Tips for decorating or reinventing your store

Tips for decorating or reinventing your store

Your business can be more productive by following our infallible tips to improve the attraction ratio in a store. Dare to put them to the test! Attracting more customers to the store is one of the objectives that most occupy retailers since without them the commercial activity they carry out would have no meaning.

In this highly competitive industry, only the fittest survive, and that means that those who will continue to keep their doors open will be those retailers that put into practice all kinds of strategies in order to satisfy their regular customers and win over potential buyers. To achieve this objective you must concentrate on improving the attraction ratio, but first, we must define this term:

The attraction ratio is the real ability to stimulate customers so that they are persuaded to enter the store.

It will depend on the application of various techniques, being able to increase this indicator that will allow you to exponentially increase your sales. A constant flow of new customers will allow you to grow your retail business, so below we will focus on offering you practical and effective advice to improve the attraction ratio in a store.

Follow these recommendations:

1. Take care of your showcase

Store windows or shop windows are the first point of attraction for many potential customers, especially if these are passersby who do not intend to enter the store, but who can respond positively to a visual stimulus. Make sure to constantly renew the store’s windows by applying visual merchandising techniques, in order to tell impressive stories, with striking colors and a clear sensorial message that not only makes them look away, but also encourages them to enter.

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2. Offer a Digital experience

The growth of online commerce is a clear indication of the idyll that exists between consumers and the digital world, so you should try to bring or even exceed the attractiveness that digital represents within your physical store. Make sure to invest in technologies such as; artificial intelligence and/or augmented reality, since, in addition to being very useful for retail operations, they represent a very influential element when looking for how to improve the attraction ratio in a store.

3. Special sales Special offers

and promotions arouse the interest of many buyers who respond almost immediately to the impulse to buy at discounted prices, which is why this strategy represents one of the most effective options for attracting new customers. Visual merchandising also influence here, since, if for example, you plan to organize a flash sale, the most recommended by experts is that you advertise it in your display case using the color red because people tend to react more quickly to this color. which is associated with a danger sign.

4. Take advantage of social networks

The potential of social networks to transmit any message globally is immense, their great popularity and the fact that mobile devices keep your potential target customers connected 24 hours a day, make them a fundamental channel to improve the ratio attraction in a store. It is essential to always keep the store’s accounts on social networks and also the web platform updated, for this you must make sure to publish interesting content, with images and videos, as well as exclusive offers, designed to retain those potential customers.

5. Show the customer that you value them

It is not enough that they simply enter the store, but to overcome the simple action of attracting them, go further and earn their loyalty. To do this, implement loyalty programs in which your customers can perceive the value they represent for the store. Not only will your clients feel like they are part of an exclusive group, but they will also have the opportunity to save money. It is proven that this practice stimulates the transmission of positive references through word of mouth.

The image of our establishment is today one of the most important points to take into account. We can already have the best product at the best price or the best and most specialized customer service that as our store does not arouse interest, the consumer will never check it.

Therefore a reform or a facelift once a year is necessary to continue causing the attraction of the passerby and to catch up on decorative trends.

Here are some ideas and tips that can inspire you when decorating your premises:

1- The facade of the store must be visible, it seems obvious but many stores have beautiful windows and beautiful store interiors but unfortunately they go unnoticed.

Let’s not forget that the time we spend passing in front of a shop window is minimal, depending on the pace of walking and its length. So in some cases, a poster that stands out highlighting the logo or name of the store is very important. We can also use other techniques to attract attention, such as placing a couple of large flower pots, a striking carpet, a luminous LED sign, decorative flowers, a special fragrance, or music with high volume to attract attention from the street.

2- Do you want to paint the walls and you don’t decide on the color?

First, choose the theme, the story you want to tell with the decoration of your premises and from there choose the color. Try to avoid tan, red and yellow colors, as they are too stimulating and dwarf the space. If you use them, make them for small corners. The shades of pink, blue, and light green are very suitable for their relaxing effects. They are perfect for children’s clothing stores or to achieve a romantic atmosphere. Also, the purples and violets are relaxing and also promote creativity. I, personally, am addicted to white and

I recommend it 100%, especially for clothing stores where the garments already have enough color ranges. A white wall lends itself to more decoration and gives an effect of cleanliness and purity. We must use it with caution since it has the counterpoint of being too cold, however, combined with decorative elements of color helps to create a very pleasant space.

3- You can use wallpaper since apart from being a decorative element, it provides a feeling of home.

We already commented on it in a post a few days ago in which he wrote about ways to achieve sensory experiences in-store. Successful use of wallpaper in line with the rest of the decoration of the premises provokes in the consumer a feeling of closeness and connection with the home. This feeling of closeness helps to lengthen the time spent in the premises, consequently increasing the possibility of purchase.

4- Join the fashion of recycling and vintage furniture.

Recycling we spend less and we give a very personal touch to our space that will help us to differentiate ourselves from any other establishment. We don’t need to be born with an artist’s skills to personalize antique furniture. Simply having a Leroy Merlin on hand and following a series of instructions the result can be fabulous… and we will feel so proud of ourselves !!! where do you want to start? !! … trunks, boxes, chairs, wooden pallets …

5- Use decorative lamps since they also enhance the feeling of home and provide indirect light points that embellish the space.

Eye!!! We will not use them as a direct light source since what will really illuminate the garments will be the well-directed white light bulbs placed by a professional. Remember that direct light towards the product we sell is of vital importance.

6- The different types of mannequins that we use say a lot about our store.

The use of one model or another will depend on the type of product we sell and of course the budget we have. If we are focused on the sale of very youthful clothes, we can think of those who give us a little play when dressing them. Also, they create a dynamic image so we would opt for mannequins with heads.

We can put on them quirky eye-catching wigs or hats, red lips, eyelashes, mustaches, etc. If the store is not intended for such a young audience, we can opt for busts or headless mannequins. In our opinion are more aesthetic, give the feeling of an exclusive store, are more timeless, and also do not need to do the handstand to dress them!

7- The hangers are one of the most important details of a store.

The clothes are presented through the hanger and it is capable of giving value or not to the model in question. A normal product but presented on a good hanger and in a store with a good image can be positioned as a quality and even elite product. You can personalize your hangers by painting them or adding details such as bows or trimmings details.

8- Use appropriate signage and graphic designs as they are very important for visibility.

They are also very useful to create different environments within the same space. Make sure that the design, format, and printing of both external and internal signage are professional. It is very demotivating to see how a store with an impeccable image places promotional posters in pen and glued with tape. They did not think it was an important detail or simply because they did not have time.


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