The Negative Effects Of Phone Addiction In The Real World

The Negative Effects Of Phone Addiction In The Real World

Technology has brought tremendous changes in everybody’s lives around the world. Without technology, it is impossible to think of connecting to your loved ones staying far away or walking on the moon.

Technology is helping us in keeping in contact with everybody around us. It may sound like a joke, but, indeed, face-to-face interaction is not required because of technology.

People do not miss out on meeting other people in a social gathering.

The other side of technology

Technology has transformed the world with its inventions, and Smartphone is one of the most significant contributions by technology to the world. It has made life simpler yet complex.

In this digital era, Smartphones are the new best friends. Although there are many advantages of Smartphones, they should not be the only friend in your life.

Many people nowadays only communicate with their phones and are addicted to them. According to research, phone addiction is the worst addiction and has been compared to gambling, alcoholism and drug addiction.

Like alcohol affects human health in a toxic way, phone addiction affects human consciousness in a toxic way.

Some people are of the opinion to have a good phone even if their financial status does not allow them to buy one. Such people keep on looking for fast loans with no guarantor as these loans help them buy an expensive phone and fulfil their desire.

Ways to get rid of your phone

  1. Avoid doing everything on one device

The Smartphone has replaced almost everything, including books, newspapers, cameras, MP3 players, and has become one go-to place for everything.

Also, it offers a wide range of spectrum to its users. Although it serves all in one purpose for its users, do not replace everything at once.

  1. In between phone usage, keep on switching activities to boost your brain and body

Switching to various activities while using your phone can keep you sane. It also makes you versatile.

This way, you will not be addicted to any one device, and your feelings will get time to avoid the addiction of anything. Also, avoid using the phone at family get together and social gatherings.

  1. Put a limit to your screen time

Limit your screen time, and you are saved from any addiction. You can install parental control app on your phone to aid you with this de-addiction process.

This control will help you to be self-disciplined and will put control on your usage.

  1. Disable all notifications

Keep your notifications off and disable them permanently. It is observed that with notifications enabled, most people reach out to their phone every half an hour, and this makes them addicted to their device.

If there is no notification and you check your phone, it can convert into half an hour or one hour of useless scrolling. This is because these alerts are addictive and hamper your brain functioning.

You may not notice this change, but it diverts your attention completely. If you deliberately keep all the notifications off, you would not be tempted further to check the notifications saving your time and energy.

Many people do not disable their notifications as they suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out). If you do not want to disable your notifications, you can turn the sound off to avoid getting distracted every minute.

  1. Keep some phone-free time during the day

It is true that we do not need the phone 24 7. But we still keep our phones with us all the time. To stay distracted, you can set some specific time that will be your phone free time.

During that particular time, do not use your phone. That time can be either watching TV or while having dinner. You can decide a time and stick to your commitment.

Manage your other schedules as per your phone-free time. This simple hack will help you stay away from your phone for a particular time and reduce your addiction.

  1. Keep it away

If your phone is not there with you physically, you would not be able to check your phone every minute and become less freaky. So you can keep your phone away by putting it in a drawer or keeping it in a locker.

This trick will work for you and keep you less distracted. Once you keep your phone away from you, make sure that you are able to concentrate on your work and other things. Follow the rule, i.e. “Out of sight, out of mind”.

  1. Lock your phone

You can lock your phone in intervals. Some apps lock your phone. You can schedule a specific time to lock your phone and get that free time to focus on something else.

Download applications that allow locking your phone. This device will help you to shut down your device after some time. This software is suitable for kids but is also effective for adults too to control their phone usage.

  1. Do not keep your phone in your bedroom

Keeping your phone in your bedroom means being continuous addicted to your phone. If you keep your phone next to you during bedtime, you will likely check your phone before sleeping or after getting up, which is not a very healthy habit to follow.

According to certain studies, using your phone before sleeping activated the brain and nervous system and kept you up for a longer time.

Hence, it is healthy to keep your phone away while sleeping.  Also, it forms healthy sleep patterns leading to a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Leave the bad habit

At times, you may grab your phone just because you are bored. When you feel bored or want to kill your time, instead of grabbing your phone, you can get your hands on some books or any of your hobbies.

Many psychologists all over the world advise replaying your hone checking habit with another productive habit such as art and craft or any sport.

So now, whenever you are free, instead of getting on to your phone, you can scroll, skim through your favourite book, and use your time efficiently.

10. Enter the real world

Nowadays, real-world interaction has been replaced by virtual interaction. Instead of using your phone to communicate with your family and friends, prefer meeting them in person and focusing more on face-to-face interaction.

Establish communication with the real world instead of the virtual world. Meeting more and more people in the real world will help you spend more time away from your phone and feel good about it.

11. Change of thoughts

Whatever you check on your phone may not be relevant every time. If you work on changing your thoughts instead of using your phone, it will change your line of thoughts and help you reduce your phone addiction.

Whenever you check something on your phone, ask yourself if it is a relevant thing to spend time on or how it will benefit you?

Reasons for phone addiction

Many reasons lead to phone addiction. Many people are not only addicted to phones but are addicted to buying expensive phones as well.

These people, despite having less money borrow loans for bad credit with no guarantor and buy expensive phones to get a sense of belonging to a particular class of society. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:

  1. Fear of being isolated and helplessness

Cutting yourself off from the world is a thought that scares most of us. An absence of connection with the real world can make people go crazy and insane. It can lead to a panic situation.

With no chance of a call or contact to your loved ones can bring in the feeling of helplessness and leave people in isolation that is not healthy for both the mind and body both.

  1. The fear of solitude

Many people think of themselves as self-sufficient, and once that concept possesses into oblivion, people realize the worth of their near and dear ones.

The concept of self-sufficiency is prevalent in today’s generation. It is becoming a false identity for many people and getting people into isolation.

In today’s times, few people can live without technology for even one day. The survival rate will not be more than 10%. Many people feel void in the absence of technology that may make them go crazy.


Usually, it is seen that, if you are going through some problems in your life, there are more chances of you being addicted to your phone as you may find peace in there.

In most the cases, peacefully living your life will keep you away from your phone as you can connect with your nearest and dearest ones anytime you want.

At the same time, it also helps in utilising the internet technology in the best way. You can do multiple things through your Smartphone. For instance, you can even apply for the loans during the financial emergencies.

Few other people insist on:

Instead of spending more time on your phone, it is advisable to spend more time with your family and friends as they will always be there by your side through your thick and thin.




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