Video advertising strategies for the tourism industry


Learn to create video advertising for the tourism industry. Good audiovisual content can capture users’ attention faster, but you have to know some techniques to make your videos memorable. It is about improving the user experience through a more attractive format. It is not the same for the person to read a text of everything you offer and see it on video in a more dynamic and attractive format. It offers a totally different perspective to future travelers.

In fact, this type of content generates greater confidence in consumers since it is not the same to buy a product as to make a reservation for the holidays. Now, do you understand why it is so important to have a video advertising strategy for the tourism industry?

What is Tourism Marketing?

Tourism marketing is the promotion of sites that perform business sectors like hotels, entertainment venues, restaurants, transport companies and other public bodies. In addition, it is in charge of all the actions that focus on offering the best service to tourists. It is no longer just about selling a flight, hotel and accommodation package, but about living, feeling, choosing, having fun and indulging yourself. The way of doing business in tourism increasingly appeals to feelings and is that the trip begins before packing.

Benefits of video advertising in the tourism industry

You need to know what the positive aspects of video advertising for the tourism industry are. In this way, you can be aware of all the good that awaits you if you create a good strategy. These are some of its greatest benefits:

  • Affordable: video marketing is the scope of both large and small tourism businesses. Unlike advertising in conventional media, which can only be paid for by the most prominent brands. You just have to create content that grabs travelers.
  • Close: it allows you to approach the audience more transparently, giving your company a voice and a face, humanizing it. The idea is to show, through audiovisual material, a real experience of what the tourist will enjoy.
  • Greater interest: this type of videos arouses more interest from travelers. In fact, they estimate that 80% of people who surf the Internet prefer to click on this type of format than on other links.
  • Organic positioning: if you have a website, advertising through video will help you position yourself among the first places in the search. Working with a YouTube strategy will make this job easier for you since Google owns it.

Why is video advertising so successful?

As you can see, this format has great benefits and these, in turn, are part of its success. However, different factors make video advertising for the tourism industry successful. One of them is that it can better identify the tourist with the destination, to the point of awakening in him the desire to be in that place.

Remember that the user will probably never have visited that destination or stayed at that hotel. Try to show him the best you offer and highlight your differentiating values to convince him.

Video marketing in tourism is an excellent tool for generating greater credibility. And this is because, beyond transmitting a simple image, a real experience of what awaits you in that dreaded place is shown. The idea is that the traveler feels identified with those places and imagines everything he will do there.

You have to be able to convey real feelings to each user to convert them into customers. Therefore, your audiovisual content must be attractive enough so that people do not hesitate for a second to make their reservations.

Learn how to create your video advertising strategies

Since you know the benefits of video advertising for the tourism industry and the reason for its success. It is time for you to learn to create your strategy. This format will help your company to succeed in the market so hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Before you get started, pick a free video ad maker to create your video. Take note of some recommendations to create the best advertising pieces:

1. Show your brand

What stands out the most about a video marketing strategy is that you don’t need to spend hours writing. The images and scenes speak for themselves. In addition, you can also give your brand a voice and face. It is about making your company known more experientially.

If you are going to work with a script, try to make it look as natural as possible since travelers want to know real experiences. You have to be as original and authentic as possible. Remember that it is a sector with a lot of competition. Users will choose the offer that is most attractive to them both visually and financially.

You can be the one to talk about the company or, better yet, let your team have a presence in your video. You can also take advantage of travelers who were satisfied with the services you offered. In short, you have many options to show your brand in a more human way. For example, an explainer video would be a good choice.

2. Answer user questions

Many times users do not make a decision because they have some doubts about what you offer. Why not answer your questions through this dynamic format? It is an excellent idea to answer your questions in a more personal way.

A good alternative is to take advantage of social networks to maintain that two-way communication. Please pay close attention to user comments, since from there, you will match those common questions to answer them in your video.

3. Use testimonials

There is nothing better to convince users than third-party recommendations. This is very important so that they can make a decision. A better way to show is a video in which your clients tell about their experience when traveling with your company. You can use the testimonials of those satisfied travelers to attract new consumers. Nothing more effective than a good suggestion to encourage the user to book with you.

4. Let the travelers participate

Take advantage of the creativity of your customers to give your company greater visibility. You can do it through contests on social networks, in which users can create their own videos, publicize their experience and publish them on their profiles, mentioning your brand and with a specific hashtag.

When the deadline you set for sharing this material is over, you will select the best ones. But not only that, you will publish them on your social profiles and website. Not only do you make your brand known through users, but you also give them participation.

5. Present the destinations

They say that “what is not shown, is not sold,” and this phrase is very real, especially in this sector. If you want a user to book their trip with your company, the first thing you have to do is a video showing them all those places that they can know and enjoy.

Do you own a hotel? Show the potential client the rooms, spaces where they can entertain themselves, the pool, and nearby tourist sites. The idea is that people can take a little trip through your video, which will motivate them to make a decision.

6. Transmit emotions

This aspect should be present in each of your videos since it is what will attract customers. Emotions should be produced within seconds of viewing the content. This is what will really define if the user finishes seeing it or not.

Therefore, it is important that you think very well about your strategy and know your audience. In this way, you will know exactly who you are talking to and what they want to see. Remember to make audiovisual content based on stories and experiences. In short, tell stories that focus on the company and travelers.

7. YouTube is your great ally

Don’t worry about what platform you will use since you have YouTube for that. Without a doubt, it will be your best ally when publishing your videos, thanks to its high reach. Create your own channel to post your material and thus be able to share it on your website and social networks.

Take into account that you have to post videos with a certain frequency to avoid losing the audience. You have to create quality content if you want to attract customers, do not forget to use an attractive title and keywords that help you position yourself on the web.

To sum up

Remember that, like you, many people are doing video advertising for the tourism industry, so you will have to overcome your competition. Users will always go for the highest bidder and images outsell words. So awaken all your creativity so that you can reach all those people you want. Your success will depend on your strategy!

Do you want to reach a targeted audience through video ads? Now that you know everything you need to start working on your advertising in audiovisual format. All you have to do is start editing your video and share it.


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