Top Signature 8 Wholesale Women’s Clothes

Signature 8 wholesale

You can’t fully satisfy customers unless you have the latest clothes in your stock.

Today we are going to discuss the top signature 8 clothes that are popular with the ladies.

But why are we talking about the Signature 8 wholesale clothes?

Before we discuss their top women’s clothing items, let’s first discuss why you should go for Signature 8.

Signature 8 Wholesale Business

Signature 8 started its business in Los Angeles as a wholesale clothing supplier. Today, it is a famous name in the denim and stylish streetwear market.

They have an online presence for their customers where registered businesses can make deals with them easily.

Their website has clear rules for the buying, shipping, and returning of products.

Just a government license or a permit is required to deal with them.

Each and every process is explained in easy steps on their website. They provide free exchange and return of products within 3 days. After that, they charge a restocking fee for the exchange and return.

This is why Signature 8 is the best option to buy women’s clothes in bulk at wholesale prices. You can easily earn a good profit margin by selling their products.

What is Sustainable Fashion in 2021?

If you want to buy sustainable fashion, make sure it is produced in a fair, socially acceptable, and sustainable way, so that neither the environment nor people are harmed. The motto is, in short, “organic and fair, instead of plastic and child labor”. You can see sustainable fashion, as Life without plastic would like to assign ecological fashion to the new nature-conscious society that is developing more and more. Eco-fashion is divided into several sustainability criteria, which I would like to explain to you in a few sentences:

1. Organic Raw Material Fashion

In clothes made of organic material, you are guaranteed not to find plastic fibers, because organic cotton, natural linen, or basically organic natural fibers, of course, are free of harmful substances. More and more manufacturers rely on organic and sustainably grown materials for their garments. As you will see again in a moment on the advantages of sustainable fashion, this natural form of clothing is also more durable than fashion made of plastic.

2. Production of Clothing To Save Resource

Just as the longevity of organic fashion conserves natural resources, all clothing production must also conserve resources to the extent possible. Old fashioned processing methods tend to consume very high energy and water consumption, while newer techniques allow for very resource-efficient production. For CareElite wooden toothbrushes, I use, for example, natural bamboo wood. Bamboo is, like cork, hemp, or linen, a very sustainable material and also suitable for the production of ecological clothing. The material is sustainable because it grows back very quickly. Bamboo wood, for example, grows up to one meter per day.

3. Recycled or Upcycled Fashion

Recycled or recycled fashion is sustainable because it reuses old material that has already been used. For example, Adidas has recycled the “Adidas x Parley” running shoe from plastic waste from the sea. Therefore, the shoe not only looks great but also recycles plastic waste from the environment. On the topic of fashion from plastic waste, I have written another separate article. In addition to clothing made from recycled materials, recycled clothing is also attracting a lot of attention. Whether it’s truck tarp bags, jute bag lids, or pencil cases made from comic book pages. Also, recycled products and recycled fashion are often unique, which makes this form of sustainable fashion particularly interesting.

4. Locally Produced Clothing

If a fashion brand has its clothes produced in Bangladesh, for example, then it can assume that they were sewn together for a pittance and that fashion has long transportation routes behind it. That is anything but sustainable fashion. That is why it is pleasant when production, including the entire supply chain, takes place entirely in one place, for example in Germany. Here, production is based on forced labor legislation and transport routes in the supply chain are short.

5. Faire and Soziale Mode

There are two sustainable fashion labels that certify compliance with ecological standards and the underlying working conditions. GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification is a global standard for textiles or garments made from organically produced natural fibers. GOTS certified clothing confirms that minimum social and environmental standards have been met throughout the supply and production chain. In addition, for sustainable clothing, there is a Fair Trade seal that refers especially to the social aspect of production. With fair trade clothing, for example, you can exclude the possibility that child labor was used in the production of the clothing or that production workers received an undignified wage.

When is Fashion Sustainable?

Fashion can be considered 100% sustainable if it meets all of these criteria. Some fashion brands operate Greenwashing, for example, it is highly unlikely that the above conditions will be met. But these conditions make fashion sustainable and force large fashion firms to give in to the growing demand for eco-friendly fashion.

The Reasons for Sustainable Fashion

In Germany in particular, clothing has degenerated into a kind of throwaway fad. People are sometimes looked at suspiciously when they put on an old outfit again. In addition, a large part of the clothing of the main fashion firms contains toxins that are harmful to our health and the environment. Here is an overview of the reasons for switching to fair and sustainable fashion:

  • Clothes are directly on our skin and therefore must not contain toxins.
  • Fair fashion is produced in fair social conditions like p. Eg no child labor.
  • Sustainable fashion is made up of unlimited raw materials instead of, for example, petroleum (plastic).
  • The fad for natural materials like hemp breaks down in the environment in no time.
  • Clothing made from plastics like plastic, on the other hand, remains in nature for centuries.
  • Unsustainable clothing contains toxins like phthalates, NP, or NPe, which disrupt the endocrine system.
  • Sustainable clothing is more durable than cheap unnatural clothing.

I could go on this list of reasons for sustainable fashion indefinitely. Can you think of anything else? So feel free to write it in your comment below this post.

On The Benefits of Sustainable Fashion

Here, as promised, a few words on the aforementioned benefits of sustainable fashion:


With excellent and sustainable clothing, you can be sure that production has been done fairly and without child labor. Many of the major fashion brands still use child labor and this should not be supported. A great advantage of sustainable fashion.


Little to drink, dusty factory floors where workers have trouble breathing and are exposed to toxic substances. When buying sustainable fashion, you avoid these conditions for the production of your clothes.


Organic clothing is of superior quality, it is usually more durable and therefore more durable. So it’s worth spending a few more pennies. In addition, sustainable fashion is more comfortable to wear and does not absorb odors as quickly as, for example, plastic fashion.


For me, this advantage of sustainable fashion is particularly important. By choosing natural clothing, you avoid using limited raw materials like crude gasoline (or petroleum) for the production of your clothing. Instead, it uses renewable natural resources like hemp, flax, or bamboo, which would also quickly decompose in the environment. Plastic, on the other hand, remains forever and slowly breaks down to become microplastics.

Top 5 Signature 8 Women’s Clothes

  • Denim Shorts

If we talk about women’s denim shorts, Signature 8 is a famous brand for it.  It has a huge range of denim shorts.

They have a wholesale quantity of shorts in different sizes, colors, and designs. These shorts include body shorts, knee-length boy shorts, and Jamaican shorts.

Signature 8 designs every piece of women’s shorts in detail.  Women wear them to create new and modern looks.

Retailers can buy Signature 8 women’s shorts at minimal cost and earn a good profit by selling them.

  • Jackets 

Women are very particular when it comes to choosing jackets and outerwear. Every woman has a different taste and choice. So, a wide range of jackets is necessary to satisfy the customers.

Signature 8 has denim jackets with a variety of different designs like embroidered, patchwork, patch crop, etc.

Not only denim, but they also have other variety of stylish jackets like plaid, leather, wool, moto, and many other designs.

  • Crop Tops

Girls love to wear crop tops to create a stylish look. Signature 8

has different types of crop tops like a choker, mock, tie knit, off-shoulder crop tops, and many others. A huge variety of colors help match them with different bottoms or pants.

  • Sweaters 

Sweaters are worn to protect the body from the cold environment. But the right type of warm sweaters enhances the grace and personality of the consumer.

Signature 8 sweaters have a wide range of sweaters for its customers. Whether they want a thin sweater or want a knitted warm and cozy wool sweater, it has them all.

  • Dresses

Ladies always carefully select dresses as they can tremendously enhance their look.

From A-line to wrap dresses, Signature 8 has a versatile range at good prices.

Retail businesses can easily satisfy their customers by providing them a huge range of dresses with the help of Signature 8.


These are the best Signature 8 women’s clothes to add to your stock.

You can conveniently buy Signature 8 clothes through online wholesale markets. Without going anywhere, you can receive your required stock at your doorstep.

Browse through these products at least once. Share your reviews about Signature 8 clothing items down in the comments. Also, give us your opinion about their customer service. Good luck!


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