What Is a Wheel Alignment & Why Is It Important?


A car is a multifaceted system having inter-working parts. In case any one of the key parts gets damaged, the other connected parts also get affected over time. One such problem that could get out the hand faster is incorrect wheel alignment. The wheel alignment influences suspension as well as tire health.

Wheel Alignment

Alignment refers to the adjustment car’s suspension- the system that connects the car to the wheels. The key to appropriate alignment is the adjustment of the angles of car tires that affects how the tires make contact with the road. While checking the alignment, the mechanic pays attention to three things  

  • Camber- It is the outward or inward angle of the tire when checked from the front. Too much outward or inward tilt means positive or negative camber, indicating improper alignment. Worn ball, points, bearings, and other parts might also contribute to the camber alignment and lead to the need for Rolls Royce service.
  • Caster- The caster angle helps balance stability, cornering, and steering. In case you have the positive caster, the steering axis would tilt towards the driver. Whereas the negative caster means the steering axis would tilt towards the vehicle’s front.
  • Toe- Toe alignment refers to the extent to which the tires turn outward or inward when checked from above. In case, the toes angle outward, you have toe-out alignment; and vice versa for the toe-in alignment.

Reasons Behind Improper Wheel Alignment

The common reason behind the wheels of cars going out of alignment is the sudden impact when cars hit something at high speed. Encounters with manholes as well as potholes without covers could damage the suspension, balancing, and wheel alignment of your car seriously.

It also impairs the fuel efficiency of your drive and results in the requirement of car service in Dubai. Hitting a curb and small collisions could also take your vehicle out of alignment; however, due to little visible damage, the drivers tend to neglect them.

Symptoms of Improper Wheel Alignment

The key reason why wheel alignment is crucial for safe driving is reducing stress as well as strain on the car suspension components. In case you doubt that you might require Rolls Royce service for wheel alignment, here are some signs you need to look for   

  • Vibrating Steering Wheel- In case the steering wheel vibrates at high speed, it indicates that the alignment could be off. If not addressed, this could affect the tire as well as result in a flat tire or tire blowout. You might also have a suspension-related issue.
  • Uneven Tire Wear- Misalignment affects tire health as well as tire wear to a great extent. The lack of smooth rotation causes tire wear. In case one tire is worn more than the others or you have off-Centered tire-wear patterns, it is a sign of misalignment.

Apart from these, the car pulling to one side is another key sign of misalignment. To check in case, you have an alignment problem drive down the center of the vacant road or take the car to flat parking and pay attention to how the steering responds.

Reasons that Make Wheel Alignment Vital

In order to make your car operate in the right manner, all wheels need to be in a straight line when the steering wheel is set straight. It is worth noting that not bad alignment not only results in an accident but regular wear and tear of the tire as well. Having an appropriately aligned car might not seem important; however, it could have certain consequences in case ignored.

Misaligned wheels affect the steering as well as overall suspension that could result in bigger issues like uneven and premature tire wear. Therefore, it is crucial to get regular Rolls Royce service to ensure the wheel are aligned correctly. Getting the wheels aligned could benefit you in numerous ways such as

Enjoy a Smooth Ride

Incorrect wheel alignment could cause the part to the right or the left that makes it difficult to control. In case the steering wheel is pointed straight; however, still, the car is drifting to the left or right, the alignment is likely off. When you constantly need to adjust for compensating, it makes for a rough ride as well as takes the concentration away from driving.

Whereas properly aligned wheel makes the car run smoothly and you don’t need to work hard. Moreover, vehicles having correctly aligned wheels handle better, no matter whether you are driving in the twisty streets or straight down a freeway. As a driver, you would feel the difference easily.

Get More Out of Tires

As mentioned above, incorrect wheel alignment causes tires to wear. As the tires wear, the life expectancy of tires also shrinks and they need to be replaced. A misaligned vehicle puts huge stress on suspension and steering systems resulting in uneven wear of other parts. For avoiding costly car repair in Dubai or the frequent need for tire replacement, have the alignment checked.

Save a Huge Amount on Fuel

This might seem unrelated; however, a properly aligned car also gets better mileage. Incorrectly aligned wheels lead to improper working that makes the engine work hard for making the car go forward.

This impacts the fuel efficiency negatively as more fuel is required for helping the engine work overtime. Keeping tires inflated properly could also help save on fuel as underinflated or worn-out tires need more fuel for moving them forward.

Avoid Damage to the Other Components

It is important to note that beyond tires, misaligned wheels also impact the other components of the vehicle. The list of such components includes suspension, transmission, brakes, drivetrain elements, and differentials. When these components are not line up properly, each system has to work hard. This means more damage and the potential for expensive car repair in Dubai.

Apart from these, another key advantage is improved steering. In case the wheels of the car are out of alignment, it is hard to steer. You might even see yourself holding the steering wheel at a difficult angle for driving a car straight or veering from one side to another. The lack of control increases the chances of being involved in a crash. Proper wheel alignment would help maintain stable control of the car.

Consider Use of Windshield Sun Shade

Windshield sun shades block the sun’s primary entry point and help to keep the temperature of the car down. However, many drivers hate the look of the windshield sun shades as the hassle of using shades is the turn-off for them. Understandably, you might not wish the sharp looks of your luxury vehicle spoiled by the cheap-looking sun-shade.

However, numerous nice-looking as well as expensive windshield sun shades are available that could help in keeping parked cars cool. Several companies even offer a variety of custom models that allow for the ideal fit as well as vehicle colour match. Moreover, high-quality sun shades models have better heat-absorbing materials. This makes the sun shades effective at minimizing the entrance of ultraviolet as well as thermal rays into the car cabin.

Cover the Steering Wheel

Many times, this happens that people get back into their car; start the engine and realize that the steering wheel is burning hot. It is one of the dreaded things for the car driver that could make it uncomfortable to drive until the wheel gets cool. For avoiding this, you could cover the steering wheel with a hand towel or a small cloth when the wheel is not in use.

Replace the Car Battery

In case the battery of your car is older than three years, it might not provide enough power as it did. This way your car would need to work harder and it could overheat. It is advised to get the car repair in Dubai from a reputed centre. The mechanic would help you know in case you require a new battery.

Cover the Car Seats

In case your car has a leather or vinyl seats, it is important to know that how to heat such material could become on exposure to high temperatures and sunlight. To keep the seats cools, it is advised to throw the sheet over them. This would also help to prevent the fading of colour of the seat.

When you return, you could toss the sheet in the trunk or place them on the floorboards. You could also throw a towel or blanket over the seats. This way sunlight would not turn to heat.

Maintain the Tire Pressure

Maintaining appropriate car tyre pressure is crucial. Overlooking this aspect could lead to flat tyres and even blow-outs. It is important to note that constant contact with hot tarmac could lead result in excessive wear and tear of tyres. For avoiding blow-outs, consider getting a car service and checking the tyre pressure regularly. This way you could ensure there is not under-inflation or over-inflation of tyres.

Apart from these, another effective tip is to leave some gaps in the windows. Leaving windows open around an inch each would facilitate the flow of the air through the cabin. This would lower inside temperatures significantly. However, it is advised to keep an eye on the weather forecast as you would not wish to do this on the day with a sandstorm. And, ensure you park the car in the visible areas or the areas having surveillance cameras.


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