The Best Remote Desktop Support Software Tools for 2021

Desktop support - remote software
Desktop support - remote software

Here is the list of the top four Remote Desktop Support Software Tools for 2021.

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Remote Desktop Software – What Is It?

Users can access a computer or mobile device in one location from a computer or mobile device in another location with remote desktop software. Using this software, you can access and share files, play audio, or print documents remotely from remote computers and devices, and even reboot or wake up an unattended computer if required.

Security issues can be reduced by using two-factor authentication, 256-bit AES encryption, and SSL, which is the same standard as government agencies, banks, and online merchants.

The best Four remote desktop support software for 2021

  1. Chrome Remote Desktop is the best free software

Its Chrome browser can be used to access any computer remotely via remote desktop software released by Google. This program offers the most seamless cross-platform access of all the applications we looked at, even without many of the remote features that similar tools offer.


  • Compatibility with cross-platform software
  • Free of charge


  • Remote printing and file sharing are not supported
  • Chrome is the only browser that supports it
  • An account with Google is required

Chrome Remote Desktop was originally an extension of the Chrome desktop browser, but it is now a standalone tool that allows any user with a Google account to access a computer remotely through Chrome or from an iOS or Android device.

Compared to other remote desktop software, Chrome Remote Desktop setup can be a little complicated. Your Google account is required first. A Chrome app must be installed on the device being accessed, and then the device must share a PIN with others so remote access is permitted.

Due to the browser’s involvement, security is limited to HTTPS, which includes full support for AES, the same secured protocol merchants use to protect credit card information during online transactions. PINs must be entered every time a user wants to access a remote computer, and each device is capable of storing multiple PINs.

Despite the lack of printing capabilities or chat capabilities, Chrome Remote Desktop is extremely easy to use and responsive, allowing users to switch between keyboard and trackpad modes and configuring key mappings to customize access per device.

Despite its simplicity, Chrome Remote Desktop is as good as it gets for users looking for trouble-free remote access using just a Chrome browser across various computers and devices.

  1. Zoho Assist is the best value

We chose Zoho Assist as the best value because it offers low-priced plans for both individuals and businesses that are tailored to the specific needs of each user, including a free plan for remote management that is simple, yet effective.


  • Prices at a low level
  • Plans that are pay-as-you-go
  • Options for white-labeling


  • Free plan with limited functionality
  • Plans do not offer every feature
  • The top plan is limited to 25 computers

Zoho launched a web-based word processor and CRM in 2005 to provide small businesses with affordable office software. We scored Zoho Assist for its high quality of features and low price as our choice for best value among the apps for small businesses. Software Advice, Capterra, and G2 all rate the company highly among software review websites.

There are two tiers of plans offered by Zoho. IT support teams can utilize the company’s Remote Support plans, which include up to six concurrent sessions, file transfers, multi-monitor navigation, and a technician. In addition to rebranding and screen sharing, mobile apps, session recording, and screen sharing, top-tier plans include rebranding and studio recording.

Pricing for remote support

  • Standard: $10 per month
  • Professional: $15 per month
  • Enterprise: $24 per month

With Zoho Unattended Access plans, 25 unattended computers can be deployed at once and unlimited technicians can be authorized. In addition to remote printing, diagnostic tools, voice and video chat, rebranding, and session recording, its top-tier plan offers as well.

Pricing for unattended access

  • Standard: $10 per month
  • Professional: $15 per month

Zoho also offers a free hybrid plan that includes support for one technician, five unattended computers, chat, clipboard sharing, and one concurrent session. With a wide range of affordable plans, grouped by user type, the company can give businesses what they need at the best value, earning the company the top spot.

  1. Parallels Access is best for mobile access

Parallels Access enables users to access their computers and files remotely from their mobile devices. It offers an easy-to-use, mobile-first remote desktop experience at an affordable price, which was why we made it our top pick for mobile access.


  • Offering a dedicated mobile experience
  • Mobile access to PC files
  • Priced affordably


  • Remote control access is limited
  • Feature shortage

In 2004, Parallels launched its first virtual machine product, allowing users to run multiple virtual machines simultaneously. The company offers virtual software solutions for desktops, as well as Parallels Access, which is the best option for mobile access thanks to its friendly and intuitive design. Despite not being accredited by the BBB, the company has been rated A+.

Parallels Access’ interface is one of its best features. By serving up a mobile-friendly version of a desktop app, the software not only makes mobile software easier to use but also makes it easier to maintain. Easy file transfers between mobile devices and cloud storage devices are made possible by an intuitive set of controls.

Data is transmitted between devices using 256-bit AES encryption using SSL security, and the privacy settings can also be configured to suit users’ needs. You can contact customer support via live chat 24/7 if you have any questions about your account or setup.

During parallel access’ free trial, one user account is included, along with unlimited mobile devices and five computers. Parallels Access costs $19.99 per year. For an additional $49.99 per year, a business plan is also available. It supports unlimited users, unlimited mobile devices, connection to five computers, and the option to add five computer packs.

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TeamViewer allows multiple users to easily collaborate over remote computer connections, as the name implies. Moreover, it offers a comprehensive range of communication and presentation tools that make it an ideal candidate for collaboration in teams.


  • Easy to use and set up
  • Communication tools for groups that are robust
  • Flexible pricing plans


  • Viewing two remote systems at the same time is not possible
  • It costs extra to access mobile devices

TeamViewer was launched in 2005 to provide online support and is our choice as the best tool for team collaboration because of its robust collaboration, communication, and presentation features. A+ rating from the organization overshadows the company’s lack of accreditation with the BBB.

TeamViewer allows users to access remote computers and devices running Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS. In addition, it supports drag-and-drop file transfers, remote printing, and unattended access using two-factor authentication and 256-bit encryption.

Users can also interact and collaborate with the software’s built-in video conferencing tool and instant messaging chat in addition to interactive screen sharing and online whiteboards. Through its cross-platform remote sharing capabilities, TeamViewer enables teams of any size to run interactive demonstrations in online meetings while taking control of users’ computers in real-time.

A free version of TeamViewer with limited features is available for personal use, as well as the following paid plans, each of which includes a 14-day free trial.

The bottom line

Although many remote desktop platforms exist, each with its own unique set of features, we felt that ISL Online was the best choice for most users. The program offers a robust set of remote access features, advanced security, and full cross-platform compatibility, as well as some of the most flexible pricing options we’ve seen.

We have chosen Zoho Assist and Chrome Remote Desktop as our top picks, the former for its impressive set of features for a very low price, and the latter for its ease of use, simple remote access, and free price tag.

The remote access capabilities offered by both LogMeIn and RemotePC can be customized and scaled according to the needs of businesses of all sizes. The best mobile access and team collaboration features can be found in Parallels Access and TeamViewer.

Compare Providers

Best Remote Desktop Software
Software Why We Picked It Notable Features
ISL Online Best Overall Cloud-based or self-hosted options and pay-per-use plans
LogMeIn Best for One User or Small Teams 1TB cloud storage and free LastPass subscription
RemotePC Best for Large Companies Scalable pricing based on computers accessed
Chrome Remote Desktop Best Free Software Free browser-based software for Google users
Zoho Assist Best Value Separate remote support and unattended access plans
Parallels Access Best for Mobile Access Mobile-friendly remote experience
TeamViewer Best for Team Collaboration Video conferencing and support for up to 500 devices

Source of the info: InfoPedia

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