TikTok clone app – What factors do you have to consider while developing your app?

tiktok clone

Video sharing apps are not new. YouTube is one of the common platforms widely used by many people. But, the craze for the concept of short-form videos attracted many users to Musical.ly and later, it was renamed TikTok. This concept of 15-second short-videos with advanced features is the main reason behind the success of TikTok.

Simply, don’t take this simple. TikTok creators have made the app user-friendly. It is not necessary to sign up with the app to access videos that have been uploaded. People can register with the app when they want to access more features. The main reason for this app’s popularity is AI, which knows exactly what an individual likes to watch. Some of the popular features are Video scroll, Like/comment/share, Re-watch liked videos, Video editor, Audio catalog, and Hashtag discovery.  

How popular is TikTok? 

Today, everyone seeks a startup idea to develop a video streaming app after the popularity of TikTok. In a short duration, it became famous, competing with other social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. First, let us see the popularity of video-sharing app like TikTok and the demand for video sharing apps.

  • It is a Chinese video-sharing app and downloaded by 323 million people in 2019. The revenue generated is nearly more than $75 billion.
  • According to the Sensor Tower report, the revenue generation was tripled from 2017. In 2018, TikTok held the position of sixth most popular download app in PlayStore and App Store.   
  • Recently, the spread of coronavirus has increased the usage of video-sharing apps. It is reported that the number of active users has tremendously increased. However, it was downloaded 315 million times in June 2020.
  • These statistics show that there is a 58% increase in downloads when compared to previous years.

Key factors to focus on while planning to develop a video sharing app like TikTok

Before you proceed with app development, let us see the key factors to focus on. These are the initial steps that lay a foundation for your business process. 

  1. Understand your target audience

When we talk about TikTok, they understand their target audience better, focussing on which age group they are targeting. Similarly, understand your target audience and know the latest market trends. 

As we all know, most video-sharing app users are youngsters. In general, teenagers do not have enough patience to spend much time spending lengthy videos. So, the idea of short videos gets huge attention from youngsters. Once you have clear insights about your target audience, get to know their demographics and psychographics. 

2. Plan your budget

The most important factor you consider when planning to start the TikTok clone app is budget. Having a great business plan is not only essential for app development. If you wish to develop the app within a low budget, modify your business plan accordingly. Make sure you do not compromise the UI/UX of your app, as it helps to get a good impression from your audiences.

3. Choose an app development method

Two popular ways to develop a video sharing app like TikTok are conventional technique and modern technique. 

A conventional technique is creating your app from the ground and it requires more time. Especially, it cost more. Whereas, the modern technique is cost-effective and less time-consuming. Because of the fact that the app is developed using the TikTok clone solution. It is a ready-to-use solution that is fully customizable and completely scalable. We suggest you to prefer this white-labelled solution for app development.

4. Decide what features you want to integrate with the TikTok clone app

The app’s success is solely dependent on what features you are going to incorporate into your app. While including advanced features, make sure you do not miss the following essential features. 

  • Privacy settings

It is a highly recommended feature as users can change their privacy settings according to their preferences. However, they can publish video contents visible only to their followers. If they wish to change it to the public, they can modify it using this feature.

  • Create and post a video

With the built-in music library, users can create videos by lip-syncing, dancing, and sharing their expressions. After this, they can post their video content along with a short description and hashtags. They can even tag a location and other videos if they wish. 

  • Filters & effects

Users can choose any filters and effects that are available in the app. Apart from that, you can include screen flipping and zooming features. Concentrate more on proving distinct filters and effects. This helps to have more audience traffic to your app.

  • Watch videos

Users are able to watch videos shared by other users. They can like, comment, and share the video with their friends on the same platform. Additionally, they can see the tagged location and user details in the video.

  • Profile editing

Users can manage and edit their profile at any time. They can modify their bio, profile picture, username, contact details, and many more.

  • In-app notifications

The app notifies users about trending videos, widely used hashtags, and videos of people they are following, and much more. This feature will improve user engagement with the app.

Good opportunity for entrepreneurs,

Unfortunately, TikTok was banned in the United States, India, Indonesia, and some other countries due to some miscellaneous reasons. There is a large opportunity for entrepreneurs to consider developing the TikTok clone app on the counter side. Because the popularity of TikTok was sky high before the ban. 

Also, there is a good opportunity to earn profit from the app. If you aspire to implement the same concept and build the TikTok clone app, this blog will let you know the process of developing a video-sharing app.

Final note,

As you have got to know the process of developing the TikTok like app, it is a great time to start your business with a video-sharing app. While developing an app like tiktok clone is easy, making it successful depends on a stern entrepreneurial mindset.Talking about social media apps, freshness in your app will draw more target audiences. For implementing your vision into reality, you need a trustworthy mobile app development company for TikTok clone app development.



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