Real Education Hubs In India

Real Education Hubs In India (1)

Real Education Hubs In India

India is a country with a massive number of excellent educational institutions. India’s higher education system is the third-largest in the overall world after China and the United States. Every year, many students across the world apply and study in many institutions over the country. With several educational institutions in India,  schools in Dehradun offers the best education to students. Education is such a vital aspect of the development of any country.

When education in any shape or form makes a massive difference, there are cities around India that are known for their literacy; they have the best educational institutions that are ranked as the best educational hubs. Hence, students and candidates who desire high-quality learning in reputed institutes frequently opt based on their location. India has many educational hubs in metro cities and well-developed other areas. From good quality education to immense chances for the students is what makes a specific to be known as an educational hub.

So if you are also on the path to obtaining a quality education in India, then no need to bother. We are here to guide you and offer you a shortlist of cities in India where you can plan and get your higher education goals.

  • Dehradun 

Dehradun, the capital city of the Uttarkhand, is surrounded by the sumptuous Himalayan mountain area in the north and the splendid Shivaliks in the south. The scenic location and pleasant weather have made Dehradun education quite attractive, along with the quality educational institutes. There are numerous boarding school in Dehradun for those who don’t know the city, also known as the ‘School Capital of India’ and ‘City of Schools’. The weather conditions across the year make it a perfect location for educational institutes.

Whether it is a day or boarding, Dehradun aces the school game. In Dehradun, most schools were established in the British era. The city has always been the hub of the best residential schools and day schools; students from India and over the globe come to these schools to complete their education.

  1. Delhi

Delhi is one of the most famous cities of India, is also an excellent education hub. Being the national capital region, Delhi has some of the most reputable schools in India, with great amenities that make them unique. The schools assist in creating the base of the children. Hence, the students who study in Delhi schools have a very bright career and exceed in every field, whether academic or extra-curricular.

  1. Bangalore

The best hub for startups and IT industries, Bangalore is also an education hub with lots of reputed educational institutions and chances. It is a well-developed city which provides modern facilities and amenities. People from far off places and suburban areas prefer to admit their children to boarding schools in Bangalore. This is because they have a good reputation in the education industry. Students are given guidance and exposure so that there is all-around development in them. With formal education, students are given training in co-curricular activities such as dance, painting, music, other arts, sports and games and many other interactive hobbies and activities.

Bangalore is known to motivate creativity and innovation from its schools and is the ultimate boosting area for the industries in India. The city is excellent in terms of education quality for all levels of education, from primary school to post-graduation.

  1. Pune

Pune is known as the Venice of the East, owing to the large number of educational institutions. This city is one of the fastest developing cities economically in the Asia Pacific region. The city is also known as the cultural capital of Maharashtra. There are hundreds of quality schools serving the requirements of day schools in Pune. The city boasts schools and colleges affiliated to almost all the top boards of the nation, such as the CBSE, ICSE, Maharashtra board, and the Higher Secondary Education Board of India.

  1. Hyderabad 

The capital of Telangana, Hyderabad, is immensely famous in India for its beautiful historical monuments and work culture. It’s the fourth-largest urban agglomeration in India, and the city is known for its IT industries. There are several best educational institutes in Hyderabad which are providing quality education through various curriculums. These schools ensure to offer high-quality facilities and experienced faculty to make the students’ learning journey a joyful experience. The best educational institutes in Hyderabad provide outstanding infrastructure and co-curricular activities, leading to the child’s round development.

  1. Chennai

The capital city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai, is another educational hub of India and is specifically known for quality education and supreme significance to the English language. Along with the rich culture and oldest temples of the world, Chennai houses some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world. The city’s education system is a fusion of old and modern schools giving quality education by consolidating old values with advanced teaching methods. As a result, it has some of the greatest schools and colleges in the nation. These schools are affiliated with the CBSE board, NIOS board, ICSE board, Anglo-Indian board, and Montessori system.


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