Top Web Development Trends In 2021

web development trends

Technology is not stagnant. It keeps on evolving, where human beings find fresher ways to renovate, enabling them to do things at a much faster pace. Many areas feature this innovation, but the one that features this the most is the area of web development. 

Web Developers are continuously looking ahead to discover new technologies that will catalyze their process of stepping into a bigger, brighter future. However, because the innovations are so rapid, it may get hard to keep up with these developments, resulting in a problem. But don’t worry. 

This article will sketch out a few trends that will be pertinent in 2021 and are bound to stick. 

However, there is a difference between Web Development and Web Design. Web Design is essentially design, usability, and the graphic look of a website.

Whereas a web developer is one who constructs the fundamental structure of a website.

This article is Web Design vs. Web Development, but more about the new trends in the field of Web Development. 

Dark Mode

The dark is a modern growth in web development and has become very prevalent very fast.

A dark-themed site boosts the user experience by, well, infinity. Irrespective of any device they are using, their experience will definitely improve. 

The reason for this improved experience is that dark mode on websites and mobile is easy on your eyes.

Moreover, even in low light conditions, the dark mode needs very little brightness, lightening battery consumption.

Apart from dark mode being easy on the eyes, it also gives the app or the website a stylish UX. 

Technology giants like Facebook, Twitter, Google have already opted for the dark mode UI. It will soon become the most popular aesthetic upgrade under web development trends. 

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive web apps, or we as we call them PWA, are not a recent finding. However, it is recently gaining attention by modern developers and investors’.

This is due to its potential to perform a high-quality user experience, very close to the original app one. 

65% of online shopping orders were made using mobile devices in 2019.

PWA’s rising website trends enable one to view their favorite website on a mobile web browser or desktop without going through the hassle of downloading special computer programs.  

PWAs will be written in languages such as HTML and CSS, JavaScript, React, or Angular in 2021.

Besides first-class user experience and the reduced need for extra heavy programs, PWA could send push notifications and provide consumers with offline access to cached content. 

Who are these latest technologies important for? Well, any company that would like to target a larger audience and aims to not lose its customer at the downloading stage.

This includes News platforms, E-commerce, and also companies with low development budgets.  

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

This is another one of the web development best practices that help speed up the performance and reduces the risk of leaving it by a user. AMP technology is smaller but comparable to PWA.

The main variance between them is that pages become enhanced because of the open-source plugin, a feature developed recently by Twitter and Google. 

To break it down, AMPs are basically adjusted pages that are capable of operating rapidly.

They are known to have a rudimentary yet apt design with comparatively straightforward features as compared to full-scope web products. 

Recent web development trends such as AMP are examples of how the Internet is increasingly becoming more user-friendly.

Despite having the 5G internet technology today, most brands opt to develop native apps to enhance the user experience.

AMP plugin provides companies with an opportunity to reduce expenses on UX and reach their target audience with any internet speed. 

This will enable smaller niche products to compete with huge market leaders successfully. 

Here are some top companies that are already using PWAs and utilizing their benefits:

  • Washington Post
  • Virgin America
  • Twitter
  • Forbes
  • Alibaba

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistants and bots absorb and gather data, and use it to resolve complicated issues with ease.

These are considered the most significant technologies that form the forthcoming web development. Thus, the community call for AI communication will become more prevalent in 2021. 

Today we see dozens of AI chatbots, virtual assistants (Siri, Alexa, Cortana), and voice bots as the latest web development principles.

These technologies enable businesses to absorb and promote human interaction. For example, when forming a marketplace platform, chatbots will assist you in enhancing the digital customer experience. 

AI chatbots assist millions of people, and multiple businesses to achieve operations quicker and most efficiently by means of text or voice chats. 

It is absolutely essential to keep up with the web development trends. Furthermore, it is vital for businesses of all scopes to deliver continuous consumer engagement in reference to AI chatbots. 

Looking at the statistics, there is no doubt that the future of web development will support AI-powered chatbots. 

You can use some of the below mentioned open-source bot-building technologies:

  • DialogFlow
  • Facebook Bot Engine
  • Microsoft Bot Framework

Voice UI

Voice User Interface (UI) and voice commerce are some of the fastest-growing web development trends in 2021.

This is due to an increase in the practice of smart speakers and voice recognition technology in almost all devices.

From Siri to Amazon Alexa, many tech giants have developed these AI assistants that speak to the user. 

These voice recognition devices have transformed the way individuals search on Google and additional search engines. Users today seek information with specific words rather than phrases. 

Additionally, nowadays, users prefer just saying what they wish to know instead of typing it out as it is more time and energy-consuming. 

The universal smart speaker market is expected to rise at around 23% yearly till 2025, which means the number of websites driven by voice UI will also increase. 

In conclusion, innovation is happening quite rapidly. And to stay relevant in the business circle, you need to be able to keep up with the growing and rapidly evolving trends.

Newer web designs are coming up, outdating the previous one. 

Web Speech API can be used to work with voice data. Discourse acknowledgment permits perceiving voice settings and reacting to questions.

Discourse combination is a book-to-discourse part that permits content to peruse text content. Investigate Web Speech API utilizing this manual for beginners.

Motion Design UI

Each item endeavors to be pretty much as connecting with and alluring as could really be expected. Movement UI library is an ideal answer for catch clients’ consideration with excellent liveliness.

The library is equipped for vivifying plan components with elegance and allows designers to play with them as they need.

It’s adaptable enough and works with any JavaScrip system which makes it an incredible alternative for some, utilization cases.

Responsive Web Design

Web development has reached a point where we are unable to keep up with the endless new devices and resolutions.

Optimizing a website for one device may likely cause users and prospects from other devices to simply lose traffic.

Should we just suffer the consequences of losing traffic from one device for the benefit of gaining visitors from another device?

Well, there is an option for this, creating responsive website designs.

Responsive website design simply means the design should be automatically adaptable to all resolutions and devices, it suggests that website design should respond to the user’s environment and behavior based on screen, resolution, platform, and orientation.

3D Elements

Notwithstanding the business, you are in, the client is the ruler. 3D visuals are a significant part to tempt clients and keep them drew in on a site for quite a while in any business.

It tends to be a costly decision for some new companies to pick Virtual Reality so they accomplish reasonable encounters for clients picking 3D visuals.

It additionally assists the clients with encountering something more noteworthy like not understanding the distinction between genuine and computerized space.

New businesses can join the best 3D components to their sites on the off chance that they pick the right web engineer or Web Development Company.

How To Find The Latest Web Development Trends?

It tends to be difficult to pursue patterns since they change so quickly. In any case, why not attempt?

By following the most recent inclinations in web advancement, you can satisfy your clients with a top-notch insight, improve your web application positioning, and open new business sectors for your administrations!

There are multiple platforms, websites, and blogs that help individuals with the latest resources across the industries.

Just tap in to them to stay ahead of the competition.


Web development is evolving every day is becoming more and more competitive. Therefore it is important to stay updated about the latest trends in web development in 2021.

Read and know all about the latest website development trends to stay ahead of the crowd.

It tends to be difficult to pursue patterns since they change so quickly. In any case, why not attempt?

By following the most recent inclinations in web advancement, you can satisfy your clients with a top-notch insight, improve your web application positioning, and open new business sectors for your administrations!

Throughout the following not many years, voice search will reinforce its positions and power specialist co-ops to adjust to the new reality.

Stay on your feet and keep an eye out for any further Web Developments or Web Designs.


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