will require you and the MUA to adhere to certain guidelines and formalities in case of cancellation or postponement due to any unknown reason. Ensure that you have a copy of the contract before you make the advance payment and book the MUA so you are crystal clear about the business deal you are going to close by making payments.



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