Long Trip Travel Guide: How to Be Fully Prepared

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Booking Flight from London to USA? Or going on any other long trip? Short of tips to be fully prepared for your trip? Well, you have just landed in the right place. This article is your one-stop solution for all the traveling tips and tricks.

Planning a long trip can be a headache, especially when you are new to it. And things can easily become overwhelming. Thus, you will be needing a helping hand while doing so. And here this article comes to your rescue. This article is your very own long trip travel guide: how to be fully prepared for your next traveling adventure.

Let’s know long trip travel guide: how to be fully prepared for your next traveling experience

What’s your budget?

Start by asking yourself the very basic question about traveling? What is your budget? How much you can invest in your travel? And find out the answer. Having a budget sets up the foundation for further planning. And you will be needing a good idea of your budget to decide many things in the further process.

Where to travel?

The very next question that stands your way is where you want to travel? The best way is to pick up 2 or 3 destinations out of your bucket list and match them with your budget. You can also prepare a pros and cons list of every destination in your mind. And then choose accordingly.

When to travel?

As you are done deciding your destination, the next thing is choosing when will you travel. You can put the name of your destination and search for the best time of visiting it. Or you can just search the time durations of each of three traveling seasons, peak season, off-peak season, and shoulder season.

If you are someone who likes minimal population, then off-season traveling would work the best for you. If you love humongous crowds, then travel during the peak season. Otherwise, shoulder season would be an optimum balanced choice. Also, travel costs are lowest during the off-season so if you have a restricted budget you can highly benefit from traveling around this time of the year.

Who is your traveling partner?

Answering this question could be a crucial and big help in the above three questions. If you are a solo traveler, you must pick a destination that is safe to travel alone. If you are traveling with friends, then places like Las Vegas and Goa could be the optimum choice. For a romantic getaway with your partner, you must select a destination like Paris, where love flows within the air. And for traveling with kids you should be going to beaches or theme parks where your children can enjoy the best time of their lives.

What is your purpose for traveling?

 Suppose you are planning a trip to India, then there could be different purposes to visit the country. And for these different purposes, you must visit different places. If you are traveling to India for spiritual awakening, then Haridwar and Vrindavan would be your idle fit. For a holiday with friends, and grand parties, pay a visit to Goa. If you want to spend some leisure time with nature make bookings for Assam or Manipur. Or, if you want to understand India at its best then book direct flights to Delhi from USA as soon a possible.

What are your idle experiences?

There is always some kind of experience that you love experiencing more than the others. Make a list out of these experiences. This list can include:

  • Seeing wildlife closely,
  • Visiting art galleries,
  • Embracing unique architectural designs,
  • Paying a visit to a building of importance,
  • Spending time in the mountains, and
  • Relaxing at the beach.

Choose your idle experiences from the above list and if it doesn’t contain yours, add them into it.

What would be your day-to-day itinerary?

Now, as you know what is the experience you want to have, you should prepare a day-to-day itinerary for your trip. Like what are you going to do on day 1 and day 2 and further continue it to the length of your trip?

For example- If you take direct flights to India from USA and reach Delhi in the morning. Then your 1st-day itinerary could look like this:

Reach the hotel and have some rest, pay a visit to Chandni Chowk for lunch, spend your evening embracing the beauty of India gate, and coming back to your hotel for dinner.

When to book the flights to get the best deals?

An evergreen question that has been asked in the travel industry since forever. Well, the timeless answer to this evergreen question would book air tickets early. Yes, booking early saves you from a lot of money that you would while making the end minute bookings. The optimum time to book air tickets is 4 to 1 month before the flying schedule. As the demand for air tickets is lowest during the period. And with everything, as the demand rises the prices rise on their own.

How to search for flight tickets?

The best way to search for flight tickets is using the price comparing sites. All you have to do is put your boarding and landing destination along with the time on which you intend to fly and you are good to go. As soon as you will submit the details a list of all the flights flying on that very day between the preferred route will present themselves on your screen along with the prices that they are charging. Now all you have to do is go through the list and book the most affordable option. Book Direct flights to Italy from US at a cheap price.

Do I need travel insurance?

Well, the question is vague too many but trust us when we say it’s important. Future always comes with uncertainty and no matter how much planning you have done in advance a minimal accident can keep all of that on hold. And all the expenses you have made on planning your trip like booking air tickets or reserving a room at an excellent hotel will go directly into vain. And we are sure that you don’t want your hard-earned money to be wasted like that.

Thus, buying travel insurance should be your optimum choice. It will protect you against the risk of uncertainties and you will not end up losing your money. Yes, it is an extra cost but treats it as an investment, especially in the case of long trips.

Where should I be staying?

Well, that depends on a lot of things. To whom are you traveling? What is your budget? And what are your staying preferences? If you are going on solo travel, staying at a hostel could be the best choice for you. You will not only meet new people with the same goals, but you will also feel safer there. And you may end up finding a new group to travel with.

If you are planning a romantic getaway with your partner, then compact hotel suites with a magnificent view would be the best. And while traveling with the children you should book large spaces as they need more place for playing around.

When should I make the accommodation bookings?

Well, if you are traveling during the peak season then you must book your accommodation at least a few months in advance. Otherwise, you may not find an idle place to stay and end up postponing your trip. Also, it is a cost-effective way for making accommodation bookings.

For off-season and shoulder season travels you can make at-the-time bookings. Or you can just book in advance to have everything prepared when you reach the destination.

Where can I find good accommodation deals?

Well, there are two aspects to getting good accommodation deals. The first one is early bookings and the second one is using third-party websites to make the bookings. Just like the airlines, you can compare the prices charged by different accommodations and choose the affordable ones. You can see the real-time pictures of the place and the services they will provide, like complimentary breakfast.

Also, you can read the reviews of people who have already visited there and know the quality of their expenses. All this will help you make a steady choice while keeping every aspect in mind.

Which mode of transportation should I use during my travel?

Suppose you are traveling to India, and have already taken direct flights to India from USA. And now you want to travel inside the country like visiting Kerela from Delhi. The best way to cover this much distance would be to book a flight from Delhi to Kerala. But instead of booking a flight with an international airline choose a local or a budgeted one. This way you will be availed of the best services at the minimum costs.

Also, use public transports like Metro to visit different parts of Delhi. Booking a cab to travel everywhere is only going to burn a hole within your pocket. And you might end breaking your bank.

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