Increase Brand Awareness with Stylish Gable Boxes

Gable boxes

Retail packaging requires creativity and strength rolled into one. Gable boxes are a new addition to the packaging family. Most products require easy transport and a stronghold to let them be taken anywhere. These boxes provide just that and a lot more.

What is gable packaging?

You must have seen firmly packed food items in unique boxes. The gable style contains steady locks on the sides and a convenient top handle. Every industry can use these boxes but the food industry is currently reaping the positives of them right now. This proves that the boxes are the best option to store perishable and sensitive items easily.

The best part, however, is not just about the built of the boxes. It has to do with the freedom that sellers have to customize the boxes as they desire. Imagine having a marketing tool that looks tailor-made to your specifications and be seen by your target audience. It would have a range of favorable impacts on your brand image.

6 prime reasons why your brand needs such packaging are mentioned below:

  1. Recycled boxes

Gable designs are made of bio-degradable materials like the Kraft stock and custom cardboard boxes, which lets the boxes be used multiple times. This makes the boxes provide many benefits such as:

  • The material is flexible to be crafted into any size.
  • It can be easily reused and reduce land waste. Customers highly prefer this feature to care for the environment.
  • Reduces costs of obtaining and using these boxes. The recyclable material is cheaper and readily available at all times.
  • Custom thicknesses can enable the boxes to store any product constructively.

The main purpose of custom designs is to ensure that they provide ample and apt coverage to the products. Customer likability is another factor that must be considered before opting for packaging. There is more than one reason why these boxes work well. Trust gable boxes to deliver the items safely while looking better than the rival brands. They have unique handles and locks to suit all products.

  1. Innovative art

Customization holds the power to let the boxes align with your ideal box type. Colors and patterns play a major role in winning customers’ attention and trust eventually. They effectively persuade buyers to try the products and be intrigued by what is inside. Artistic touch can add a superior edge to the boxes and when they convey your branding, the buyers can get a wholesome marketing experience.

As these boxes have immense areas to be styled, you can add as much info as you deem necessary. This may include:

  • Your artistically styled logo and brand title.
  • The name of the product.
  • Attractive tag lines.
  • Patterns and designs that create a distinct brand identity.

Buyers would happily remember your brand image when it is worth retaining. Many popular brands have survived stiff competition over the years due to their strong brand identity.

  1. Increase visibility

Gable boxes are innovative packaging. Your brand can be perceived as reliable and professional when products are received safely. Particularly, food items, jewelry pieces, and sensitive items need firm packaging. These boxes prevent the entry of chemicals to destroy the products!

What’s more, the boxes grab attention instantly due to their distinct construct. Your brand can be one of the few businesses that can enjoy a heavy demand owing to these boxes. This way, your products can be easily spotted even among rival brands and can be the first thing that customers see at retail stores. If you stick to generic packaging then you can miss out on a big branding opportunity. Putting effort into availing gable style boxes can reflect that you give attention to detail and care or your buyers. This aids to create a pleasant customer purchase experience.

  1. Improve brand awareness

Ever heard of Nestle? If you are not living in the wild the chances are that you must know of this brand!

Why is Nestle such a global brand that is known by almost every individual? The prime factor is that people resonate with the brand name and can trust the brand for delivering quality products. Nestle has cultivated a loyal fan following over many decades and continues to do so. People look for it when they need a particular item. What has fueled this? Undoubtedly it is a high grade of brand awareness.

Gable boxes

Your brand can imitate such successful branding with these boxes. The gable design is new and it offers protection. With so many positive elements, these boxes stick to the customers’ minds when they see the products. They are bound to read your brand logo and title when the boxes seem worth a look. Repeated viewing is bound to spread brand recognition which is key in elevating sales.

  1. Alternate advertising

Not every business has the means to go all out in brand promotions. Most are restricted by their limited finances. These boxes are made of sturdy yet affordable materials that allow your branding to shine without the need for extra digital advertising.

Many brands boost their sales through their packaging as the main source of promotions. The gable design is enough to entice shoppers and boost your brand image. A lot of marketing content can be displayed on these boxes making for portable advertising. Every inch of the boxes can be effectively utilized for this task. The front and back are spaced accordingly to keep the products safe and also to enable informative printing. The texts can be laminated and coated with various options to last longer and be resistant to moisture and wear & tear.

  1. Stand out

The whole purpose of obtaining distinguished packaging is to be different than the rest. Your branding can radiate through these boxes as long as they are displayed at store racks.

These gable boxes offer your brand a golden chance to stand tall among rival brands and let your products be noticed instantly.


These boxes improve your business repute while fitting into your finances with relevant ease. Markets lined with identical products need this extra edge for your brand to make a mark.


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