Top Healthcare Apps to Consider for Patients & Doctors in 2021


Just like other industries, the Healthcare sector has also experienced a rapid transformation. All credit goes to technology evolution. Everything is now digital and monitored remotely with mobile applications. 

As per the report

“The mHealth apps market worldwide was valued at nearly USD 8.0b in the year 2018. It is supposed to make almost USD 111.1b by the end of 2025.“

The use of smartphone apps in the healthcare sector enhanced 40% during the covid-19 health crisis. 


Statista shows the mobile app health market forecast in the US from 2018 to 2025. 

What are Healthcare Apps?

Health apps are the programmed software. It provides health-relevant services on your smartphone or tablets. 

Mobile health/mHealth refers to the use of smartphones for healthcare services. It contains multimedia tech and mobile communication.

mHealth apps leveraged for overall health status and fitness tracking. It will also aid with remote patient monitoring, disease management, doctor consultation, etc. 

There are various types of mHealth apps available according to different needs. 

Types of Healthcare Apps

Healthcare apps are generally divided into three main categories. 

  1. Apps for healthcare providers
  2. Apps for patients
  3. Apps for institutes 

Apps for healthcare providers

  • Healthcare reference & database apps
  • Professional networking apps
  • Medication dosage apps 
  • Patient monitoring apps
  • Doctor appointment scheduling apps 
  • Barcode scanning apps 
  • Clinical assistance apps
  • Doctor on-demand apps (Telehealth mobile apps)
  • Medical database software 
  • Medical billing apps

Apps for Patients

  • Patient medical education apps
  • Reminder apps 
  • Personal health recording 
  • Diagnosis apps for the precautionary purpose 
  • Fitness apps 
  • Monitoring apps for chronic conditions 
  • Mental health apps 
  • Dieting and nutrition apps
  • Women health apps
  • On-demand ambulance app

Apps for institutes 

  • Medical market research apps
  • Medical stock and equipment management apps
  • Doctors and physician management software 
  • Patient management apps
  • Patient’s payment and billing management apps 

Benefits of healthcare apps 

You will get several benefits while using healthcare apps. 

#1. Patient care at home 

Healthcare apps update doctors about the patient’s symptoms and health condition. These apps are designed to discover disease symptoms and generate a report accordingly. Reports help doctors to make health-relevant decisions and prescribing medications. 

You do not need to visit a doctor at the clinic. All the health-related care can be performed at the comfort of your home. 

#2. On-time care remotely 

Especially rural areas where health-related facilities are limited can leverage health apps. So, they can get on-time treatment and save more lives. 

By scheduling video calls, anyone can contact a physician from remote locations. The majority of people can get better care without traveling to the hospital. 

You can avoid Regular doctor’s visits at the clinic with smartphone apps. Users get notified about important health tips with push notifications. 

#3. Precise patient diagnostics 

Healthcare apps use sensors to monitor different health-related parameters precisely. With the intelligent health diagnostic approach, you can minimize errors in disease diagnosis.  

Patient reports and prescription data can be stored on cloud platforms. It is also helpful for medical staff to save patient’s details accurately. 

#4. Cost-effective 

A regular clinic visit costs more compared to video calling a doctor through an app. You can avoid face-to-face consultation/prescription via an app. 

It saves your overall traveling costs and time from standing in a long queue. Some costly healthcare services will also be available through healthcare apps. Thus, such applications are cost-savvy. 

#5. Monitor health every day

Healthcare mobile apps let you track your day-to-day health. Brands like Fitbit help you monitor your health by wearing smart-watches, activity trackers, and different wearable devices. 

You can measure,

  • Blood pressure 
  • Sugar level
  • Burned calories 
  • Heart rates
  • Weight gains/loss
  • Sleeptime and quality 
  • Cholesterol level
  • Traveled distance 
  • Specific exercise 
  • Climbed floors 
  • Walked steps 

You can take action or concern a doctor according to the level of these parameters. 

#6. Secure payments

Gone are the days when you had to wait in a long queue to pay your medical bills. Integrated secure payment gateways (Such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, Stripe, etc.) will help you pay your bills online with great ease. 

You can choose a credit card, debit card, or payment gateway option to pay on time. Even when you forget to make a payment, you will get notified through the app. 

#7. Real-time collaboration 

Apart from checking a patient’s health condition with HD cameras, one can leverage healthcare apps for real-time consultation and collaboration with physicians. 

Anyone can share information and provide knowledge in real-time on a global level. 

When patients and doctors communicate in real-time, it will improve the process of constant health checking. 

Healthcare Apps for Patients and General Users 

We have discovered some best healthcare apps for patients. Take a look.  

#1. GENERIS: DNA & Nutrition App

Generis is a health and wellness app that improves your life by understanding your genes. Individuals have different health and fitness needs. So when you follow a one-size-fits-most approach, you will fail. Everyone seeks customized advice, and Generis will help you with that. 

  • DNA-based recommendations 
  • Food and nutrition recommendations 
  • Activity recommendations
  • Supplement recommendations 
  • Health and fitness goals 

#2. Teladoc 

Teladoc offers daily primary care, mental health, nutrition, dermatology, and expert medical service virtually through mobile apps. It is a pool of thousands of therapists, certified doctors, nutritionists, dermatologists, and licensed nurses. They diagnose a disease, suggest therapy, and prescribe medication for various issues such as, 

  • Non-emergency conditions (Flu, cough, allergies, infections)
  • Nutrition and wellness consultations 
  • Depression, anxiety, relationship issues, etc.
  • Skin conditions (acne, rashes, Eczema, etc.)

#3. Antidote Telehealth

With this app, you can consult a doctor round-the-clock through video. You do not have to leave the comfort of your home or office to get professional and caring primary care. The app uses AI and Machine Learning to provide quality healthcare services. 

  • Connect directly to the certified doctors virtually
  • Round-the-clock checkup 
  • No medical insurance 
  • All-inclusive follow-up health care

#4. BetterHelp – Online Counseling

Get professional help from licensed counselors and therapists. More than 15k trained and experienced counselors help with different therapies for individuals, couples, and teenagers. You can consult for depression, stress, anxiety, self-esteem, anger, eating disorders, relationships, mental health, and more. 

  • 15k counselors & therapists with multiple areas of expertise
  • All counselors are accredited and experienced
  • Discover a counselor that is the best fit for your requirements
  • Unlimited private face-to-face communication with your counselor
  • Schedule live sessions with your therapists, or you can use the secure messenger
  • Accessibility to productive, learning group webinars

#5. Epocrates 

If you are struggling with chronic disorders and need to consult a physician frequently, this app is for you. 

  • Drug interaction checker 
  • Pill identifier 
  • 600+ dosing calculators, medical equations, and tools 
  • Rx and OTC monographs
  • Alternative medicine monographs: dosage, interactions, etc. 
  • Peer-reviewed disease content from the BMJ
  • Labs, ICD-10 codes, and more 

#6. Leafly: Marijuana Reviews

Leafly is a one-stop solution for cannabis details. Patients can connect with doctors, hospitals, and dispensaries within a click. Find your perfect weed strains, essences, topicals, concentrates, or weed food based on thousands of user reviews, recommendations, and availability at nearby weed dispensaries or retail stores.

  • View all the latest cannabis news and information on lifestyle
  • Cannabis 101 resources
  • The latest medical marijuana studies
  • Legalization updates
  • Watch videos and learn how you can use marijuana, how you can grow weed, how to make your pot edibles, and much more.

#7. mySugr – Diabetes Tracker Log

The mySugr diabetes app is a free diabetes logbook. It will help to keep your diabetes data under control. You will get all your medical information on your smart device. It is ready to share with your doctors. Manage your diabetes therapy regularly.

  • Personalized dashboard
  • Insulin/Bolus calculator with accurate insulin dose suggestions
  • Easy-to-understand blood sugar level graphs
  • Approx HbA1c 
  • Share Daily, weekly, and monthly reports directly with your doctor
  • Secure data backup

#8. Doctor On Demand 

Connect with a doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist through a video call on your smartphone. The app works with and without insurance. From just colds to cholesterol, healthcare providers treat plenty of issues via virtual video calling. No matter, whether its

  • Cold & Flu
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Sinus Infections
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Acne, Rashes & Skin Issues
  • Depression
  • High Cholesterol
  • Allergies
  • Diabetes 
  • Grief & Loss
  • Thyroid Issues
  • Prescription Refills

Healthcare Apps for Doctors and Medical Professionals 

We have discovered some best healthcare apps for doctors and healthcare providers. Take a look.  

#1. Medscape 

Medscape is the online destination for healthcare professionals, doctors, and physicians globally. This app provides the latest medical news and expert comments. Additionally, you can leverage drug and disease information, professional learning, and CME/CE activities. Everything is free of cost. 

  • Access more than 400 medical calculators
  • Drug interaction checker
  • Stepwise process videos 
  • See 8500+ prescription and OTC drugs, herbs, and supplements details
  • Explore customized newsfeed
  • Pill identifier 
  • Stay up-to-date with the current FDA permissions, conference or seminar news, late-breaking clinical trial data, etc.

#2. VisualDX

VisualDx helps medical professionals to make therapeutic decisions and enhance patient safety. It is a clinical decision support system leveraged by 2,300+ hospitals, clinics, and medical institutes globally. 

Clinicians can

  • Build a custom differential across medicine
  • Assess the world best medical image to acknowledge differences of disease, especially in skin of color
  • Access therapy
  • Acknowledge medication reactions
  • Identify infections and travel-relevant disease
  • Share images and detail with patients
  • Challenge your skills with the VisualDx quiz
  • Earn CME with every search

#3. Skyscape Medical Library

SML app is the decision support tool for physicians, healthcare professionals, nurses, and students. It provides 400+ resources from famous publishers, columnists, authors, and medical communities. 2.6 million healthcare professionals trusted it to access medical resources.

  • Skyscape Rx
  • Skyscape Clinical Calculator
  • Skyscape Clinical Consult
  • Skyscape MedBeats™
  • Full-Color​ Images
  • Signs & Symptoms Index 
  • Audio pronunciations of medical terms
  • Content Updates 


It is a medical reference tailored for doctors, EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians), nurses, and paramedics. They get the tools to treat patients at the particular location, the route, and the bedside. 

  • Regular updates to get the latest information
  • Individual clinical content from 12 leading healthcare unions. 
  • The suite is available for nurses, residents, physicians, students, pharmacists, EMTs and paramedics, and more.

#5. Lexicomp 

Keep yourself updated with the clinical knowledge provided by Lexicomp. There are more than 20 databases. You can also get in-depth information on drugs, natural products, medical calculations, interactions, and more. 

  • Pharmacogenomics database
  • Detail for IV compatibility 
  • Detail about the drug shortage 
  • Booklets for Patient learning 
  • Rearrange databases and monograph fields to personalize the display

#6. DynaMed

DynaMed is a physician-focused app that is developed to provide effective and evidence-based patient care. Physician and specialist staff review medical literature Precisely and regularly. It ensures on-time objective analysis, synthesis, and assistance at the users’ fingertips.

  • Easy to navigate and search 
  • Access to drug detail from the Clinical Knowledge Suite
  • Rapid services
  • Evidence-based resources
  • Institutions are accessible free of cost

#7. MDCalc Medical Calculator

The app offers more than 550 easy-to-use clinical decision tools for particular patient care. It assists medical students and healthcare professionals as reliable physician assistants. 

  • Works offline and needs limited connection settings. (CME monitoring requires a connection.)
  • Rapid search and filter to find new calculators.
  • Tailored lists to quickly access favorites, recently used, and your specialty.
  • Auto-synchronization between the website and app.
  • Error warnings and normal values help in preventing mistakes and wrong inputs.

#8. UpToDate

If you are looking for an app that offers in-depth medical information, this app is for you. The UpToDate lets you access thousands of topics and expert discussions at the comfort of your smartphone. 

  • Persistent login
  • Easy and fast search with auto-completion
  • Earn and monitor free CME/CE/CPD credit
  • Bookmarks your favorite subjects 
  • Get the recently updated topics/Info 
  • Mobile-optimized medical calculators
  • Print/Email topics or graphics to patients and colleagues

Summing up 

Medical healthcare apps are helping society by providing accurate patient services. These apps are wholeheartedly accepted by society. It is because these apps are offering facilities that are actually helpful daily.  

Different types of healthcare apps facilitated many lives, especially during the pandemic. It has simplified many complex tasks and helped to make error-free decisions.

Not only doctors and patients but, these apps are beneficial to medical staff and hospital admins.  

The medical providers who are more likely to adopt healthcare apps gained increased customer satisfaction.


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