Top 12 Things To Do in Palm Springs

Things To Do in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a holiday resort surrounded by four mountain ranges in the Sonoran Desert. The city is within a 3-hour drive from San Diego, while Los Angeles is a 2-hour trip, making it popular for weekend breaks.

Seasonally during Coachella, it becomes a fantastic hub and features attractions such as the Design-centred Modernism Week and the bizarre Christmas light showroom Robolights. The suppressive heat keeps things quiet in summer, but you can make pleasant house trips, visit botanical gardens, and enjoy a lot of one-of-a-kin tram rides no matter the time of year. There are lots of things to do and places to see outside of golf courses and swimming pools. You may choose from various activities, including museum visits, shopping, dining and visiting the nearby desert, mountains, and canyons.

Palm Springs indicates that you need to be ready for all kinds of excitement and beauty. A weekend in Palm Springs might provide you with some of the finest holidays you have had in California. If you’re looking for something to do or see in the Palm Springs area, there are plethoras of choices, but to experience those funs, you need to book your flight. If you are amongst one who is looking for travel deals and discounts, then you must go for Delta airlines book a flight option under Delta airlines booking. Palm Springs is ideally visited between January and April when the weather is most pleasant. The weather in the fall is almost as enjoyable as it is in the summer, but we don’t encourage going during the summer unless you enjoy the heat.

In Palm Springs, California, there are 12 things to do.

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

On the whole earth, there is no more revolving Air Tram than this. It takes you on tour to the park that will leave you speechless. Mount San Jacinto is almost 10,000 feet above the desert floors on the fringe of Palm Springs and may be readily reached through the scenic tramway.

You will have acres of incredible wilderness to explore once you get to the state park. You can remain on a camping vacation or merely seek a walk. Also in the vicinity, there is fantastic food. Swimming in the scorching heat of Palm Springs, then driving to the tram, taking it up the mountain, and playing in the snow, all within an hour, is a lot of fun.

Indian Canyons

California was accessible to the Native Americans in some of the most magnificent sections of Palm Springs until European migrants arrived. In the close area of untouched nature are Indian Canyons. The largest California fan palm forest in the world is home to the canyon. Also worth checking in is Andreas Canyon, another canyon location in Indian Canyons, recognised as an excellent bird-seeing region.

Visitors visiting Indian Canyons may enjoy several activities. You may walk, picnic or horseback riding. Although it is not the same as it was centuries ago, Indian Canyons are still one of Palm Springs’ most famous tourist attractions.

Coachella Valley Preserve

Coachella Valley Preserve offers year-round fascinating natural splendour. This is one of the most significant spots to explore around Palm Spring due to its distinct biodiversity and intriguing topography. In Coachella Valley Preserve, there are also loads of chances.

Here you may do certain things like horseback riding, walking and bird watching. Thousand Palms Oasis Preservation Area is the ideal place to visit, near Palm Desert. In addition to many oases, there are 30 km of walking routes. You may notice cacti and sparrows of a white crown. This is one of the highlights for everyone looking for harmony and equilibrium with existence.

Desert Zoo and Gardens

This zoo is precisely like a live piece of the Sonoran Desert, according to its name. The primarily open-air space is spread throughout North America and Africa, just a few miles outside Palm Springs. Explore the grounds to find a range of wild cats, reptiles and giraffe feed. Throughout the summer, giraffes are fed in the mornings, and during the rest of the year, they are provided all day.

In general, when animals are still active before heat starts, the morning is the ideal time to visit. Review the daily planning of the zoo for guided nature tours, animal feeding times and wildlife displays.

Palm Springs Art Museum

A visit to the Palm Springs Art Museum is one of the top things to do in Palm Springs. You may see all kinds of magnificent paintings at this Art Museum. These designs are designed in a range of different mediums.

The collection of modern art includes many of the great things to see at this museum. The museum is a terrific location to visit for children and families and has a natural science collection of animals and fossils on exhibit. Temporary exhibitions and shows are travelling and changing as well.

Moorten Botanical Gardens

It may not seem all that beautiful when you look at Moorten Botanical Garden solely from an area point. This is one of the essential activities for individuals who appreciate plants in Palm Springs, California. Specific flora from regions such as Guatemala originates from a must-see.

Come to this garden if you’re seeking anything relating to nature. It is also one of the top hosting venues for events.


Downtown Palm Springs turns into a giant street festival on Thursday evenings, with more than 180 merchants taking to VillageFest on the city’s main road. The traffic is closed at a quarter-mile distance from Palm Canyon Drive, and there are stands on both banks of the road.

This is a beautiful night to shop for arts, craft, jewellery and other fascinating drinks and eat some delicious foods from local restaurants and artisans. When shopping, there will be musical entertainers, street entertainers and other street artists.

San Gorgonio Pass

You probably were a little intrigued about how they function if you’ve ever gone to the windmill farm. Windmill tours in Palm Springs are one of California’s best methods to learn about renewable energy. You can see a windmill to understand how the windmill works nowadays.

You may visit the wind turbines by pulling the I-10 highway at the Indian Canyon exit or on tour. The only official time that brings you ‘hind the gate’ to close up with these vast engines is Palm Springs Windmill Tours.


In Rancho Mirage, there are Sunnylands, the old getaway for the wealthy Annenberg family in winter, and the famous summit for decades. Though most of the site is occupied by a golf course with a nine-hole length, 12 acres of public gardens and an art centre in the Annenberg collection have been allocated to visitors. Mansion tours are offered but are typically sold in advance months.

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RoboLights is one of the finest locations to go for those seeking some electrifying thrills. RoboLights is a beautiful attraction for Palm Springs that not only covers Christmas but stuff like aliens and other forms.

This is undoubtedly one of California’s trendiest spots to visit. This is enjoyable for the entire family and everyone who wants to be happy. The people are delighted not just on vacation but throughout the year to magnificent lights. RoboLights mix whimsy and technology to produce one of Palm Springs’s main areas of interest.

Palm Canyon Drive

California’s Palm Canyon Drive is one of Palm Springs’ most well-known sections. You may scarcely be able to contain your enthusiasm when you get to Palm Canyon Drive.

Palm Canyon Drive is an area that enjoys and enlightens the city centre of Palm Springs. Attractions like the Palm Canyon Theater are also available, making it one of Palm Springs’ must-see areas. Drive Palm Canyon is packed with fantastic shops for souvenirs. You will have all sorts of excellent eateries in which to stop if you are hungry.

International Banana Museum

One of the most entertaining things to do in Palm Springs is to visit the International Banana Museum. You may view all kinds of beautiful objects influenced by bananas in this museum in Palm Springs. Bananas, socks, cologne and more are available.

When you glance around, you’ll be astounded by how much yellow there is. It’s entertaining to watch things that resemble bananas, but it’s even more entertaining to eat bananas. You certainly want to add a visit to the International Banana Museum if you plan on travelling to Palm Springs, California.

Plan your journey to Palm Springs

If you’re searching for something to do in Palm Springs, you’ll be able to discover something worthwhile. To Begin planning your journey to Palm Springs, connect with southwest airlines reservations for the best deals on your flight bookings.

Palm Springs has a diverse range of attractions, both in the city and in more remote locales. Palm Springs might be rightly regarded as one of America’s top ten most beautiful locations. To come down here is a must-visit for those who wish to experience some of California’s most amazing views.



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