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let’s go back to talking about aid techniques for our elders those little people to whom we owe almost all although we do not forget and they are in a moment when maybe i know find unstable and what they need they are aids for walking aids for walk then maybe the two that there are more common walking  canes like the one I have in my hand and the walkers comfortable for much today I I would like to focus on telling you a little secrets of the canes that we will get with the help and the support of a cane because we are going to manage to unload part of the weight of the body therefore the person is going to find safer and that’s going to do that is more autonomous is perhaps a person who does not dare to get up for lack of security of a seat to move to a service then with a cane we will get it to be able to do it alone not only that are also used in cases where there is any fractured joint of a limb or injured such as a hip or it can be a knee or ankle What happens that in this case the cane will always be positioned on the side contrary to that of the limb that is injured unless the doctor tells us indicate otherwise but if not yes and the person will have to learn to handle to move with him we will really see What parts does a good cane not consist of? because the cane has a handle handle that can be curved as you see in this case it looks like a cane of the people of the whole life not one a cookie they called I believe not or in form of tea of ​​this type has to be wide enough and with enough surface area for the person can safely grab it from the grip itself and indeed the shape holding it has a certain intricacy and you see me I have the index finger by the short part and holding in front this shape and this would be correct what would not be correct would be the walking stick only in the area of ​​the long tee of the curvature this would produce instability therefore we will support the hand always.

The most part long goes back the long tee and we always go to the hilt of this way or with your finger to the lengthened or flexed in the area front then after the grip we are going to find it which is the whole body of the  can be made of wood In general they are either made of wood or metal material in this case aluminum and this bar can be if it is made of wood or metal sometimes does not what being extensible doesn’t have to be dimmable then we will have to cut it to the height that we will now see How will we measure that height for each patient and in the aluminum case many times we have the possibility of that this cane has this system that it is an extensible system simply pressing we will be able to graduate to that length of the cane to give bigger or smaller according to the height of the person that we are now going to see we also have in this in the body of the cane there is in some cases like in this in which we can meet sticks that have this effect as suspension to even make the march is more comfortable when we support against the ground all the way down in the cane the third part that forms it is the block is this this this rubber block for me is a fundamental piece of the cane and we have to be continuously checking why these tacos being continuously impacting the ground and on many occasions because I know dragged by their own way of walking wear out and then in the case of metal sticks bring out the metal eye with that because the cane is a walking aid if I put one metal area that slides on the part of down the person is going to trust is going to throw the weight on the cane and we will get the opposite effect is going to slip therefore we have to review periodically review that These studs are in good condition. spent if not please can you go


to the establishment then if you have come here come and we can change you the taco at the moment in which it is worn out we have small accessories also like this one that you have seen in es that I am passionate about this cane is a cute has the handle imitating mother of pearl we have here as an ornament of brilliants imagine it is that we have very diverse people in the world and there are older people who like it go impeccable super groomed super made up and that probably the accessory they like to wear too to aid walking Well, go according to your outfit and for me this is ideal this little accessory that It is a strap to be able to insert the doll looks silly comes with a elastic easy to put on and take off but not it is because if I have the cane in the hand and continuously well then I stop by example to run an errand and I have to buy a ticket for the tram then I need to use my hands to put them in the bag and people older people always have to walk looking for places to support the cane most likely in the end that stick slipping ends on the ground and it will be worse because on top of that the older person you’re going to have to bend over if you don’t have to no one around to help you so this accessory seems to me indispensable nothing is noticeable and we can wear it permanently on the wrist and now the crux of the matter one cannot and say then come on I bought a cane online, no we have to adapt what to adjust it to the height of the person and how we do so we are going to ask the ideal is than height counting on the grip included either at the level of the trunk of the truck before the femur and that is usually more or less like about two inches per under the hipbone all we have a little trick that what we do is position we turn it around to the cane and position the person with the hands the arms to both sides relaxed the outstretched arm and then we make the cane reach the doll of the person if you see me here I would need a little more height because then because the position is important let’s an exaggerated thing you are going to see me with an exaggeratedly short cane so that Let’s see if this can really do me work or not if I put the cane very short how many grandparents have you seen by the street they walk you and they go totally curved with that hump is because the cane they are wearing is not playing the role What should he do to them? This is going to do to us Well muscle overload problems also standing stool we have to stand upright by So now I’m going to do the opposite this one for example that is too high for no lengthen this if you look at me here I have my arm too much my elbow too flexed and this what is going to happen that I’m not going to be able to put all the weight on, no I will be able to unload all the weight that I’m interested in walking so if we put the cane too much long can lead to slips and since we do not support where let’s download everything we need then we will always look for the correct posture that as indicated goes to be with the hip, sorry I’m going with arms outstretched let’s get now he’s hooked on me and he doesn’t love me leave because this is foldable that has taught us what I’m going to show by the way what they are foldable and they are wonderful come lengthens let’s see I’ve already passed this is strength which has one I have already achieved if you look at it I give back to the cane and now I have You can see Miriam, yes I have the length of the cane right at the height of my wrist then look what a different posture my elbow is slightly bent and I’m going upright, I’m going to walk in a way standing upright with the cane this would be the right way think that when they are not adjustable and are made of wood we can cut them and here we can do that adjust something else that is curious not I have explained the body of the cane is that there are models that are foldable is say we can reduce them almost almost to their minimal expression look in what way so easy and comfortable I fold it up and I could put it in any bag is worth if in a moment given I am not interested in carrying it in my hand and to reopen it is so simple like this


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