Top Eight Things to Do in Slovenia

Things to do in Slovenia
Things to do in Slovenia

Slovenia is one of the fascinating countries to see in Europe. It is small yet loaded with tons of breathtaking tourist attractions representing the surreal beauty and irresistible charm. Adventure seekers will have plenty of thrilling activities, including hiking, paddle boarding, rafting, kayaking, cycling, caving, canyoning, and trekking to do. In addition, there are impressive museums, cultural sites, magnificent castles, amazing restaurants, and sightseeing spots.  

If you are coming to Slovenia for the first time, you will be amazed to see the vibrant mix of history, culture, entertainment, and alluring nature. The place is home to high mountains, picturesque streets or towns, beautiful rivers, glaciers, magical waterfalls, lakes, ski resorts, caves, and plenty of nature-oriented places.

Tourists can spend a day exploring outdoor adventures and indulge in the thrilling water sports in the Adriatic Sea in the morning time or hike in the Slovenian Alps in the mid-day, or discover the world’s second-largest cave.  

Interesting Things to Do in Slovenia

Plan a tropical trip and learn about the epic places and things to do in Slovenia through this complete guide. 

Explore the Predjama Castle 

Predjama Castle is an impressive Renaissance royal castle, and one of the interesting facts about the palace is that it is built inside a cave. It is situated in the village of Predjama, which is 11 kilometers from Postojna and 9 kilometers from Postojna Cave. Originally the castle was established as a home to Erazem Lueger, a knight known as the local Robin Hood. 

Guided tours are available for visitors, and it exhibits the exhilarating life of Lueger and the historical significance of the Predjama Castle. In 1274, the castle was first mentioned by Luegg, a German person, when the castle was first constructed in a Gothic style. You can discover the secret tunnel, serving as a route for supply at the time of the formation of the castle. Many people might find the castle similar because one of the most-talked shows, Game of Thrones and Armour of God, has been shot here. If you are a true GOT fan, you have to come here and see the place with your naked eyes.

Hike in the Triglav National Park 

Hiking is one of the popular things to do in Slovenia, and many tourists come here to be a part of outdoor adventures. Triglav National Park is the best place for hiking and other thrilling activities, located in the Julian Alps. The spectacular site is surrounded by rugged mountains, rivers, clear blue sky, and greenery all around. Therefore, it is ideal for hikers and rock climbers, and if you want to challenge your guts, you must include the place on your travel bucket list. 

After hiking from the Vrsis Pass, you can go to the Slemenova Spica for more challenging hiking trails. You can also walk through the fully grown fields of wildflowers and capture the breathtaking scenes in your eyes. For a more challenging experience, go to the top of the Triglav and spend at least two days here. You will need to keep rock climbing gear and reach the highest summit point in Slovenia. 

Go to the Postojna Cave 

There is an extraordinary number of caves in Slovenian, and among those, only twenty-two are open for public visits. The Postojna Cave is among the most-visited and famous ones, and the Pivka River carves out its passages. Guided tours are also available for visitors, and they will take them through the unseen caverns and halls, and they will last for 60 to 90 minutes. Once you reach the inside of the cave, you will see some of the best and most beautiful karst formations, some of which have aged more than millions of years.  

Moreover, the authorities of the cave also organize concert events inside the site several times a year. If you come here during Christmas, you may see the events of the cultural and traditional scenes in December when actors also visit the place. Spend a day by going on a tour of Postojna Cave with Train Ride and Predjama Castle Half-Day Trip from Ljubljana, and the standard fee is $104. So, make British airways booking and explore the best destinations and activities in Slovenia. 

Spend Some Quality time near Lake Bled 

Lake Bled is one of the most exquisite tourist attractions, and spending a quiet time near the site is one of the best things to do in Slovenia. It is a prime location for nature lovers, featuring breathtaking sights packed with rugged mountains, landscapes, beautiful lakes, hills, and greenery all around. The best way to discover the site is by taking a boat tour to commute to the church and exploring the place’s surreal beauty and charm. Moreover, one can go glamping in Lake Bled and do kayaking or swimming along with their travel partners, especially in the summer season. 

To witness a unique experience, spend at least one whole day in Lake Bled. Tourists can come here from Ljubljana, Lake Bohinj, or Kranjska Gora and make the best of their time in the heavenly place. A trip in Slovenia would be incomplete without exploring Lake Bled’s calmness and spectacular beauty packed with plenty of swimming spots, hiking trails, and whatnot. 

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Stay in a Treehouse in Slovenia

If you plan to do something unique and magical, nothing comes to mind other than staying in a treehouse. There is a Garden Village Bled which sounds more like a village encompassing plenty of treehouses built on the Lake Bled and forest area. These treehouses feature private bathrooms, natural swimming pools containing spring water, and tropical forests on every corner of the place. 

It is such an original and interesting idea to stay away from the luxuries of life and choose serenity over fancy stays like in resorts or hotels. Some of the popular activities to do here include rafting, kayaking, rafting, and hiking excursions around Lake Bled. Solo travelers or people traveling in a group with family or friends can have a great time staying in the aesthetic treehouses in Slovenia. 

You can find some of the best treehouses to locate near Lake Bled. It includes Luxury Tree House Rentals, Incredible Glamping Tree House with a Sauna overlooking Vipava Valley, Unique Tree House, Contemporary Treehouses for a Romantic Getaway in Vipava, Eco-friendly Tree House, Magical Tree House with Terrace and Jacuzzi in Picturesque Wine Country, and so on. 

Plan a day trip in the Tolmin Gorge 

There is no shortage of nature-oriented places to discover in Slovenia, and it would be a fantastic idea to plan a day trip in the Tolmin Gorge and witness the phenomenal beauty of the area. Photographers or Instagrammers can’t miss the exclusive opportunity to click the magical shots in the most picturesque sight. 

There are national parks, gardens, and tropical forests around the place carved out over thousands of years. There is a deep and shallow gorge in the Triglav National Park, known as Tolmin Gorge, and it is one kilometer in length. They are flown by two of the most popular Slovenian rivers.

 The place is still undiscovered by many tourists, and hence, it can be a great idea to spend a day in the midst of nature. Adventurous travelers can put on nice trekking shoes and discover the unknown treasures of the beautiful vacation destination. Some of the popular activities to enjoy in and around the gorge are kayaking, parasailing, skydiving, and rafting. 

Head to the Gorgeous Ljubljana 

Ljubljana is the beautiful and heavenly tourist attraction and capital city of Slovenia. The site is unique, colorful, and contains more dragons than any museum can have in the world. One can enjoy plenty of things, such as playing an escape game at the castle built on the hill, wandering around the most colorful and beautiful streets, and trying out the best dishes in the fantastic and top-rated restaurants of the city. It’s a city that is perfect for travel and polishing the historical facts about Slovenia. 

Spending a day would be more than enough and experiencing the best places and things in Ljubljana. However, you can stay longer than just a day and make the best of your time while discovering Lake Bohinj, Predjama Castle, Lake Bled, and other places more deeply. 

Wander around Piran, Slovenia’s Gem on the Adriatic Sea 

Piran might be small, but there is no shortage of interesting places and things to explore. Its colorful and coastal towns sitting on the Adriatic Sea are the main highlights of the site. Visitors can wander around the streets and the medieval walls to watch the surreal and exotic scenes of the city. 

It is an ideal place to spend a day trip, and it only takes 1.5 hours from Ljubljana by car. So, make a Air Canada Booking and get ready to find an extraordinary escape from the boring lives and explore the mind-blowing nature sights listed under UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you want to stay more, spend more than a day and witness the wilderness of the place. 


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