Why Do You Need a Lawyer When Buying a New House?


Buying a new house is a huge investment. If you’re about to buy a house, you are about to invest your time and money into this project and you’ll want to do anything you can to make it worth it. However, it’s not always simple making a good deal. There are a lot of ways for your plan to falls through, but you can always do things to prevent that from happening. For instance, hiring a lawyer is one of the things that will decrease your risk of closing a bad deal. Even though it may seem that a real estate agent is good enough, it’s always good to have an attorney by your side in these situations as well. 

Making contracts 

The first thing that a lawyer can do better than anyone else is to make contracts. When buying a house, there is a lot of negotiation involved. Most of this negotiation is done face-to-face between the parties. However, unless the deal is recorded on a contract, then the deal is worthless in the eyes of the law. That is the only way for the terms to be legally binding. If you don’t know enough of the law, then this is definitely a good reason for you to get an attorney. 

A lot of specific issues regarding the property can arise and a good contract could cover most of them. That is another reason why someone experienced should be involved in this process. A lawyer will be able to help you with the local legal obligations as well and he would be able to help you notice anything suspicious in the deal (if there’s anything). No legal glitches could appear on a contract reviewed by a lawyer and that will save you and your property a lot of trouble. 

Title search 

Hiring a lawyer is a great idea because there are a lot of things that an ordinary man could miss when it comes to legal issues, especially in something as simple as buying a house. The title search is one of those things and it is essential for making a good deal. This service provided by the lawyers serves to determine whether the property has ever had liens or judgments. These kinds of encumbrances are necessary to be reviewed as they can affect your purchase significantly. 

The reason why this is important is that the seller may not have the right to sell the property, not just to you, but to anyone. Even though this title search can be performed by anyone, it’s still best when it’s done by an expert. An attorney will do it better. The search could lead to some disappointing results and that is another reason why an attorney should be there. According to his counsel, you’ll know how to proceed. The lawyer could help you not to make a mistake, but he could also help the seller resolve the issue with liens or judgments. 

Property transfers 

Closing the deal may be simple when the parties are simple individuals, but that isn’t always the case. For example, if one of the parties is a corporation, things could get more complex. Trusts and partnerships are as complicated as corporations when it comes to buying property. However, then things could get even more complex if more parties are any of these institutions. Making the contract and ensuring the negotiation is then pretty difficult and they would be best handled by a professional. 

While you may not know or understand all of the types of business arrangements and the legal boundaries that come with them, a lawyer must always know them. Depending on the corporation’s charter agreements, the deal has to be made. A professional will know how to follow the rules of the law, while also making sure that you are satisfied with the deal you’re making.


Real estate deeds filing is another thing necessary to be done when it comes to buying a property. The transaction could be delayed for a number of reasons. One of them could be buying a property in an area where not all types of construction are allowed. If this occurs and you feel like you need to change your plans, why wouldn’t you first contact the estate lawyers and see what kind of advice they will give you? Consulting your lawyer before making any great decision is vital for the whole process. 

If the transaction in question has to do with commercial property, then you should take this even more seriously. You won’t be able to get a business license through the municipality without a good lawyer and you’ll need one for establishing the corporation as a valid business entity. This is especially important for tax purposes. 

On the other hand, if you don’t file all of the necessary documents, you could experience a lot of obstacles on your way. For instance, not transferring the deed as you should, might lead to income or estate taxes. This could be an issue for both the buyers and the sellers. Another consequence of poor filing work would be having to rebuild certain structures when the building permits don’t get filed properly. The most serious consequence would be having to close the business only because the commercial transaction wasn’t properly registered. 

Selling the house 

It’s not uncommon for an individual to sell one property while buying another. If that’s the case for you too, your need for a lawyer is doubled. Namely, sellers are at great risk of closing the wrong deal just as the buyers are. Even though you are not legally obliged to have a lawyer when selling a house, you could still hire one, just for your own good. 

It can happen that the opposing side sues the seller for failure to disclose certain information. To avoid this, it’s best to have an attorney review the home inspection and make sure to disclose any relevant facts regarding the property to the buyer. If the transaction with the corporation or a partnership is improperly completed, you could be the one to get sued. 

For instance, failing to disclose certain defects or violating a corporate charter are common when it comes to this issue. You could also get sued for not clearing the title to the property which you already know why is important for a buyer. Even with a lawyer, you are not entirely safe against the lawsuits, but your chances of coming out of them as a winner are much increased. 


Unfortunately, discrimination is a common issue in today’s society. When you’re buying a home, you could still be a victim of discrimination. Simply, there is no space where this bad habit people have cannot reach you. On the other hand, having a good lawyer will be your way out of this mess. Mortgage lending discrimination happens anytime someone discriminates against you based on your religion, race, marital status, sex, age, and disability among other stuff and this is anything but legal.

Namely, someone might be entirely unprofessional towards you and you shouldn’t allow that to happen. Instead, you should consult with your attorney and see what the best thing is for you to do. The laws are there to protect everyone and your interest is as important as anyone else’s. Keep that in mind and don’t give up on a good deal even when you encounter such sad behavior. 

The insurance 

Insurance is definitely one of the most important things to consider when investing in something as big as a house. Such large investments require a lot of your money and you’ll always want to make that money well-spent. Unfortunately, you can’t predict everything that is going to happen, so, the best thing to do is to have a plan for any sorts of situations. 

That is why having insurance is essential. You need to know that your property will be protected and that your interest will be protected during the transaction. A good lawyer can make that happen for you. You’ll need to be sure that you’ll be guaranteed the title to the property and you need to know that you’ll be protected against any type of fraud or forgery. Doing this on your own is way too risky when you think about how much you’re investing. On the other hand, having an expert do it will ensure you a good deal. 

After the purchase

While buying the property is stressful on its own, most people don’t even think about what they’re going to do once the property has already been bought. As soon as you buy the place, you have new responsibilities. Actually, a lot of new responsibilities to think about and take care of. The previous owner must have had a lot of the responsibilities related to the property and, buying the house only means that you are the one to inherit them.

Another important responsibility you have is that you have to update your will as soon as you buy the house. If you don’t already have a will written, what are you waiting for? Having a will has a lot of benefits that could help you and your family get through some tough times. If you do have the will, make sure to update it and include the new property in it. 


Buying a new property can get tricky if you don’t know the law enough. Your legal obligations don’t stop with the purchase of the property. On the contrary, you have a lot of them to follow. So don’t forget to hire a good attorney on time!


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