What to do after 12th Arts?

Career Option After 12th Arts

Career Option After 12th Arts – What to do after 12th Arts – Best Career Option After 12th Arts students

You must have often found the student getting confused after 12th, their confusion is what to do after 12th, what studies to do so that he can achieve his goal. After 12th all the students start thinking about what they should do.

Well, in the present time, there are hundreds of options available to the student than before, by adopting which he can make his Career Option After 12th Arts.

In today’s article, we will know what to do after 12th arts?

In this article, we have told about some such careers for you which are a little different and in today’s digital age there is a lot of demand.

People think that students studying arts do not have better Career Option After 12th Arts, but my friends, I would like to tell you that arts are such a stream in which you have many Career Option After 12th Arts, which we have also talked about in this article. is of.


What to do after 12th arts?

 1. Bachelor of Arts

After 12th Arts, BA is one such course which is done the most and it is also good. You can complete your graduation through BA, BA course is of three years. Once you complete your graduation then many avenues of government job will open for you.


2. Bachelor of Fine Arts

BFA courses can be very good for students who have creativity in them. The full form of BFA is Bachelor of Fine Arts and it is a 3-year graduate course like BA.

As you all know that creativity is full of code inside the students of the Arts stream, it proves to be a better Career Option After 12th Arts for them.

If you are also a little creative then you should definitely think about this once. After completing this course, you also get various job opportunities, to do this course, you can do it from both government and private.


3. Journalism & Mass Communication course will get a new identity

The demand for journalism courses has increased a lot these days. There are many reasons behind choosing this course, one of which is that after doing this course, you have many job options open to you…

If you are interested in mass communication, then you can work as a media reporter on any channel, and at present online media has become open where you can apply for the job.

  • Talking about the media sector, in today’s time more competition has increased than before, that is why many people are choosing this course.
  • Under Mass Communication, a student can enroll himself in three types of courses, which include degree, diploma, and certificate courses.
  • To get a degree, you have to do a 3-year course, diploma and certificate courses are completed within 1 to 2 years.


4. Hotel Management Better Career Option After 12th Arts for those with good communication

This is a better option for students who have management skills and are skilled in good communication. In the hotel management profession, you are rewarded with a good salary and with more facilities.

Two types of courses are conducted under the course of hotel management, which includes degree and diploma. For a degree, you have to study for 3 years whereas for a diploma water you have to study for one to two years.


5. Fashion Designing A Better Option

As you must be aware that in today’s time people like to wear themselves according to fashion. In such a situation, the demand for fashion designers is justified.

Students who do fashion designing courses have good knowledge of fashion and earn money by using their knowledge. Only those people who do this course have the passion to do something creative.

The trend of people in this field is bigger since few years, to do this course you have to pass 12th exam. Under the fashion designing course, you are given deep knowledge of theoretical as well as practical. To complete this course, you have to study for 1-3 years.


6. Take Career Soar Through Graphic Design Activity

Graphic designing is a bit different from fashion designing but in this also it is necessary for the student to be creative, it is necessary to be fond of sketching and visual arts.

Graphic designing means visual presentation. In this, students can create an object digitally with the help of size, color, image, and font, this is a very good professional course for creative students.

Advanced Diploma Course in Graphic Design includes graphic design methods and the increasing abilities of Desktop Publishing… Students will apply the knowledge of and perform tasks representative of technology-based careers, including art director, graphic designer, illustrator, and digital artist.

You can apply for this course after the 12th, after completing the graphic design course in Delhi, you can get the job of logos, magazines, books, print advertisements, signboards, posters besides billboards graphic designing logo.

  • As you also know that today’s world has become digital and every business needs some kind of design, so the demand for graphic designers is increasing continuously.
  • To do this course, you have to study for three to four years, then you get a bachelor’s degree, there is a duration of 1 to 2 years to do a diploma or certificate course in graphic design.
  • A Graphic Design Institute opens the door for Graphic Designer learners. If you want to learn a graphic design course in India.
  • GDI we offer short-term and diploma courses in graphic design.
  • One year program named Advance Graphic Design Expert at Graphic Design Institute encourages students.
  • Learn graphic design concepts with the latest graphic applications as well as concepts of web design.

You can take admission is the best graphic designing institute before admission check that after completing the course they provide 100% job placement or not…

7. Event Management An Emerging Career

In today’s time, people need to do event management from celebrating the festival to celebrating a small party. Event management is such a course that you can add beauty to any party, but for this, you have to study for 3 years.

There is a degree course in event management, as the name suggests, under event management, the event manager is responsible for organizing various types of events very easily, whether it is a music concert, dance song.

  • Cultural or sports events all require an event manager.
  • The task of the event manager is that collects all the stuff by planning the things related to it in advance to host any event.
  • Like how much will it cost to find a good venue for the event? budgeting it,
  • Even the preparation for taking legal permission to post the event is do by his own hands.


8. Integrated Law Course: Build your career by doing legal practice

BA LLB is a very popular course in one sense. For this, you have to pass Twelfth, after that there is a 5-year BA LLB course.

Talking about its career scope, it is also considere very good. After doing BA LLB, you can not only become a lawyer but you can also work as a legal advisor.

You are also likely to get a job in any law firm, if you want, you can also apply for jobs in MNCs (Multi-National Companies) because they also need a legal team from time to time to run and carry forward the business. Lives.


9. Teacher Training Course:

A teacher’s job is one of the better Career Option After 12th Arts for the people who are educated from the arts stream. 

  • In this profession, you get an opportunity to raise children, these children will later contribute to the progress of the country.
  • Doing the job of a teacher is not less than serving any country, the teacher does the work of educating everyone without any discrimination.
  • To become a teacher, you need to take some degree. Under this, the student can do B. Ed course after 12th if he wants.
  • Apart from this B.P.Ed. (Bachelor of Physical Education) or B.El.Ed (Bachelor of Elementary Education) and D.El.Ed (Diploma in Elementary Education) can become a teacher.
  • For teaching reasons in India, you can also do the work of educating by doing nursery training courses.


10. Government Jobs after 12th Arts

Many students always have this desire that they have to do government jobs only. Never mind, my friend, we have made a list of some of the best government jobs for you, which is as follows.

  1. Bank
  2. Police
  3. Lawyer
  4. Army
  5. IAS
  6. IPS
  7. Power department
  8. Income tax department
  9. SSC
  10. Railway
  11. Teacher
  12. Professor
  13. Officer in LIC

Apart from this, there are many other options from where you can do government jobs. In which direction you want to make your career, definitely write in the comment box below.

Conclusion – What to do after 12th Arts

Friends, today we have learned in this article what to do after 12th arts. Career Option After 12th Arts. We have tried to give you complete information. Yet if anything is left, then definitely tell by commenting on the website www.newsplana.com… You can also tell how you liked this article.


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