How To Understand Your Grade Of Baldness And How Hair Transplant Can Help?

How To Understand Your Grade Of Baldness And How Hair Transplant Can Help?

These days’ baldness is very common. Our lifestyle, increasing pollution and poor nutrition are the top causes that contribute our genes to increase the progression of hair loss. Here in this article you can find answers to many of your questions related to baldness and hair transplant.

What is your grade of baldness?

Doctors assess your grade of baldness with the help of Norwood classification. They name your baldness from stage I to VII. Let’s know what these grades suggest.

  • I Class: Entire hairline lies high on the forehead and is not actually balding.
  • II Class: Triangular areas of recession in the sides of frontal area and minimal recession on mid frontal area.
  • III Class: Borderline case. Deepening of triangular recession or can include thinning of hair on the vertex.
  • IV Class: Further frontal hair loss and widening of hair loss from vertex but still a wide band of hair present separating frontal and vertex hair loss.
  • V Class: Widening of frontal and vertex hair loss and continual breaking of separation line of hairs between frontal and vertex baldness.
  • VI Class: Band or bridge of hair disappear merging frontal and vertex baldness.
  • VII Class: A band of hair presents only in back and side of the head.

Self-assessment of grade of baldness?

Now as you are aware of the grades of baldness, let us know how you can self-assess your baldness. Hair graft calculator is a valuable tool available at the official website of Medispa hair transplant clinic. It helps you to identify your grade of baldness.

This tool gives you information about your stage of baldness and need of the hair density to cover the amount of baldness you have.

Hair transplant procedure and recovery

Hair transplantation is a précised surgical procedure that restores the baldness or hair thinning from facial areas or your scalp. The surgeon performs the procedure by removing the hair grafts from the donor area and then transplanting them at the desired bald area.

There are most of the people who look worried about the recovery after hair transplant. It becomes difficult to take out time from your hectic life schedule. But hair transplant is a minimally invasive surgery which definitely is easy going. You need not take bed rest for days after the procedure. In fact, you can resume your normal routine from the very next day of the procedure.

You might face few side effects like mild swelling at the forehead, itching or mild pain. But these side effects resolve within few days after the procedure. By following the precautions suggested to you by your doctor, you can easily avoid the side effects.

So it is best to consult a genuine doctor to discuss your fear and get the best suggestions.

How hair transplant can help?

Due to many benefits of the hair transplant, the procedure has gained a lot of popularity. India has become the top place to visit for hair transplant tourism. Hair transplant in Jaipur and Delhi is more popular than other parts of India. The best news is that the hair transplant cost in Jaipur is very affordable.

Medispa hair transplant clinic in Delhi and Jaipur provide world class services. We provide the facilities at par the level of renowned international clinics. Our expert advice and tailored treatment ensures you a safe and exceptional hair transplant. We are committed to our work and are religiously dedicated to provide excellent services.

Hair restoration definitely can help you in getting rid of your baldness problem. The hair transplant procedure can treat your baldness for lifetime. This is a permanent solution for your hair loss problem. You can also consider it as a onetime investment for your hair loss problem.

Hair transplantation offers you maximum hair growth with the use of the advanced techniques. Cherry on top, the results received from the procedure looks absolutely natural. Hair restoration is so far the best way of dealing with baldness.

The only key to avail the best benefits from the procedure is to choose the best clinic and doctor to perform the hair transplant.

How To Research About The Clinic Before Hair Transplantation?

Being informed is fruitful when you take any decision. Hair transplant is certainly a big step for your valuable hair. So it is important to research every aspect carefully and decide for the best results.

Presently, the hair transplant industry is facing a lot of challenges. Due to high demand there is mushrooming of hair transplant clinics in India. You can find small to huge centres providing the hair transplant services. In the midst of all, you have to find the best clinic which could be an onerous task.

Hair transplant is an elective surgery and if you are a hair loss sufferer, you can choose it at any point of hair loss. Proper patient selection and skilled performance during the surgery are the important elements for the success of the procedure. You definitely need trusted hands and exemplary facilities in the clinic to perform hair transplant.

Know about Hair Restoration and Research

Hair restoration has become hugely popular all across the globe. The cost of the procedure in western world countries are touching skies. Thus, most of the people look for alternative options to pursue hair transplant. India has been the place to go for hair transplant for the foreign clients. Delhi and Jaipur are the popular destinations for the world class hair transplant in India. Hair transplant cost in Delhi is also very affordable.

If you are looking for the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi, then Medispa hair transplant clinic is the name entitled on the top of the list of best clinics across the country.

Few hair transplant clinics in India are globally popular for their international levels of facilities. Hair transplant procedure is combination of surgical and artistic component. The success of the procedure is decided based on the surgical and artistic excellence of the surgeon. Indians are already popular for their artistic excellence. Thus, few of these Indian doctors are competent in providing extraordinary hair transplant results.

Dr Suneet Soni is one such name who is globally famous for his astonishing surgical skills and artistic excellence. He has been appreciated globally providing world class natural looking hair transplant results. Dr. Soni had introduced medispa clinic in 2005. Since then his dedication and excellence in this field has made it one of the best destinations for hair transplant across the globe.

Basics about hair transplant procedure

Hair transplant is a minimally invasive cosmetic surgery that includes the harvesting of the hair grafts from the donor sites and transplanting them at the desired bald area.

The following are the steps of the procedure:

  1. Administration of the local anesthesia at the donor and the recipient site
  2. Harvesting of the hair roots from the donor areas
  3. Preparation of the slits at the recipient site
  4. Transplantation of the hair roots at the desired bald area
  5. Post-operative instructions and scheduling of the follow ups

Hair transplant procedure is simple yet précised. The proper planning before the hair transplant is mandatory for the successful outcomes. There are two primary methods for the procedure: FUT and FUE hair transplant. These methods differ in their way of harvesting the hair roots. The careful selection of the technique by the doctor is essential for the success of the hair transplant. Thus, the foremost step to get a successful hair transplant should be the selection of the right hair transplant clinic.

How to research about the clinic before hair transplant?

We know that it is crucial to find the best clinic in order to get successful outcomes of your hair loss treatment. How do we do that?

Is this the question raising in your minds?

Here is the list of questions you need to ask yourself before choosing any hair transplant clinic for your hair loss treatment.

  1. Is the hair transplant surgeon credible?

Yes, the credentials of the surgeon matter the most when it comes to any surgical procedure. The surgeon you are choosing should have certain qualities that define their excellence. He should be highly qualified to perform the procedure. Ideally, hair transplant can be best performed by a supper specialized plastic surgeon. He should be checked for their experience. The numbers of cases performed by the surgeon should be checked. You can look for the reviews of the surgeon. The before and after pictures of the surgeon can also be checked. These parameters would give an idea of the skills and the artistic sensibility of the surgeon.

  1. Is the clinic providing best facilities?

You should be careful while selecting the clinic for hair transplant. If you are sure about the performing surgeon, you should check the facilities at the related clinic. The clinic should provide the necessary facilities and have a well-equipped operatory with all latest technology armamentarium. It should have emergency equipment on stand by for the safety of the patient during the procedure. You need to follow the hygiene protocols strictly at the clinic.

  1. Is the team associated with the clinic experienced?

You should be well aware that the clinic you are about to choose has an expert and experienced team. There must be sufficient manpower in the clinic necessary to perform hair transplant efficiently. The team should be permanent and not part time.

Book your visit today at Medispa clinic for a fabulous experience of hair transplant in Delhi or Jaipur.


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