What is School Management Software & How it Works?


A School Management Software is an essential investment for the educational institutes to streamline operations at distinctive levels.

The software keeps an automatic record of the following:

* Student’s attendance

* timetable management

* managing admissions

* assessing reports

* declaring results

* monitor day-to-day administrative activities

* Library management

* Keeping a close check on the inventory

* Student’s fee & teacher’s salary status

And, the list goes on.

If you still rely on manual ways of managing students, administrative tasks, curriculum, and operations, then you need to think twice. Rely on the effective acceptance of school management software to ensure maximum efficiency in the campus area and at the operational level.

Over here, we will be looking at how school management software helps educational institutes enhance operations and reduce manual errors.

On top of that, you will find the key benefits of such software helping students, teachers, and administrative staff to ease up the burden.

So, without any further adieu, let’s get started on this.

What is a School Management Software?

School management software is a centralized system for an educational institution to manage its day-to-day operations smoothly. This software automates all the management tasks of students, faculty, administrative members, and other staff.

The primary aim of this software is to eliminate dependency on manual tasks of managing students, keeping a record of attendance, displaying results, sharing progress, scheduling classes, PTMs, and more.

The software also helps in streamlining the administrative tasks inclusive both faculty members and operational staff to manage daily tasks effectively.

How Does it Work?

If you are an owner of an educational institution, then you must have experienced, how tough it is to manage students, teachers, and staff at the same time.

On one side, you need to manage student’s level activities, attendance, classes, results, and more. On the other side, you need to keep a track record of the teacher’s classes, the creation of results, and other tasks.

Now, school management software integrates different departments of the institution into one centralised ERP solution. It digitizes multiple operations of the school to ensure flexibility, transparency, and save a great deal of time and effort.

Administrative & Non-Administrative Activities Handled by School Management Software

To better understand the working phenomenon of school management software, let’s have a look at some of the incredible features.

1. Access Student Information

Teachers of the educational institute know about student’s attendance, academic results, homework, discipline, and achievements using the school management system. It is a single-best centralized system for the faculty to extract every single record of students and to manage them efficiently.

It appears like a student’s database and has access to the faculty to manage student’s progress and academic performance. The system also contains additional information like exam grades, school fees, medical details, and more.

2. Access to Parents

Parents play a crucial role in the academic development of their children. This requires parents to get involved in the academic progress of their kids at regular intervals. For this reason, student management software has a special feature for parents to receive notifications related to their kid’s academic updates, attendance records, reports, and parent’s teacher meeting schedules.

With the introduction of such ERP solutions, parents will get notifications via text message or mobile app notification to receive updates regarding their child’s performance and reach.

3. Teacher Information

The software is not just helpful in providing real-time information of students to teachers and their parents. It further helps in sharing details of the faculty to the administrative members of the educational institution.

For example, the staff members will get to know the complete schedule of teachers, can monitor the performance, and provide suggestions to improve the quality of teaching methods. Also, with the help of Artificial Intelligence technology infused with school management software to monitor all the teachers and their ways of fulfilling responsibilities.

4. SMS Alert & Notifications

With the introduction of school management software, the interaction between teachers and student’s parents have improved a lot. Not like earlier situations when teachers and kid’s parents only meet face to face at the regular parent’s teacher meeting.

Now, teachers and parents can better communicate via text, emails, and voice chats to discuss more the academic progress of kids and how they can achieve their goals.

Also, teachers and parents will get notified regarding teacher’s day, annual day, and other such important days.

5. Attendance Management

One of the essential features of such an education industry based ERP solution is managing attendance in a streamlined manner. With this system in place, institutes need not follow the age-old way of a paper-based attendance system.

Using the school management software, administrative authorities can manage student’s attendance in record time. It further sends notifications to parents and teachers to keep a close watch over student’s records.

6. Report Cards

The generation of student’s report cards is an important process to measure their academic success. Though paper-based report card making process takes time and resources. That’s why you can switch to this software and enable the automatic creation of the report cards.

It can happen because of already available information related to attendance, grades, and more. Now, you can download the report card in a fraction of seconds from the software to review student’s educational progress.

7. Fees and Payment Management

Collecting fees from students is always a cumbersome process. This has been made simple with the online fee-paying feature of the school management system. The software helps children parents to pay fees online using different means of payment modes. The system also generates paying receipts to make the whole process goes hassle-free.

Similarly, library registration fees, book issues, and records will be kept under the school management system. It allows students to get usual reminders to return the book before the due date, re-issue the library card before expiry, and check the inventory of books inside.

Key Benefits of Investing in School Management System

Next look at the possible advantages of investing in a technology rich school management system.

1. Saves Time & Efforts: The software helps teachers better devoting the maximum of their time to imparting quality education rather than indulging in administrative tasks. With the automation approach of the system, teachers need not get involved in tiresome activities like table-table creation, managing parent communication, attendance record, and more. A school management software can automatically generate the respective reports and get the same distributed digitally across several departments.

2. Bridge the Communication Gap: The software helps the institution send personalized notifications to parents related to student’s results, meetings, and other things. It helps to bridge the communication gap between teachers and parents to focus more on the child’s progress rather than wasting time conducting one-on-one face meetings at the school.

3. Seamless Student Lifecycle Data: Students in the school go through various stages during their years of education. It all starts from getting admission, attending classes, giving exams, participating in extra-curricular activities, and leaving school. The detailed information of all such activities and student’s journey in the school is ideally recorded in the software to manage their progress and development.

4. Management of Timetable: Timetable management is one of the time-consuming and regular tasks in educational institutions. If done manually, then all departments have to sit together and create a strategic schedule for teaches and students. On the other side, school management software eases up the task by taking inputs from all the departments, store the information within the software, and create a timetable using easy to drag and drop functionality.

5. Simple Decision Making

One of the advantages of school management software is making fast and wise decisions of the institution. It is because, the software helps to generate real-time reports of students, teachers, and admins that can be referred to take multiple important decisions in a hassle-free manner.

6. Manage School Budgeting

There is a finance module available in the school management software that helps the institution to manage things effectively. The members can have a transparent view of the expenditures, inventory, and other things to do streamlined budgeting. Most importantly, it helps to save the overall cost of running the school to an optimum extent.

7. Safety of Standards

A school management software can manage student’s whereabouts in the campus area using biometric and RFID systems. It helps to locate the real-time location of students and send alert messages to parents, especially at the time of transportation.

Final Note

In a nutshell, the advantages of the school management system are tremendous and game-changing for educational institutes. In this digital age of businesses and operations, even schools can adopt new-age tech solutions to stay forward and manage operations and people effectively.

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