Let users call out your Telegram clone as their favourite messaging app

Telegram clone app

Hey business enthusiasts! Do you feel the urge to develop a privacy-rich messaging app? Then this write-up will help you douse your concern by inculcating about the Telegram clone app development. 

Well, we all are aware of how Telegram pulled users, thereby surpassing the user base of WhatsApp. Though WhatsApp has multiple features that Telegram doesn’t, the latter gained popularity due to the privacy policies. So, at the end of the day, people are concerned about privacy over others.

Telegram Clone App Development – Points To Consider

There are many challenges pinned in regard to developing a messaging app. As WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram are already ruling this era of social media apps, you must look through the ways to reach out to the users.

  • Choice of the platform

Whenever you are developing an app, you must analyze the user base of different platforms. Agree? Based on the user base of the mobile platforms, you can launch your app. For instance, the number of downloads of an app will be high in the Android platform in comparison to that of iOS. So, if you feel that your budget permits you to launch the app on both platforms, then it will add an extra feather to your cap. Also, you must let users access your app via the web.

  • Media size

One of the most astounding features of Telegram is that it allows users to transfer files up to 1.5 GB. You will be aware that Telegram users upload movies in different channels of a bigger size. To be more precise, the file size is one of the factors for the increased user base of Telegram. So, the file size should never be a constraint to attract users to your app.

  • Storage and backup

Well, Telegram has cloud-enabled storage. With access to cloud storage, users can access their data from anywhere in the world, without the need to back up their data frequently. So, it would be great to sync the data of users in the cloud environment.

  • Chatbots

Here comes a fact! Telegram was the first to integrate a chatbot in a messaging app. With the aid of a chatbot, users can raise queries or even indulge in in-app purchases. If you think that chatbots are meant only for online shopping sites, then I think that Telegram has demystified that.

  • Gamification

If you have used the UberEats app, you would have come across the gamification feature in it. While you keep thinking about the purpose of gamification in the food ordering app, let me tell you a thing. In this competitive world, it is hard to bring in users to an app. So, one of the best ways to bring users is by upgrading their user experience. With a gaming feature, you can absolutely supersize user engagement.

With the gaming feature, the app will let users participate in games. Based on the score points, users will get loyalty points or discounts that can be claimed on their future orders. After all, it boils down to enhancing the user experience.

Another example is Snapchat, where users can send messages, order food, play games, etc. It is a multi-purpose app. Likewise, you can add the gaming feature to make your app super user-friendly.

We are done with this topic, and we shall head to the next section on the list of mandatory features.

Never skip on these features in your messaging app!

  • Sync with phonebook

Your app offers a greater user experience when it automatically synchronizes the phonebook of the users with the app.

  • Group chat

We all know the importance of the group chat feature in the messaging app. You can permit users to add many participants so that they can share messages with each other easily.

  • Stickers and emojis

Users are mad over stickers and emojis. Stickers and emojis will make the conversation more engaging. So, you must work on adding a bag of emojis and stickers.

  • Location sharing

One of the most beneficial features that will crown your messaging app will be location sharing. So, never miss out on the location-sharing feature.

  • Calling feature

One of the most expected features by the users in the messaging app is the calling feature which is inclusive of both voice/video calling features.

  • Disappearing messages

Disappearing messages are gaining popularity among users. In the case of WhatsApp, the time limit for messages to disappear is 7 days. So, you can increase or decrease the time limit in your app.

  • Story 

If there is only one thing that is missing in Telegram in comparison to WhatsApp is the story feature. So, in your Telegram clone, you can consider adding the story feature.

  • Multiple accounts

One of the biggest advantages you can provide to your users is to access multiple accounts from the same device. So, you can consider adding this feature!

That’s a whole lot of features! As we are about to reach the end of this blog, we shall discuss the money-making methods of the Telegram clone.

Monetization methods

Paid stickers – As we have been discussing the importance of adding stickers, you can monetize through them as well. Add paid stickers!

Gaming – We had a broad discussion on integrating the gaming feature into the app. In that regard, you can also add paid games and monetize.

Money transfer – WhatsApp has recently integrated the money transfer feature. Likewise, you can add this feature and gain a certain percentage from every transaction made via your messaging app.

Advertising – One of the usual ways of monetization is selling ads. Collaborate with businesses and get paid for showcasing their ads.


So, basically, the clone app method is a shortcut to developing an app along with the perks of customizations. Though clone app scripts are pre-built, you can still splash it with some customizations. So, if you are opting for customization, use them wisely to implement the features or UI theme since customizations are added costs. On the whole, I am definite that this write-up will cheer you to launch the Telegram clone. Godspeed!


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