Is COVID Changing the Job Market for Software Developers?


COVID pandemic had dramatically changed everybody’s life. Completely changed the way of living. Many sectors have affected due to COVID from hotel industries, tourism to manufacturing companies. Many people lost their jobs. Nearly every industry worldwide has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The good news is that the IT industry is currently facing the issues encountered by the pandemic comparatively well, compared to other professions and industries. Read on as we go about the progression of the workforce in the pandemic for software developers.

Software development has confronted new issues both for all those who work behind the scenes as well as for those who recruit software developers, one of the few types of jobs that have enjoyed almost constant growth over recent years. But developers became more essential during the pandemic because we all relied on software even more in our day-to-day lives. As a result, many developers worked longer than usual and had to adapt to work from home and to fight their broadband internet connection.

  • High job requirement rate for software developers

Despite the number of employees in every industry who lost their jobs, there is still strong demand for employment for software developers. The development of software is among the world’s leading new salary generators. 

  • In the IT field, there is minimum unemployment

In the IT sector, the unemployment rate was also 4.2 percent. Compared with other industries and industries, this is comparatively low. To date, the only sector with a lower job rate than the IT industry is the judiciary field.

Moreover, most reductions were restricted to management positions and the demand for practical roles remains healthy. These include software developers, cloud-based engineers, development websites, DevOps, etc. We should presume that it was intended to cut costs because IT continues to be crucial to every company.

  • Now in the COVID, we have seen increased Digitalization expenditures

Digitalization has grown dramatically, speeding further requirements for software developers in the workforce. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), digital transformation is being undertaken in all key areas to address the complexity of COVID-19.

Consider the expenditure on digitalization for 2020. Services and distribution have increased by 18.6%., Financial sector by 19.9%, Infrastructure by 14.8%, Production and resources  by 15.7%, and Public Sector by 18.1%

Because the present situation is unstable, businesses must convert their digital systems to continue profiting in the ongoing global economy. Remote systems are needed to streamline work from home. You will also need to change your service models to practically support your clients and automation. In this process, software developers, cloud engineers, and DevOps are crucial and can easily locate jobs.

  • In COVID situation we can see higher IT consulting services requisites

In addition to increased engagement for software developers and other IT positions, the next digital transformation wave would also prove useful for IT consulting firms. In order to help companies transform their existing service models and to help workers embark on new processes, IT consultants should play a crucial part. Companies would not be able to guarantee the comprehensive implementation of their digital transformation solutions or IT consultants.

  • Remote work standardization is essential

With the majority of companies moving to remote work, software developers and other IT professionals have also standardized their work from home. We suggest that you mention any experience with remote working if you apply for software developer jobs. When you are invited to interview, you may also prepare yourself to answer questions about keeping your productivity at home.

  • Virtual recruitment has become the norm 

Companies often implement virtual recruitment procedures, so we encourage video interview practices. Here are a few things that you can remember:

  • Ensure that you are professionally dressed
  • Preview interview Test all your gear
  • Have a strong wifi connection
  • Use an interview with a neutral background
  • Make sure your pet does not enter your room during your interview if you do have any animals at home
  • Keep your webcam at eye level and use it while you communicate to the interviewer. 
  • Keep your stance and sitting posture straight and upright

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Trending Career Options

Business Intelligence also demanded career options along with software development. Courses that comes under Business Intelligence are-

  • Tableau – Data Visualization
  • Informatica Development –data warehousing
  • Qlikview
  • QlikSense

Beneficial factors of Business Intelligence are as follows:

● Business Intelligence gives you a practical and valued insight that will always help you.
● Business Intelligence helps the organization to gain benefits and profits.
● With Business Intelligence, you can accurately track customer behavior and demand.
● Performance standards and benchmarks help the business to grow easily.
● Data acquired is always compared with competitor’s data in BI tools.
● Market trends and facts are easily discovered with BI.
● Business Intelligence helps us discover issues and problems in advance or right in time, leading to least to no loss.
● Business Intelligence can easily predict business success.
● Business Intelligence provides well-groomed operations for business.
● BI gives data clarity and transparency, so you get clear and insightful facts related to data.
● Business Intelligence provides complete information related to data, which increases your credibility, and you become an attention seeker in the global market.
● Business Intelligence, with its tools, is an essential pillar in business.
● Business Intelligence tools vision, graphics, and insight are beneficial while making decisions.
● Companies using Business Intelligence tools grow exponentially with rocket speed


In 2020, the software developers’ employment market continued to expand. Unemployment in the IT sector was 2% until the COVID-19 pandemic. It only grew by 2.2 percent after COVID-19. Given its key role in supporting businesses in digitalization, software developers and other IT experts have maintained a comparatively high demand for IT jobs. Technology is also essential in facilitating alternatives to healthcare. We can hope that businesses continue to hire software developers, cloud engineers, and DevOps to create new and innovative customer experience technology.

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