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 Free Academic Websites for Personalized Learning Experience

You don’t need to attend Ivy League schools in this hi-tech age to get a world-class education. But, thanks to the internet, many academic institutions and assignment help services now offer a range of courses online to help students pursue higher education  learning without worrying about the pocket pinch.

Most of us follow the typical education trajectory – school, college, and university to establish careers in different sectors. But, no matter what job you choose, there’s no limit to learning. You can advance with various courses and certification programs without heavy investments.

Online academic websites have opened doors to endless opportunities for learners across an array of domains. These courses are approved by top universities and taught by certified educational professionals. Whether it’s Assignment help, study resources, or  assistance, these websites are a plethora of study resources.

Along with the free study courses, there’re several other benefits that a learner can enjoy with online learning platforms. For instance:

  • Students enjoy the flexibility and self-paced learning with an online program. Individuals have the opportunity to study at their own pace without it interfering with their professional activities.
  • Juggling studies, family, and work allows students to develop better time management skills, one of the most sought-after skills in any industry.
  • By completing a course online, students demonstrate self-motivation, engagement, and dedication to learn independently and explore new opportunities.
  • Learning on virtual platforms allows students to develop leadership and communication skills. As the program progresses, students get better at pitching their ideas through written texts.
  • Online learning platforms connect students with people from different backgrounds from around the globe. It builds cultural awareness and sparks creativity among students.
  • Pursuing an online course facilitates critical thinking and technical skills. Digital learning resources require students to get familiar with various learning and technological tools and software for academic and project management.

So you see, whether you are a school student or a professional, the internet has a lot to offer. Best of all, you can get excess to some of the best websites utterly free of cost. Below I have listed out ten online platforms that offer both fee-based and free courses.

Let’s get started then!

10 Digital Platforms that Offer Top-Quality Education

  1. Coursera

Coursera is a famous website among students for a massive range of online courses.  It partners with universities and different professional organizations to offer students lessons on various topics and subjects. Some of the courses are also recognized by top universities, and students receive certificates of completion.

Coursera allows students to learn anytime, anywhere and currently has over 60 million learners. Whether you are looking for general courses or specialization, the virtual learning platform offers excellent facilities. Here, paid courses to range from $29 to $99 while degrees can go up to $25,000 for three years.

  1. Udemy

Udemy is a powerful learning tool that offers a wide range of custom courses, from digital marketing to graphic designing. The website has over 295 million enrolments and allows students to access over 100,000 million online courses and 22 million minutes of video instruction.

The website dramatically emphasizes top-notch quality content to develop new skills and achieve their learning goals. Although the courses are somewhat similar to other online platforms, Udemy allows students to make custom courses. Available in 45+ languages, Udemy is used by top businesses to train their employees to match the competitive market.

  1. edX

edX collaborates with over 130 partners, including Dartmouth, Brown University and Georgetown University and seeks to remove the three common challenges – cost, access, and location. It is a global non-profit and offers 2400 courses to over 20 million learners.

On edX, you can browse video tutorials, video learning lessons and access the online discussion forum where you can post your queries and receive quick assistance from top educators worldwide. You can continue learning different areas and hone additional skills without paying any additional costs.

  1. Skillshare

Skillshare is another popular academic platform that offers more than 29,000 classes in business, tech, design, and more. The learning community has more than seven million learners, and the lessons are created and taught by academic experts.

At Skillshare, you don’t just gain extensive lessons and new skills but also get to connect with a large community, gain a comprehensive understanding of the different subject matters, and explore new opportunities. You will find great free courses and premium level courses. Furthermore, there are scholarships or low-cost trials to help everyone enjoy learning.

  1. Udacity

Udacity has revolutionized a student’s learning and offers top-quality education in emerging technical courses like Artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Apart from numerous programming courses, the platform allows students to create courses on business, marketing, design and so on, both for free or a nominal course fee.

All the courses available at Udacity are curated by genuine industry experts who entirely focus on helping students develop in-demand skills. This platform is ideal for students looking to enter the tech world. All their training programs include many exercises, which are then reviewed by the subject experts, helping students learn effectively.

  1. Codecademy

Codecademy is ‘THE’ platform for aspiring and programming experts to learn multiple programming languages. The website teaches you to create codes for creating interactive websites using PHP, Python, HTML, JavaScript, etc., using various interactive tools within the browser.

Most courses are free and can be completed in just about 12 hours. The website is the go-to option for 45 million learners looking to master data science, web development, and computer science. Codecademy also features a dashboard to help students organise their lessons into modules and monitor progress.

  1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy needs no introduction among learners who use online study websites for a personalized learning experience. It is a non-profit organization aiming to provide free, world-class education to students and bridge the learning gap.

All programs are student-centric and cover math K-12, science, history, SAT, and more to help learners gain an extensive understanding of the subjects. This free platform is suitable for students, teachers, and parents and gives direct access through an app or website. In addition, the content, built-in learning videos and learning exercises are available in multiple languages to boost students’ engagement and meet their needs.

  1. Code

Code is another website that is dedicatedly focused on programming and app writing. The platform has kid-friendly courses to inspire them to code and explore various technical topics, including app writing, JavaScript, and robotics.

Most of the courses are designed to help students learn in the traditional learning setting to use the platform to find study resources for more complicated coding topics and curate courses according to their learning speed.

  1. General Assembly

General Assembly is the pioneer of online education and career development programs. Students can transform their learning experience and get ahead in their careers with multiple training programs especially curetted by industry experts in digital marketing, coding, data analytics, and more.

At General Assembly, there are courses based on full-time and part-time to help professionals and aspiring students cultivate in-demand skills and receive training to fit into the requirement of the current market scenario and flourish.

  1. Alison

Alison is a fantastic platform for many online courses designed by experts from leading institutions and organizations. The website boasts 20 million learners from different work sectors, from business to health and personal development.

Completely free to use, learners can sign up for any programs. For certifications and diplomas, they have paid programs rich in content to broaden students’ subject knowledge. With over 20 million learners, 3.5 million graduates, and 3000+ courses, students can enroll from 195 countries and get trained only by the best in the industry.

Final Note

With so many brilliant academic websites available for free, learning and boosting new skills and knowledge has become more accessible. Whether you are interested in a certificate course or a degree course, these sites are a powerful tool when it’s about getting world-class education without spending a fortune. With these resources, you can build skills and improve your resume, and advance in your area of interest.

Harness the potential of digital academic platforms

In today’s world, it would rather be foolery if you choose to sit back at home and simply read through the textbook pages. The world has come a long way with digital academic platforms changing the face of education. So, if you consider studying at home, then how about leveraging the potential of digital academic forums to ease your burden and carry out tasks seamlessly?

If you are new to this concept and wondering how to utilize the fullest potential of online assignment help assistance providers, here’s everything you need to know.

  • Conduct a thorough background survey and figure out a couple of reliable names in this domain.
  • Now, shortlist the ones that hold a good reputation in terms of timely solutions, non-plagiarized papers, student-friendly perks and discounts.
  • Simply choose the platform that suits your niche best and sign up for academic assistance.
  • Here, you can seek help for assignment stringencies, read through academic blogs and samples for free.
  • Also, you get to use free tools such as plagiarism checker, word counter, paraphraser and the likes.

Thus, all in all, you get to enjoy comprehensive assistance from the comfort of your home. Isn’t it amazing? It truly is. So, the next time if you wonder, “Will my professor rate my paper well if I manage my studies from home?”, you know what you have to do.

Stay updated with the latest research topics

Since you are in college, you should be learning more about scholarly topics, PhD journals and other research works. So, make it a point to stay updated with the latest research works and topics in your stream of specialization.

Well, here are a few suggested topics you may consider exploring.

  • Are elderly people always correct in what they decide or advise?
  • The global impact of the pandemic and what the future looks like?
  • The odds of drug abuse? How to tackle the social evil and gift the young generation a new tomorrow?
  • Critically analyze three protagonists and antagonists in Shakespearean plays
  • What adversities are associated with childhood trauma and how does it affect the victims later during adulthood?
  • Can raising the minimum wage help in economic development across struggling nations?
  • How third world countries can prevent ecological catastrophes? Elaborate on the topic with relevant examples

Author Bio:

Jack Harrington is a full-time software developer and a part-time online tutor based in Australia. Having worked at some of the best organizations in the country, Jack has brilliant subject knowledge and professional skillsets. During the weekends, he guides students with assignments and helps them with coding via, a premium quality academic website on request.




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