Responsive Web Design: 12 Examples and Best Practices

responsive web designs

Responsive Web Design: 12 Examples and Best Practices

There are ample devices today that are being handheld by millions of people and this ratio has reached approximately 90% and rising. About 50% of smartphone users today have claimed that they find it really difficult to live without their mobile devices. Thus, it is enough to prove that mobile web design today is very huge these days.

It is kind of a good thing that we now have an opportunity for addressing some issues fastly or locating any immediate information. But, we can’t deny that this reality is creating a challenge for the ones who are providing the users with information.  

The creation of styles for every screen size is a bit time-consuming and resource-consuming. Even if you are successful in covering all the points but still it will lead to overloading the website and will definitely decrease the performance. 

Ultimately, this will worsen the conversion rate and the user engagement will see a downfall along with the brand. Thus, it is like nothing about investing tons of money without any decent ROI. The question arises how can then entrepreneurs avoid these worsening conditions and can meet the evolving cycle of digital expanses? The answer is responsive design! 

12 Best Examples and Practices For Responsive Web Design 

Below mentioned almost all of the apps and tools offer a superb and aesthetic web experience that will sure shot make you get an easy and smooth experience.  There are innumerable brands today that are beginning to start better responsive web designs for getting them better chances and increased profits.

Nest’s Unified Home Automation Interface

People often believe that developing any mobile device first would imply a limit on the functionality, but that’s really not true. Yes, it is true that certain features like user onboard should offer some simple and easy-to-account exclusive restrictions that are seen as compatible with smaller devices. But, there are apps like Nest that have no restrictions or hold over the limits. 

The nest app is quite prominent because it offers all the users the basic functionality that is required by them to manage and control the security and comfort all across the globe while sitting at home. It is generally much easier for accessing tons of features and functions over the mobile phone screen rather than making use of the dial interface on the thermostat itself.

Whenever you are trying to develop a mobile user experience, you should not just begin by thinking about some certain features that can be removed from the desktop version, give it some time. 

Instead of that, you should consider how you can be able to build the most important experience that is possible on mobile. When you are able to create a desktop version, then by the end you can see the benefit of certain features for scaling up. 

Coinbase’s Responsive Push Notification Alarms

The much known and having nature of always-on for mobile devices and has opened the gates for new opportunities for making good interactions. The users are very much likely to give their time towards the incoming notifications or headings on their phones rather than on their desktops.

Coinbase has taken good advantage of many of the quick alerts with its very well-grounded mobile cryptocurrency trading app. takes advantage of these rapid alerts with its mobile cryptocurrency trading app. There are some people who had to face a loss of about 70% in just about 3 days. 

Investors react very quickly to any such kind of change, and thus Coinbase has made the mobile app that targets and makes it easier to set the personalized prices alerts which can push any moment to the user’s mobile devices.

Many of these mobile-only notifications will ensure that the investors are not missing out on any opportunity or lowering the risk that is connected with the investment of cryptocurrencies and offering a much better and comforting experience for their users. 

By making the use of mobile devices and their alluring abilities including always-on interaction for creating a better user experience cannot be found better on any desktop.

Breather’s Short-Term Office Space Rental

Doesn’t matter if you are a remote worker, a freelancer, or a sole entrepreneur, you all need a kind of silent place where you can conduct meetings with ease without giving any commitment to a monthly or yearly coworking membership. Rather, they might just be traveling and only require a small space for some hours between the hotel and the airport.

Breather’s mobile app has been much efficient in solving these types of problems by giving the users permission for both books and access to remote workspaces just from their smartphone. 

Breather is segregating all its mobile apps into the complete user experience of its services, which allows the users to immediately book and make use of space in a matter of minutes. 

When you design your service interface app for the mobile device, then with the enlargement of the functionality towards the desktop, you can offer a much unified and personalized experience for the users and it doesn’t matter where they are.  

LT Browser

A well-known responsive web design testing tool. Widely preferred by businesses across the globe, LT Browser is effective in its functioning. With LT Browser, you can have the ease to create your own personalized and traditional viewpoint and preserve it for some future uses.

The tool provides facility to perform live tests on a website’s responsiveness across more than 50 devices. Testers can also create custom device resolutions through the tools.

It has interactive features to enable the testers sharing the bugs through different mediums to the concerned professionals or developers. It is a package of features included in a responsive testing platform considering complete requirements and common challenges faced in conventional ways to test responsiveness.

Envision’s Instant Image Recognition

For many people majorly like impaired users, a good mobile device that can offer them a better user mobile and giving them an independent life. The added feature of high-quality cameras and higher computing power in mobile devices have made several companies like Envision get better and improve various lives of blinds or people with low vision. 

Envision’s mobile app cleans out approximately the whole user interface while continuously offering them an exclusive user experience. The app is quick enough to instantly learn and understand the texts on the menus, signs, price tags, ads which makes it more like real-time audio.

The users can also provide guidance to tech the app in recognizing people and things and also understanding the contexts of any scene and providing the right information for any straightforward topic. In some kind of exclusive cases, if you eliminate the user interface completely, you turn up making a better mobile user experience. 

iflyA380’s Augmented Reality Immersion

Many aircraft manufacturers are customized only in the field of airlines, but now even they have started to look through the values in elongating their marketing strategies directly to their consumers. With the creation of mobile apps for helping the customers get the best of this journey, Airbus has been taking advantage of really startling abilities of mobile for making the UX experience satisfying and comfortable. 

The iflyA380 app makes the use of exclusive functionalities available on mobile devices to offer a purely different experience for the travelers on the A380 aircraft. The users can easily traverse the cabin in collective reality as they travel, understand the functions of the aircraft, have a virtual visit of the cockpit and the lounges, and also find the truck locations as they will pass by side of windows.

You must not forget that the user experience sometimes goes beyond the screen, thus the mobile apps provide a better opportunity to manage their user experience at almost every customer touchpoint.


Dropbox has been embarking its name and using malleable visuals so that they can design a standout responsive website. The font color has the added feature of changing for accommodating the background color when you are shifting from any desktop to handheld devices, but the images also keep on changing with the orientation well enough. 

As per the context, Dropbox will offer you a tailored experience of all-around devices. For instance, there exists a small arrow for directing the desktop users in scrolling down for watching more content, this is done so that users are protected from bouncing. 

This same arrow is not found in handheld devices as it is assumed that the users will obviously scroll down on a device that has the ability to touch the screen. Similarly, you can also see the signup form on the desktop devices but in the handheld devices it is much difficult as space is limited there. 


Dribble’s website has been featured to be a hallmark of the best responsive web design as it comes with a malleable grid option, and it has the capacity to condense into five columns for desktops and two-column for mobile devices. 

For preventing their websites from the cluttered feeling on handheld devices, Dribble has begun to remove many items. 


One of the finest examples of the mobile responsive web designs that are ruling the market. The website loading speed of this website is approximately 4 seconds while making use of 3G connections. Also, the look and the feel offered here are consistent access to any device, and still, they have successfully managed to tailor the user experience for every device.

You can see the full menu, including a “Get Proposal” call-to-action button and “We’re hiring!” callout from the computer screens and laptops, the mobile devices reveal more condensed versions. The users that visit their website from tablets have seen a hamburger icon and callout, whereas the ones visiting from mobile devices have seen the menu and call-to-action button.

Magic Leap

Magic Leap has been focusing on designing a simpler website with responsive design with geocentric scrolling that brings out the startling illustrations into life. This approach makes sense according to Magic Leap as there is about 57% global internet usage because of handheld devices.  

Magic Leap’s user experience has been witnessed as consistent throughout all the devices, having one exception: the microcopy that will direct the users for the scroll that is included on the desktops and the laptops and is excluded from the handheld devices where it is quite normal to scroll.  Along with a 3G connection, their website has the capacity to be loaded in just 3 seconds, with a global average of 22 seconds. 


With Shopify, the consumers have been experiencing consistency across all the handheld devices. There is a change seen in the call-to-action button and the illustrations among the desktops with the mobile devices. On the personal desktops and tablets, you can see the call-to-action button on the right side of the form field but on mobile devices, it is on the downside. 

Similarly, the illustrations on the personal desktops and laptops are seen on the right side of the copy and when it comes to mobile devices they are placed really below on the copy. As in many websites, Shopify has also replaced the menu with a hamburger icon on handheld devices. 

Despite the fact of using image carousels for showing off to the customers, they are managing it to keep the page loading speed to be below 5 seconds, which is quite attractive. 


GitHub has adopted some dynamic transformations to its website. It engages in an interactive user experience across different platforms, devices and environments. The layout of the website is flexible across devices of completely different screen resolutions and sizes. 

The website’s UX is dramatically interactive. From placing call-to-action buttons to integrating forms, the UX of the website does not miss to inspire aspiring UX designers. It is using the decluttering techniques to utilize the space on the page the way it suits their users’ viewports.

In a Nutshell

By the end, you must have now been aware of some of the best examples of responsive web designs and how things are continuously evolving. Websites are becoming easier to use compared to previous times and are offering better options now. Users today expect a marvelous responsive web design across their devices, otherwise, they feel like what’s the point of having multiple versions of the same product? 

The major motive should be to understand things from the viewpoint of users. After this, you should make the decision about how actually the web design can improve or fulfill the needs of the customers and provide them a flabbergasting experience.

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