How to Buy Japanese Used Cars?


When you buy cars from Japan, you can ensure phenomenal build quality and peppy engine performance. The interesting fact is that these qualities are prevalent among used cars as well. As a result, these vehicles are much sought after among quality-conscious car buyers the world over.

Know about the car costs

You may be tempted to see the sticker prices when you decide to buy cars from Japan. However, this can be tricky. The cost is just the base price and not even the cost you need to pay to take it out of the showroom. Some key costs here include

1 – The road-worthiness inspection or Shaken certificate

2 – Registration and insurance costs

3 – Automobile tax

4 – Weight tax

5 – Name transfer charges

How to find and buy a car in Japan?

The process may look tedious, but the value from initial due diligence will stay with you for many years. Hence it is advised to follow through on all the steps listed below to find a worthy car in Japan

1 – Research online

As compared to a single dealership, the online site will have a far bigger listing of used cars in Japan. This way, you can expand your choices and then zero in on a car that helps meet your specific needs. This is why we recommend starting with online research on the web. It will be challenging to finalize a good car unless you know what is available out there. So get online and review the listings on dependable sites like Bizupon. They have a wide assortment of pre-owned cars in different categories like SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks, or crossovers. They stock popular auto brands like Nissan, Suzuki, Mazda, Toyota, and Honda. Thus, you get a broad range of options to pick from.

2 – Check the shaken

The shaken system checks if the car is worthy of being driven. The high-quality benchmarks placed by shaken laws mean that car owners have to maintain their cars in top condition in order to pass the shaken certification. The good news is that many car owners tend to sell their cars before the mandatory shaken inspection is due. As a result, for a used car buyer, he can be assured that well-maintained cars are being introduced into the dealership stocks. Plus, the mandatory inspection of these used cars further elevates the level of satisfaction buyers get when they purchase used cars in Japan.

3 – Buy from a dealer

Japan’s language, customs, and geography would be totally different from yours. Hence it makes sense to talk with a dealership that has a stronghold of the Japanese used car space. Such a company can communicate in the local language and ensure total quality checks on your behalf before the car is shipped from Japan to your home country. They will handle most of the leg work and documentation needed to transfer the used car ownership from the previous owner to you. All you need to do is point to the car that you like and intimate the dealership to begin processing after putting down a nominal deposit on the same. The rest of the groundwork will be carried out by the dealership, thus assuring you of a smooth, hassle-free process.

To sign off

Buying a used car in Japan will be smart thinking on your part. You can get it a lot cheaper than new cars without compromising the safety, performance, or quality aspects. Make sure to get in touch with s used car dealer like Bizupon to fulfill the purchase process. They will help you procure your dream car directly from Japan and complete all formalities needed to ship the car from the Japanese port to your home country port. Contact us today and get started.


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