How to be prepared to fight against an Erectile Dysfunction


How to be prepared to fight against an Erectile Dysfunction

Several men around the globe have lost their freedom to have a healthy sex life. this is because of sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and decreased desire to have sex. The number of men suffering from these problems is increasing at a very fast pace. This can be because of the stressful and unhealthy lifestyle that we are living. The modern lifestyle is filled with stress induced by project deadlines and monthly dues. added to this are the unhealthy diet that we consume and the lack of daily exercise. All these are the reasons behind the decline of our reproductive and overall health. 

What is ED?

Erectile dysfunction is the most common sexual disorder that affects millions of men worldwide.  In this, a man finds it difficult to get and maintain a hard erection during sexual intercourse with their partner. in most cases, ED is not the complete loss of erection but the erection is not hard enough for pleasurable sexual intercourse. this restricts the man from lasting long on the bed and hence it becomes very difficult for the couple to fulfill their sexual desires. 

Why ED happen?

While stress is the biggest cause of erectile dysfunction, it can be caused by a combination of physiological and psychological disorders. It can be a result of performance-related anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. ED can also be caused by the inability of penile muscles to relax properly under the influence of brain signals. Other reasons like the lack of exercise and unhealthy diet are also responsible for ED. this is because a fat dominant diet can be very unhealthy for your cardiovascular health. High lipid profile can increase the probability of a person developing vascular problems like arteriosclerosis which can restrict the blood flow towards the penis.

ED treatment?

the awareness about this topic has increased in the last few decades and many advancements in the field of medicinal science have also been made in the same period. Today, a wide variety of ED treatment medicines are available in the market. ED treatment pills like cenforce 150 have made it very easy and convenient to tackle this problem. Cenforce 150 is one of the doctor’s most recommended products and it is helping a lot of men to regain their lost confidence and esteem by allowing them to have pleasurable sexual intercourse. 

How to be prepared to fight against an Erectile Dysfunction

Cenforce 150 is a generic medicine that is used for its ability to ensure the proper filling of blood in the penis during erection. cenforce 150 contains a very potent drug called sildenafil citrate that belongs to the class of PDE type 5 inhibitors. Sildenafil citrate controls the erection process by indirectly controlling the degradation of cGMP in our body. it aids the erection process by increasing the ability of penile muscles to relax and increasing the blood flow towards the penis. it should be kept in mind that the effects of Cenforce 150mg on the erection process will only be initiated under the influence of an external sexual stimulus. 

Precaution & warning?

The use of sildenafil citrate for the treatment of erectile dysfunction is an FDA-approved approach. It has no major side effects when used in therapeutic doses. However, some minor side effects like headaches and stomach upset are seen in some cases. This is the best way to treat ED if you know how to use ED treatment pills. Some key points that you must keep in mind while taking cenforce 150 are mentioned below. 

  • It is usually taken empty stomach with a glass full of water. 
  • A minimum gap of 30 minutes between dose and sexual activity is essential because the tablet takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour to get dissolved in the bloodstream and start showing its effects on the erection process. 
  • You must avoid taking cenforce 150 under the influence of heavy alcohol intake as it can nullify the effects of sildenafil citrate and also increase the chances of toxicity. 
  • You must avoid the use of cenforce 150 if you are taking any medicines that can potentially interact with it. For example, nitrates are a group of medicines that are used for treating anginal chest pain but they can also interact with cenforce 150 and produce a sudden drop in blood pressure. 
  • You must avoid the use of cenforce 150 if you are facing pre-existing medical conditions like cardiovascular diseases and GIT ulcers. This is because cenforce 150 can interfere with the blood flow and relaxant ability of smooth muscles. This can lead to negative impacts and make the problems worse. 
  • You must never take an overdose of cenforce 150 as it can cause a situation of prolonged and painful erections. 

Effects of cenforce 150 in erection can last for about 4 hours. It is a wide enough time window for you to spend some pleasurable moments with your partner and fulfill your and your partner’s sexual desires.

 Cenforce is a generic product and it contains the same active ingredient that is present in the famous blue pill called Viagra. they both have the same efficacy and mode of action inside the human body. but cenforce is available at a very affordable price range which gives it an edge over the branded ED treatment pills. With cenforce 150, you can start the treatment of your erection problem conveniently without burning holes in your pocket. 

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