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Navy blue


Navy blue Decorate

Navy blu is the perfect color to renovate your home. Caught between summer, where we spend most of our time outdoors, and winter, where we go into hibernation mode, fall is the time for renewed motivation and inspiration, ideal forgiving. Navy blue is at our gate. Indeed, this is why discussions about trends always seem to resurface around mid-September. And this season, there is one trend we cannot ignore Navy blue house drawing.

We know what you’re thinking, and no, it’s not about the terracotta. While enjoying a moment of glory right now (and for the past two years, for that matter), another rising color trend has come to steal the show. And seriously, it’s for the greater good.

Welcome Navy blue.

You might think you know this color. It sounds familiar, safe, and maybe even a bit outdated. It’s hard, after all, not to associate it with white Protestant clothing brands like Tommy Hilfiger, GAP, and Burberry from the start of the new millennium. While it’s true that navy blue is unmistakably BCBG, it now has the potential to be much more than that, as today’s designers prove to us.

Softer than black, but just as sophisticated, navy blue is the new trendy color to pair with whites and neutrals. It’s Dangerous, which means you can use it sparingly to enhance a minimalist interior or in broad stripes to add depth and character to any room

Plus, navy blue complements natural materials like wood, wicker, and rattan, to spruce up these rooms without depreciating its own deep and striking hue. Like a pine forest next to a gloomy coastline: it’s both gloomy and serene.

Quadro-style customers are actively riding this navy trend, and many are placing custom orders replacing the black designs with navy blue. One of our recent collaborators has even made its bathroom with our Navy-blue campaign tile stickers.

New Bohemians collection

You’ll also find this shade throughout our The New Bohemians collection, both as the main character and as a secondary character in designs like Hydra, Astra, and Gaia. Apply these prints to wallpaper to give pride of place to blue, or save them for splash-backs, which will give them a warm texture.

Of course, tile stickers aren’t the only way to tap into this season’s navy trend. This fundamental tone can go just about anywhere, with any texture, and in any quantity. Since it’s impossible to go wrong with navy blue, it’s high time for you to experiment: let go. It would be great if you had the inspiration to bring your ideas to life, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Dirt your brush

If you’re the type who doesn’t take half measures, you won’t bother testing the navy-blue current with just a few taps. You’re going to dive right in by applying your favorite shade of indigo to all the walls in bold and towering stripes, areas, and sections.

We’re far from the only ones declaring this navy season, so if you’re hesitant to take that giant leap, don’t take our word for it. Read Sherwin Williams, who chose navy blue as his color for the year 2020.

“Navy blue is an uplifting presence that evokes a feeling of confidence. A serene undertone with a hint of luxury, it works well with polished marble, shiny metals, supple leather, and sophisticated patterns. newsplana

Claude Floor Stickers

Get creative with your brush and apply the blue tint to manipulate your space. One trick we recommend is to apply a strip of color to your hallways. Painting from threshold to threshold along the ceiling will widen even the narrowest of hallways.

Navy blue will also look great on glossy white paneling or in contrast to glossy marble or subway tiles. The look below showcases both. The essence you’ve finished your walls, you can complete this look with Quadro style Claude Floor Stickers in Navy Blue.

Drape your home in indigo-dyed textiles


Go for a soft bohemian look by mixing and pairing trendy natural pieces with vibrant, colorful fabrics. Put it all together on a blank white background, and you have a cozy seaside bungalow. This combination is perfect for minimalist bohemian bedroom interiors like this one. Indigo dyes of natural origin and natural materials like wicker and rattan create a sustainable and healthy sleeping environment.

Reproduce this look with hand-dyed fabrics like those available from VT Textiles and Home on Etsy. Or swap textiles for self-adhesive tiles with one of our indigo self-adhesive tile designs, which will stand out against any white background.

Play with wood

Navy blue is a rock star in its own right, but it only really shines in the presence of neutral, natural furniture. Our preference? Wood.

Wood and navy blue make a fantastic combo no matter how you pair them. Best of all, it allows for a look that you can easily apply to any room in your home. See for yourself.

Install a bench between two navy blue entryway storage, as in this bohemian style house. The contrast between hardwood floors and furniture in the bedroom. Although bathroom cabinets like this console and mirror against a navy-blue tile wall (coated with Quadro style Admiral Blue Hexi wall stickers).

Race for gold

Our final tip for using the Navy-blue trend in interior design is to play luxurious overtones by including lavish gold hardware. Glittering accents of gold and brass confidently stand out against the deep blue canvas, like stars in a night sky. And for such a chic look, pairing can be surprisingly easy and affordable.

Actually, you can find the hardware you are looking for at any home improvement retailer, like Home Depot or Lowe’s. Onward if you are decorating your bathroom, you can also go for a trendy round or gold mirror like this one from Houzz.

However, if you’re decorating a kitchen, go for gold fixtures like these. Do you like this style? All you need to do are Quadro-style Stallion floor stickers!

Quadro-style Stallion

You can save time and energy once applying Quadro-style stickers around your bathroom by following our installation methodology instead of measurement and cutting ahead. However, that this methodology doesn’t solely apply to installation round the bathroom floor stickers. You’ll be able to use these steps to put in around any obstacle or sinuate wall.


decorating a Floor panel


It works even well with floor panels because it will come with tile floor stickers. That is the most straightforward, thanks to guaranteeing an excellent edge around your bathroom floor stickers. Although it can look clean and provides the impression of professionally arranged tiles. Currently, you just have skills. Floor stickers begin buying the stickers which will offer your restroom the character it needs.


Softer than black,

Navy blue is another way to bring freshness to your interior. However, these earthy fabrics provide a raw, simple touch that balances everything in a cottage core home. That can do a lot, so it’s best to stick with neutral colors.

Choose these fabrics for quilts, tablecloths, table runners, and curtains. Linen has seen a surge in popularity lately, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding what you’re looking for.

Start building your Navy blue home.

If your taste leans towards rustic, you’re looking for a way to inject a severe dose of nostalgia into your space. It might be time to give cottage core a try. Although Stock up on the items described in this article to help spark the campaign spirit in your home

The color blue, no matter how pale or dark, is a spectacular hue known for its unmistakable calming and also dramatic effects. It is also one of mother nature’s favorite shades from the pitch-perfect beauty of both the morning and evening skies to stormy ocean waters. When it comes to decorating a living room, there is an ideal shade of blue for every mood and style you wish to evoke. So whether your thing is nautical or modern, these gorgeous blue living rooms will help you identify your new favorite shade.

edges and in its depths

Blue. Even the word itself feels full and soft, like an embrace or a deep breath. Visually, of course, it’s even more powerful. “That this blue exists makes my life a remarkable one, just to have seen it. To have seen such beautiful things,” mused Maggie Nelson. “We love to contemplate blue, not because it advances to us, but because it draws us after it,” said Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

“The world is blue at its edges and in its depths. This blue is the light that got lost,” echoed Rebecca Solnit. And just as this color has enchanted writers, artists, philosophers, and scientists for centuries, it’s also the most popular choice for interior design. From living rooms to bedrooms, kitchens, powder rooms, and beyond, the 40 spaces ahead might inspire you to douse your home in a thousand leagues of blue. Note how the rich hue beautifully frames the stellar views from the two large bay windows. Gold and red tones, as well as the crisp white ceiling, balance out the dark walls, which keeps the room feel vibrant yet relaxed.


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