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Team Building Workshops

Team Building Workshops – Retail Training Workshops

Join our team building workshops to unlock the potential of your retail teams without “Death by PowerPoint” checkout our unique Retail Training Workshops.

Team Building Workshop

Get your team energised, focused and engaged with our workshops that have a lasting impact!

Motivated and happier people; better business.

We unleash the greatest potential of your retail teams, through our industry leading team building workshops.

What can you expect to enjoy? Firstly, we kick-off with a fun activity. This is to WAKE the senses and get everybody present, not only in body, but in mind too.

How often have you gone into a meeting or ‘another training session’ only to be distracted with your everyday activities?

You fail to be truly present, which means, you fail to uptake the information. By kicking off with a SHOCK the teams are fully engaged and the immersion begins.

We then move into team building activities, thought provoking mindset mastery methods, up-skilling on core competencies and practical ways to instil resilience, growth mindset and confidence creation. Confident teams sell more! Fact.

As we move through your selected team building workshop, 2 things will start to happen.

Your team members each become activated. This activation is the secret sauce any company needs in order to get to the next -level, which is acceleration. Acceleration with sales, customer service, teamwork and standards.

Our team building workshops inspire individuals to self lead and we inspire teams to work with purpose and passion at the foundation.

Purpose drives profit!

Retail should be fun

  • When you are having fun, consumers feel it
  • Those feelings inspire actions that consumers take
  • To convert browsers to spenders
  • To purchase more pieces
  • To become a raving brand fan
  • To shop omni

Retail teams form habits from the moment they walk into work; the same operational execution, the same daily team talks, the same people sell the most, the same people have the highest productivities, the same issues come up time and time again.

You want to be able to invigorate that team, give them a boost and encourage them to perform better. Both, as individuals AND as a winning team! You can feel a winning team, within minutes of walking into a store.

Our workshops deliver on that.

Our workshops build winning teams.

A winning team for you could mean higher conversions, better store standards and brand consistency or it could be to retain and grow top talent inside your business.

A great Manager has the capacity to add a whopping 20% revenue into the business.

Can you imagine if all of your Managers were delivering that kind of impact!

We develop great Managers through our workshops.

When you invest into the development of your Retail Teams, everyone benefits.

Companies who provide an emotional connection with customers outperform the sales growth of their competitors by a whopping 85%


Each of our workshops have been carefully designed using practices from NLP blended with my international experience and TIRA’S unique methodology.

Workshops are not a ‘nice to have’ they are expected as standard and really are a ‘must-have’.

Not only do workshops give your teams confidence that you are investing in their learning journey, you are also retaining talent in your business. The first 100 days of any new starter are the most important phase to determine longevity and commitment during their tenure.

Participating in regular workshops is a must-have for any business serious about business results through people.

Bite Sized Workshops are delivered virtually and last 2 hours, these are discounted at 40% off face-to-face prices

Full versions of each Workshop lasts 6-7 hours and are delivered face-to-face

Workshops can be modified and adjusted to suit your specific needs.

If you have a group of people who really need some help in leading others effectively, we will expand on this.

Perhaps you have some Area Managers that struggle to give effective feedback, this is blocking the potential of your stores to succeed in selling. I will expand on this topic and offer laser style coaching to unblock this

We pack each workshop with information, insights, solo-work, group activities, self-paced workbooks and more.

Your teams will learn through listening, watching and taking part.

The reason our workshops will work for you is simple:

We deliver transformations in mindset, competence abilities and development of influence

Not so long ago, we were always told that knowledge is power. Not anymore.

Knowledge is simply information that anyone can access at the tips of their fingers.

Influence is power

Influence will determine if the client buys something

Influence plays a huge role in how your teams communicate and ‘get stuff done’

Our workshops explore influence. This is the language of millennials and Gen Z – your future leaders!

Our workshops literally speak directly to your people.

We are not generic, we are very specific

If your business would like to offer a workshop not listed here, please reach out. We are excited to create a fully bespoke workshop to meet your needs!

We want everyone to gain maximum value and ensure that you are accelerating with maximum speed, so we follow up with every participant one-to-one 2 weeks after the session as part of our aftercare service to your teams.

Retail is evolving

94% of employees

say that they would stay at a company longer if it simply invested in helping them to learn.

Workforce Learning Report 2019


Future leaders are millennials and Gen Z.

This generation have different paradigms to previous generations.

Google is their teacher.

They pick up information fast!

Gone are the days of outdated training methods, delivered by people who have not got the experience of actually working in the relevant position. Think about it; would you take advice on your new car purchase from an expert in boats? Probably not!

This does not resonate for the audience or have a lasting impact on teams today.

Generations today, inside stores want to learn from people who have ‘walked the path’ and I have walked every retail path!

Teams want to be heard, they want to be a part of something meaningful, they want to contribute and they want to move through the ranks faster than any previous generation.

We at TIRA understand that.

Team building is usually left to the Store Manager; but the SM has a hundred things to do in a week. Training, development, coaching, team building is not high on the list. They are busy organising the new floorset, chasing up on delayed deliveries, mapping the back of house, getting audit ready, assessing commercials, reporting to HQ, managing people matters, driving operations.

Store Managers need the chance to re-group and grow themselves into better leaders.

This is where our unique, one of a kind winning workshops come into play.

We have devised an inclusive, activity based and challenging set of workshops that truly speak to your teams and have a lasting impact on thoughts, actions and daily habits.

I look forward to supporting you very soon!

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