Offshore Staffing Firms Vs Freelancing Platforms: Which is Better?

Offshore Staffing Firms Vs Freelancing Platforms: Which is Better?

“The other part of outsourcing is this: it simply says where the work can be done outside better than it can be done inside, we should do it.” – Alphonso Jackson – Former United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Whether we stand ‘for’ the notion or ‘against’ it, the number of business owners scouting from offshore staffing and freelancing platforms is rapidly growing every year. Initially, just more start-up and short-staffed businesses considered outsourcing as a profitable resolution, but hiring beyond in-house staff has become a norm today, even for well-established businesses. The biggest reason behind this business inclination is the assurance of easy resource availability and smoother work experience in around 70% lesser cost. Let’s wrap our heads around the major reasons behind the success of outsourcing, and understand why this drift is emerging as a powerful business tool.

Why Hiring from Offshore Staffing and Freelancing Platforms is Beneficial?

Saving Time and Resources

Gone are the days when outsourcing was just a means of saving a few hundred dollars. Today, business owners prefer this work model to save their time and resources. With outsourcing (either to an agency or a freelancer), they are able to achieve their organisational objectives within surprisingly lesser time, and why not, when they have a full-fledged team working dedicatedly for them without any in-office distractions. This means that if you choose to be an outsourcer, you will seldom miss a project deadline ever again.

Ensuring Easy Scalability

The strict regional labour laws and ‘hire and fire’ norms prevalent in developed countries are certainly a big pain point for employers. As a result, they end up hiring more people than required, and pay them salaries throughout the year, with or without much work for them. But with outsourcing, especially if you opt for offshore staffing services, easy scalability is a great relaxation. You can increase and decrease the number of employees in your remote team in proportion to the projects and work that you get, without the need of giving any notice in advance.

Providing Quick Access to Skilled Staff

Even the most experienced HR professionals in the industry would affirm to the struggles around searching for deserving candidates to fill in an urgent job opening at their organisation. Time is money in the business world, and this is what offshore staffing and freelancing platforms help you with – saving time (sometime months) looking for the right resources. All reputed outsourcing service vendors have a team of highly skilled virtual employees, whose professional services are available 24×7. Freelancing or offshoring, it would probably take you less than a day to raise your work requirement, scan resumes of skilled staff in the required domain, build your own team of chosen resources, and start working with them. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

Prioritising Core Functions

Another big advantage of outsourcing your work requirements is that it gives you both time and freedom to focus on their organization’s core business functions. This is especially beneficial for solopreneurs who are always running short of time and funds, and still try to fit everything in their own key responsibility areas. Outsourcing helps them establish a work culture where they can assign specific areas of work to another expert team time outside their office.

Offering Flexible Work Schedule

Many business owners shy away from outsourcing work and maximize profits as they are not comfortable with the idea of having their remote team work in a different time zone. But today, most offshoring staffing service providers offer their services round the clock. Their teams work in flexible shifts to match up to your individual business needs.

Freelance vs Offshore Team – What’s the Right Pick for You?

There are many business owners, who feel confused about the right kind of outsourcing platform (freelance vs offshore team) for their particular requirement. Both of these remote working models are different from each other on several grounds, but on many other, they are more or less the same. If you are also doubtful about which of these offshore staffing services is the right one for you, we present to you an expert assessment of both these third-party hiring options on some of the most important parameters:

Skilled Resources and Quality Work

One of the biggest assurances you would need as an outsourcer (after of course cost savings) is that your work is in safe and skilled hands. Well, the best thing about hiring from offshore staffing and freelancing platforms is that there is a plethora of options as far as experienced resources are concerned.

To be doubly sure of the virtual workforce you select, executing a background check is a step that shouldn’t be missed. But when you talk about the process of hiring freelancers, doing so is not that easy. Freelancing websites certainly offer a lot of professional information about the freelancers (including their impressive IQ scores and screenshots of their government-issued identity cards), but their credibility is still looked upon questionably.

On the other hand, choosing reputed offshore staffing services ensures that you are hiring dedicated employees with valid professional qualifications and industry experience. Such virtual employees are available on board with properly scrutinized profiles and proven capabilities in delivering exceptional quality work. The offshoring service providers are very focused on their image in the global market, and hence, continuously work on monitoring and improving the performance of the virtual employees representing their brand.

Onboarding Process and Discipline

We all know how tiring the onboarding process can get for in-house employees. Thankfully, it’s much less challenging and demanding when you are hiring remote employees – no need to invest in a separate HR desk, office space, IT equipment and other employee benefits. So, whatever you choose – freelance vs offshore team, you save yourself from the headache of an extensive onboarding process.

Now let’s talk about discipline! Freelancers operate from their own space. Usually, this point is looked upon as a demerit as they have freedom to work from anywhere and makes the outsourcer worry about their work discipline. The focus required to concentrate on organizational objectives and avoid distractions is best sustained in an office environment, and the resources you hire from a trusted offshoring service provider work under stringent supervision. Their work is constantly monitored by experienced managers for quality and timeliness, so that you never miss a deadline again, and feel cheated.

Well-Defined Company Policies

A sturdy corporate structure with well-defined company policies is a prerequisite for any business aspiring to succeed, and this becomes doubly important when you are hiring from offshore staffing and freelancing platforms. Making clearly-stated policies for all the important parameters (like number of working hours, regular report submissions, and flexibility of shift timings) as per your requirement is a good idea to start with.

Despite of very clear and all-inclusive company policies, setting up an efficient system for communication and supervision is a challenging task if you are working with freelancers because there’s no third party involved. This is especially tiresome for start-up business owners, who are already struggling to fit more in less.

But if you are hiring virtual employees from a dependable agency, well-defined, universally acceptable company policies are already in place. Plus, there is no need of micromanagement as you are given the opportunity to supervise their performance with advanced activity tracking software and tools.

Compliance with Statutory Regulations

Freelance or offshoring, you need to remember that you are hiring staff from another part of the world, and working with them might put you under some logistical issues. One of the biggest aspects to consider beforehand for hiring from offshore staffing and freelancing platforms is to ensure complete compliance with the taxation and social security system procedures that your service provider has to adhere to. Or else, the time and focus you were thinking of investing in your core business activities might have to be invested in getting out of complicated legal situations. Therefore, it’s best to inquire about the labyrinthine tax laws and other issues (encompassing the bureaucratic, cultural and time zone differences) that are prevalent in your service provider’s native country.

Many freelancers do not comply with the employment regulations laid down by their country’s government. So, when you’re hiring from a freelancing website, you are not obliged to provide your resources any employment benefits. However, if you hire from a trusted offshoring service provider, all these issues are catered to by that company’s management. They are extending their services to business owners from different countries on a regular basis, and hence, they have their heads wrapped around the involved laws and regulations to save both the parties from any blunder down the road.

Wrapping up

There’s no denying that ‘cost effectiveness’ is one of the biggest factors for business owners contemplating to choose between freelance vs offshore team. Usually, the services of freelancers are available at more affordable costs, and hence, they tend to hire them for their requirement without much ado. Hiring from a freelancing website is not a terrible idea to begin with, but it shifts the steering of power from your to their hands. And as freelancers are not obliged to work dedicatedly with just one client, you would always worry about the quality and deadline of your assignments.

Therefore, hiring from offshore staffing services  is probably the smarter way to get your hard-earned money’s worth and peace of mind. So, contact a trusted remote working agency today, and make an informed decision


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