Top 10 Things to do in Fort Lauderdale

Top 10 Things to do in Fort Lauderdale.

Are you in love with sand, the sun and surfing? If yes, then Fort Lauderdale will be the perfect destination for you to plan a vacation with your family and friends. The average temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit makes the visitors feel amazing at this destination. This is one of the best destinations for beach lovers from all over the world. The beaches on this destination have a full assortment of supplies that you can need to enjoy your vacation in Fort Lauderdale. Are you excited to visit Fort Lauderdale?

Are you willing to plan a vacation to Fort Lauderdale? Do you want to explore the best places in Fort Lauderdale? Are you looking to do the best things to enjoy your vacation in Fort Lauderdale? Are you seeking to enjoy your holiday to the fullest at Fort Lauderdale? If yes, the most critical list you need to create is the list of things that you can do in Fort Lauderdale that can help lead you to experience the best vacation of your life. If you are having trouble making this list and want some expert help, this post will be your life-saver. Here in this post, you will get the list of the top 10 things to do in Fort Lauderdale:

  • Visit the world-famous Fort Lauderdale beach.

If you love beaches and want to have an energetic and exciting time at Fort Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale Beach will be the best option for you. The beautiful beach of Fort Lauderdale entertains millions and millions of visitors from all over the world every year. Tourists recommend and prefer to visit this beach to spend the best beach time of their life. This glorious beach is considered one of the best beaches in Florida. If you want to stay near the beach, then there are several hotels and motels available. Also, restaurants will welcome you with mouth-watering dishes. So, if you want to visit this destination, you need to make Spirit Airlines reservations and get the best deals on Fort Lauderdale flights. 

  • Let’s visit the glorious Fort Lauderdale Beach Park.

The Beach Park of Fort Lauderdale is a part of Fort Lauderdale Beach, but some of the fantastic activities and games hosted in this specific area make this a park. If you visit here, you can enjoy playing volleyball, basketball and many other entertaining games. You can find lifeguards in the park to help and rescue the visitors from any situation. Kids will indeed love this beach park as there are varieties of games and lots of areas available to enjoy the vacation. You will never regret visiting the beach park of Fort Lauderdale. 

  • Embrace the beauty of Lauderdale-by-the-Sea.

Are you a beach lover? Are you looking for a unique and one of a kind beach that can offer you the best beach and vacation experience that you ever have? If yes, then Lauderdale-by-the-Sea can be the best beach destination you should visit with your family and friends to enjoy and experience the best moments of your holiday life. Here on this beach, you can also enjoy surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving and many other water sports that can lead you to enjoy your stay on this beach. So come, visit and enjoy your vacation. 

  • Enjoy the best time of your life at Hollywood Beach.

As its name – Hollywood Beach, you will find and experience the glamorous vibes on this beach. The white sand and the blue ocean water makes it one of the best beaches of Fort Lauderdale. Millions of tourists visit Fort Lauderdale to visit this beach and spend the precious time of their vacation. You can also find several shops and restaurants that can help you with your hunger. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Fort Lauderdale and visit this beautiful beach to enjoy your vacation.

  • Explore the beautiful “Las Olas Boulevard”.

There are several tourist attractions available in Las Olas Boulevard that can entertain you while exploring Fort Lauderdale. You will get the best vacation experience from this destination. You can find several museums and galleries available in Las Olas Boulevard that have lots of amazing things to showcase to you. Also, there are more than 100 unique boutiques, so shopping lovers can also enjoy visiting Las Olas Boulevard. Here, in this destination, you can also enjoy tasting different types of delicacies. 

  • Let’s explore the Bonnet House Museum and Gardens.

Here, you are going to know about the iconic Bonnet House Museum and Gardens. This amazing blend of museum and gardens have an amazing mix of history, ecology, art and architecture. This beautiful house is stretched out on 36 acres and was built in 1920. There are several things that you can witness here. You can witness five different types of ecosystems: delicate mangrove wetlands, freshwater slough, a maritime forest, dunes, and a beach. These facts state that you will never get bored while exploring this prime destination of Fort Lauderdale. 

  • Let’s embrace the collection of Historic Stranahan House Museum.

Frank Stranahan, an Ohio-based trader and businessman, built a house in 1901 and later many times rebuilt and re-designed to make it perfect to be a museum. If you love witnessing the items and objects from the Victorian era, this house museum can be the place you should visit. Here in this house museum, you can witness Victorian-era decorative pieces  and furniture. All the items are for exhibition and entertain visitors from all over the world. Since its inception, the collection of this house museum has been expanding from time to time. 

  • Visit the Museum of Discovery and Science.

One more museum that you can explore while enjoying your vacation in Fort Lauderdale. If you are fond of discovery and science, then this will be the museum you should visit. There are many things that you can witness in this museum. There are real fossils of dinosaurs and many different types of information based on the species of dinosaurs. If you have kids in your group, then they will love this museum. There is also an IMAX theater that can show you the movies and documentaries related to extinct species and animals.

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  • Witness the beauty of Dr. Von D. Mizell-Eula Johnson State Park.

If you love staying on the beach, then this could be the place where you can enjoy every bit of your holiday. This gorgeous state park has a 2.5- mile stretch of beautiful beach right next to the Atlantic Ocean. If you are looking to explore the state park on a boat, then there is a service that can help you take your boat and enjoy exploring the ocean. This could be the best place where you can enjoy your kids, family, and friends to the fullest. Millions of tourists visit here to spend their precious vacation time.

  • Let’s visit and embrace the beauty of Hugh Taylor Birch State Park.

The Hugh Taylor Birch State Park is spread out to a 180-acre area and situated between the Atlantic ocean and Intracoastal Waterway. This is one of the best state parks that holds several amazing things to showcase to its global visitors. You can also rent canoes and also enjoy paddleboarding. If you get lucky, then you can spot freshwater lagoons and several other beautiful wildlife animals in this State Park. There is also a museum named the Birch House Museum, which collects the park’s history and its benefactors. You can entertain your adventurous vibes to enjoy cycling and roller boarding. 

  • Explore the NSU Art Museum.

The spectacular, modern and unique three-story building that holds the reputation of the NSU Art Museum has collections of more than 7000 art that includes Cuban art, African art, oceanic tribal art, Latin American art, multicultural and female arts. This museum will be best for art lovers and those who are fond of unique art. If you are the one, then you should indeed visit here

  • Visit the Everglades Holiday Park.

This amazing park came into the limelight after the tv show named “Gator Boys.” Many tourists visit here to witness alligators and several other kinds of animals. You can also get close to the wildlife in this park by cruising on an airboat. If you love boosting your adrenaline, then this will be the destination you should explore. To visit here, you need to make the Qatar airways booking and get the most affordable deals on Fort Lauderdale flight tickets. Escape from the humdrum of daily life and refresh your soul & mind by visiting one of the most gorgeous locations.

  • Lastly, the Antique Car Museum.

This will be the best way to end your excursion to Fort Lauderdale. This particular Antique Car Museum is based on the Packard Motor Company. There are lots of Packard automobiles preserved here in this museum to exhibit for classic car lovers. If you are one crazy guy who loves antique cars, then this will be the perfect museum you should visit. The major attraction of this museum is a gallery that has the great late President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s memorabilia. 



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