Tips for creating great Christmas gift wrap

Tips for creating great Christmas gift wrap


Tips for creating great Christmas gift wrap helpful in the end of the year when holiday is approaching, and you have already started shopping for Christmas gifts that will make your loved ones happy with beautiful designs of macaron boxes and custom boxes. Besides the choice of the present, the packaging is also essential. Impress those around you and express your creativity by creating personalized packaging for each gift. A little personal touch that will undoubtedly have its small effect will allow you to transform this chore into a pleasant moment.

Here are tips for making elegant, unique, original, and fun packaging for your Christmas gifts:

Put everything in a box.

Not all objects have the perfect square or rectangular shape, and it can be difficult, even annoying, to wrap a bottle of wine, clothing, or any other gift with an odd shape. To make your life easier, place your curvy-shaped skills in a square or rectangular box, which is much easier to wrap.

We all have boxes in our homes that we keep without knowing what to do with them. So here is a great way to recycle them.

Ecological Gift Wrapping

Every year it’s the same question: how to wrap Christmas presents? Unfortunately, most of the packaging found in supermarkets cannot be recycled. So that Christmas does not rhyme with trash this year, and you can authentically present your ecological gifts, we have gathered several alternatives to classic gift wrapping paper.

What problem?

Quickly unpacked, quickly torn, thrown soon away, every year, 20,000 tones of this packaging end up in the trash after the holidays. And only a part is recyclable. The other part is cremated or buried, blah as a gift for the planet.

So, how to wrap Christmas gifts more ecologically while preserving the positive aspect?

Below are some great ideas from The Trust Society (this article gives you several gift wrap alternatives from paper, fabric, and other materials).

The paper

Newspaper, magazine, catalog, pub

In addition to being environmentally friendly, the juxtaposition of images and colors can have their effect!

Kraft paper or early fruit & vegetable bags

It is recycled and recyclable. It has a natural life cycle! In addition to that, you can express your creativity: write sweet words, decorate it with a drawing, a fir branch, beautiful dead leaves or even tie a cinnamon stick, a pine cone, etc.

The paper bag of your traders

To slip in your gift or to cut out to wrap the surprise.

Road maps or vacation plans

In addition to being green, the packaging surprises arouses curiosity and gives a little reading!

A child’s drawing

Double gift for the recipient! Zero waste seeded paper, 100% flowers. A little more expensive, but it serves as a second gift.

The fabric

Old clothes, sheets, scraps of fabric among the USA is an art, which consists of wrapping objects from squares of fabric, using different knotting techniques.

In a pretty tea towel, handkerchief, scarf bought second hand for example

Two gifts in one: wrapping and wrapping ☺. It is also an opportunity to make the recipient aware of zero waste.

A tote bag that you no longer use

Two gifts in one also since it is reusable. The idea is not to buy a new one because although it is made of cotton, its manufacturing process is polluting (water use, atmospheric emissions, chemicals).

The other materials

The glass jars or jar

For small gifts, it is customizable and can be transformed into a candle holder.

Burlap bags

For voluminous gifts or a “Santa Claus hood” effect, they are also customizable.

Create your reusable gift wrappers: sock to hang over the fireplace, a fabric pouch.

  • Endlessly reusable and practical!
  • Tea, candy, shoe or tin cans
  • To decorate and reuse endlessly.


A basket to offer

Double gift: responsible and reusable packaging. If you don’t want to give up traditional wrapping paper, you can:

Try to recycle it, being careful not to tear it too much when unpacking.

Look out for the FSC or PEFC symbols, a sign that the paper comes from sustainably managed forests.

At Christmas, the bow is the star on the gift packages. To impress those around you and embellish your packaging by making pretty ribbon bows yourself.

There are different kinds of knots. Watch this video to learn how to tie four different knots to decorate your Christmas presents.

Create a custom ribbon

To tie your knots, the choice of ribbon is also important. Did you know that you can make your personalized satin or woven ribbons? For example, on Woven Labels, you choose your text, color, and font, and you can add a small design like a gift, a snowflake, or a star. By wrapping your gift packages with personalized ribbon, you are sure to impress your guests.

Make your paper

Here is an excellent idea for creative people or to make with children. Wrap your gifts with simple plain kraft paper, and then let your imagination run wild to create a personalized decoration with paint, stickers, ink pads, glitter pens, and more. For example, you can draw a Christmas wreath with a black marker and make the bulbs with your thumbprint dipped in the paint like on this site.

Use plants from your garden

If you love nature, why not take inspiration from it to create original and unique gift packages. Take a walk in your garden, in the forest, or a park, and collect what inspires you: fir or holly branches, leaves, seeds, etc. Then embellish your packages with your finds.

Decorate with treats

Give a gourmet side to your gift packages and give your loved ones a double treat by decorating them with a little Christmas treat. For example, you can put barley sugar, chocolate Christmas balls (usually hung on the tree), or any other treat that you can quickly turn on your gifts.

There is no shortage of ideas to beautify your packages. So let your imagination and creativity run free.

The passage of Santa Claus leaves a mountain of wrapping paper year after year. What if, this Christmas, we also offered a gift to the planet? Here are 11 eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas for a green Christmas!


11 eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas for Christmas

Old packaging

Some people (maybe your grandmother!) Always kept old wrapping paper and folded it neatly in a drawer. Why not take inspiration from it? Do the same with the beautiful gift bags received last year that you will give in turn. Try to avoid bags with logos or hide these with a DIY trick. Choose papers in Christmas colors or mat designs.

Beautiful fabrics

For a wow effect, replace the paper with beautiful salvaged fabrics. For example, a scarf, plaid shirt, tablecloth, or pillowcase can be made into the original packaging. You can close the material with a knot, USA style. Out of respect, of course, avoid old woolen socks with holes!

Children’s drawings

Any family with one or more children is quickly overwhelmed by piles and piles of drawings. In other words we do not know what to do, and emotionally, we do not always dare to make them disappear. The idea of ​​transforming them into packaging is a winning one. The drawings will have a second life (and a utility!) And will give a personal touch to the gifts offered. A word of advice: involve your children by involving them in the choice of drawings.

Brown paper

Brown paper, in sheets or bags, is recyclable. Too low-end as an effect? Think again! Decorate it however you like by drawing pretty patterns or adding finely handwritten words to it. Finally, tie it all up with an old velvet ribbon or a lovely fabric.

A natural cabbage

What is packaging without its cabbage? For Instance, it’s like the icing on the cake! No problem: you can replace it with a dried flower, a small fir branch, a pine cone (casserole dish), or, why not, a sprig of rosemary. It will be a sure success.

Roll of toilet paper

In particular to wrap a small gift, dare to use a roll of toilet paper. To get away from the “tube” shape and get a nice little box, flatten it and fold the ends inward to close the box. Add a touch of decoration, and voila!

Newspapers and magazines

Pick up an old magazine (that you won’t reread) or the latest issue of your local newspaper. Select the pages that seem most beautiful or relevant to you and gift wrap them. You can form cones, rolls, or, quite simply, cover a box with them to illustrate its beauty.

A mason jar

Who doesn’t like mason jars? On the occasion of Christmas, you can use it in the same way to slip in small gifts. To make it pretty, decorate the jars with reclaimed fabric and biodegradable jute ribbons. You can attach a handmade tag to it.

A reusable bag

Why not have two gifts in one! First, give a gift in a reusable bag that you have purchased for the occasion. On the other hand several local artisans make good quality and completely original bags!

A box of eggs

To offer chocolates, cookies, or other little sweets cooked with love, a box of eggs can be still perfect packaging. You need to add a festive touch by decorating it in Christmas colors. Ask your little elves to help you for printed concrete.



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