How to Remote Installation Android Spy App

Remote Installation Android Spy App

We are living in the digital world and have access to the internet and content. After getting access to the mobile phone and smart gadgets you can know the people around you. It is threatening for kids and thrilling for employers within the usage of cell phones. In the latest era of technology, parents want to ensure about their kids and their all activities. People are curious and want to monitor their digital devices for safety concerns. They want to know all about the targeted device without physical access. However, before the monitor, anyone targeted device needs to install the app into the targeted device.

Reasons to use the android spy app remote installation

There must be several reasons to spy on the digital devices of the targeted devices. Some curious people want to know all about their targeted devices. They want to find out the illegal activities of the targeted person. But have some major reasons to find out the activities.

Spy your kid’s cell phones

It is one of the major causes of monitoring smartphones. Kids are not enough mature to understand the harmful effects of digital devices. If your kids are under 18 and spend most of their time with smartphones. It is necessary to use the monitoring application to spy on their all activities secretly.

Monitor your employee activities

In the business community, if you offering smartphones to your employees. Then you have a right to check all activities that are performed. You can monitor the kids ‘ all online activities and track their location. If your employee is doing any illegal or unethical act from the company-based smartphone you can know all about them. It allows checking their all activities and finding out the harmful aspect for the company. That’s why companies used the android spy app remote installation for the monitoring of employee’s activities.

Online safety

In the latest time of technology, people are more concerned regards this modern technology. They want to protect themselves from the negative effects of smart phones and the online world. One of the main reasons is to secure people from cyber-attacks and online fraud. This risk might be control with the use of the android spy app remote installation.

What is the most credible android spy app remote installation software?

There is a lot of monitoring applications are available that can spy the modern devices. However, TheOneSpy is the best one in the business. It is an authentic and reliable monitoring application that can track android monitor devices. The application empowers users to gather information from the target device remotely; after successful installation. It protects kids from the harmful effects of the online world. It gives an opportunity to secretly monitor all data of the targeted devices.

Which features offered by TheOneSpy android spy app remote installation

  • Call recording
  • SMS monitoring
  • Spy the browsing history
  • Track the GPS location
  • Social media monitoring
  • Android control app
  • Screen recording
  • Screenshots

Is it possible to spy on android phones remotely?

It is one of the most rising questions about the use of monitoring software that can monitor the targeted devices remotely. You need to know that no one can install a spy app on cell phone without physical access. Many applications claim that they can install the apps without getting physical access to smartphones.

When you choose the monitoring applications should be clear that this app couldn’t spy the android phones remotely. You need to install the application into the targeted device.  No application can do this. So, don’t become foolish, while choosing the cell phone spy app. it is necessary to track the all-digital devices with the proper installation.

How to install the android spy app?

It is necessary before you start monitoring smart gadgets.  Before you choose this app just need to know the installation procedure.

Check the official page

You need to visit the official page of TheOneSpy for selecting the android spy app remote installation.

Subscribe the app

Now, you need to subscribe to the android app for further monitoring.

Received email

It’s time to receive an email of ID and password for login into the monitoring app.

Get physical access

Now you need to get physical access to the targeted device for installing TheOneSpy app. you couldn’t spy the android devices without proper installation of this app.

Get access to the web portal

Now, you can get access to the web portal of the TheOneSpy app. after login into the web portal. You can monitor the android phones and download the files.

Worried About Teen’s Grades Use Parental Control App

Technology especially cellphones have started playing the role of a villain in teenager’s life. Especially when we talk about how they affect the usual study plans and grades of an average student. There is no denial in the fact that the use of the internet and gadgets has improved the academic facilities but unfortunately, it has also become the biggest distraction as well.

You will sit for study and the first thing that will come to the mind is send a snap. Then there is a chance that you may get interested in an Instagram post, a random chat in a WhatsApp group so on and so forth. The time you will get back to the reality 2-3 hours would have been spent in useless browsing. This is a sad reality this age teenager has to face and conquer by themselves. Well, technically no need to make them handle such a big responsibility on their own you as a parent can also provide great assistance.

A normal custom way would be just don’t let them go near the smartphone during the studying period. Not applicable and impractical right?. Then the next best thing you can do is get one of the best parental control apps for iPhone or android and monitor the teenager remotely. It is a practical way to handle such sensitive matters.

Don’t worry they will not know about anything. TheOneSpy can keep your secret thus you can focus on the child’s cellphone distraction and study plans.

The best method to minimize the negative drastic effects of cellphone addiction in teenagers is the use of the best monitoring app.

Here is how can help you get rid of cellphone obsession in teenagers.

For YouTube Addicts:

YouTube is one of the biggest hubs of videos of all kinds. People switch to Youtube videos if they don’t know about anything. According to figures

  • 51% of users use the YouTube platform to learn about new things.

It is an encouraging state but the time wasted on the next 10/20 random videos nullifies the importance of the newly learned fact or skill. Sometimes the autorun setting of Youtube makes you hooked up to the useless videos loop for hours. If your teenager is one of them then no need to worry anymore. The best parental control app for iPhone offers a YouTube screen recording feature for parents. You can watch all the YouTube streaming activities of your kid easily by using this feature. You can know about the channel uploads and can find out about any adult content being watched on the video platform.

For Instagram Maniacs:

Instagram is another big diversion in a student’s life. It is tough for teenagers to ignore colorful and attractive filters and cool photoshoots they can do while group studying. The hashtags make it more fun. Don’t let me get started about the thrive for best and most cool hashtag update. Anyway, I am sure some of your kids may fall into this category. For those, you can simply use the Instagram spy app. It let the user know about the time spent on the Instagram app. You can watch their posts and stories and can even have access to the inbox as well.

For SnapSteaks Freaks:

I have been told by a teenager that the longest streak record he has is of 500 days. Well, imagine sending a photo for 500 days without any break. Sounds kind of duty right? But teenagers don’t seem to think like that. The Snapchat spy app lets the parents know about the content shared through the platform. So know if the kid spends time on the app instead of studying with friends. Al the timestamp information makes it easy for parents to keep a track of activities.

For IM’s Chatters:

Instant messenger chat app with colorful emojis and stickers is the new cool replacement of custom methods of texting. Monitor the teen’s chatting habits with the WhatsApp spy app, Line spy app, Viber spy app, Telegram spy app, and more.

The best parental control app for iPhone and android TheOneSpy offer a real-time screen monitoring feature as well.


We try to clear your mind regarding the remote installation in this article. You cannot spy on any android device without getting physical access.  Keep in mind that you cannot spy on any smart device without installing the software. For this purpose, we tell you TheOneSpy monitoring application that can use for android devices.


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