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Lebara Mobile is a mobile network with international calling in its center, since most of its programs, permit you to call heaps of destinations at no extra cost.

However, that’s not all it’s going for it as Lebara Mobile Also has elastic plans and a lot of coverage as it uses Vodafone since its infrastructure partner.

But, Lebara Isn’t the Perfect fit for everyone, so Continue reading below for a comprehensive summary of the community where we’ll highlight each of the negative and positive components, besides supplying you with a rundown of its coverage.



Lebara Mobile Coverage

When these amounts are big, that places Vodafone and its MVNOs (for instance, Lebara) supporting EE and Three for 4G coverage, since it is possible to see in the chart below.

However, not all networks update their personalities in exactly the specific same moment, so that these may not be completely present.

Currently extended in a huge variety of cities, towns, and towns, such as but by no means limited to:

Of thousands of cities and other communities across the UK.

Lebara Mobile 4G Coverage

Lebara Mobile hasn’t announced any 5G programs yet, nevertheless like Additional MVNOs, it will be reliant upon its infrastructure partner (in this case Vodafone) for coverage. That is no bad thing, as Vodafone provides 5G in a large number of areas, so at the time Lebara determines a 5G support (if it will) coverage might be beneficial.

Lebara Mobile uses routine 4G, which is roughly 5 times quicker than a standard 3G network.


5G Coverage

There’s not much information on Lebara’s rates, but according to OpenSignal, Vodafone’s average 4G download rate is 22.4Mbps, but its normal 4G upload rate is 8.5Mbps. Lebara’s rates maybe like it utilizes the specific same infrastructure, which will put it behind EE but ahead of O2.


Frequency & Speed of Network

Latency meanwhile is said — based on an older April 2020 report – to eventually become 39.0ms. Latency is how long the system needs to respond to a request, therefore lower amounts are a lot better here, putting Vodafone (and maybe Lebara Mobile) in a typical position.

Lebara Mobile Network

Vodafone Network

Walls, therefore it’s suitable in both rural areas (where there aren’t a lot of masts) and far more urban areas.

But, it’s not good at handling Massive numbers of connections, Also it’s a power of the 2600MHz band.

Acquire access to the 3400MHz group, and that is precisely what Vodafone uses for it.

The table above provides a synopsis of all the rings for more detailed information, take a look at our 4G frequencies manual.


Progress According to Plan

Lebara Mobile is mainly reliant on Vodafone to get Improvements, and Vodafone is growing and improving its network all the time, so that’s extremely good news.

Recent improvements in Vodafone include expanding its 5G Service, which could be sensible to Lebara if and when the latter supplies a 5G support of itself.


Traffic Managing

On the Subject of traffic management, Lebara Mobile says”We Reserve the right to take care of your use of the Network in order to shield it to the use of our clientele. We may therefore utilize traffic management controls from time to safeguard the Network.”

Therefore It Won’t get very special, but we’d envision traffic management might be executed whenever there is severe congestion, network flaws, or excessive utilization.



Lebara Mobile Plans

Lebara Top Up Plans Discount Code is Available

30 days, which makes the system more flexible in contrast to a lot of other people, as you can alter or cancel your strategy almost whenever you want.

Lebara also allows tethering and its plans allow however, there is not much in the way of further capabilities.

This is 1 spot in which Lebara Mobile stands out, as it is Numerous plans that provide you a number of minutes to call abroad jointly with, without paying extra. At the time of composing these programs normally encourage phoning to 41 different states.

At the time of writing, we can’t find any reference tethering On Lebara’s website, but many networks allow this, and Lebara definitely utilized it, therefore it does.


Calling through Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Calling isn’t supplied by Lebara Mobile. If it had been, you’d be able to make calls with Wi-Fi, with your normal dialer and SMS apps to stay in touch when there’s no indication.

VoLTE means having the capacity to make calls 4G, so it is possible to predict even though there’s absolutely no 2G or 3G signal.

Lebara Mobile also allows you to Pay As You Go at a Speed of 25p per second, 19p percent, and 9p per megabyte.

Those Rates Aren’t great but notice that If You’re calling Or calling the following Lebara amount from the UK it will be free and as its programs all last just 30 days it is possible to make your money go further by opting for one of them, without really losing the freedom and flexibility of Pay As You Go.


Customer Support

Roam around the EU free of surplus cost. Nonetheless, it notes with a couple of bundles the use of information may be subject to a fair use policy.

There have not been lots of research on Lebara Mobile’s Customer service, but one method to acquire an idea of the is to have a peek at the system’s Trust pilot test, which currently stands at 4.6/5, which can be considered as an excellent score. So according to this, it is probably one of the absolute best for customer services.



Lebara Mobile Is a Great alternative when you intend to frequently call global numbers or want to often roam in India. Furthermore, it’s a great choice in the event you merely require the flexibility of being connected into a contract — even though many distinct networks offer similar flexibility.

If you’re after extras such as VoLTE or information rollover this is not the system for you, and it doesn’t sell handsets, making it a reasonable selection for nearly all users.

Promo Code for Lebara can be readily applied as many spouses of Lebara mobile Provide plan offerings and package offers that you may apply and revel in the complimentary Coverage plans.


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