How Box Manufacturers Help Deliver Sustainable Apparel Packaging?

box manufacturers

A leading environmental impact study has revealed that the footwear and apparel industry generates about 5% to 10% of the global pollution effect. With an increasing proportion of customers demanding sustainable packaging, brands need to put more thought into creating neat apparel boxes by employing expert box manufacturers.

From how efficiently the apparel items are packaged to the very composition of the packaging boxes themselves, there are many unclaimed opportunities for apparel brands to reduce costs while lowering their negative impact on the climate. Oversized boxes contain too much extra air that takes up more than required shipping space as well as costs. Picking the right box size cares for the materials utilized by using less natural resources for box production and transportation.

Moreover, using weaker boxes can cause damage and create the need for more boxes that don’t sit well with the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ motto. These avoidable costs are adding stress to the already pressurized profit margin of the apparel industry while being hazardous to the environment. Governments have pledged to tackle pollution and aim for industries to reduce their carbon footprints or pay up fines. This makes it even more significant to invest in greener packaging more now than ever.

However, the real challenge for brands is to adhere to these specifications and lower their total expenditures without compromising on the packaging quality offered to the customers. Above all, exceptional packaging plays a large role in brand recognition and improving annual sales. How can brands effectively achieve reduced pollution targets while being more visible to customers through their packaging?

Doing all this may seem a little too overwhelming but box makers make life simpler by taking care of all intricacies of sustainable apparel packaging. We have defined some functional aspects of these expert box designers and creators.

Box makers help tell companies a greener brand story

The packaging is the face of the brand; agree? It must feel and look as per the brand’s core objectives. If sellers wish to present, the business as a responsible entity committed towards the environment then the apparel boxes must also show it.

According to a study, 72% of customers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging. Regardless of the distribution channel, the boxes are the first point of contact between the sellers and buyers. The customers tend to determine the brand’s value as soon as they see its packaging.

Box designers give a plethora of sustainable material options for the boxes. Starting with corrugated, cardboard, rigid, and Kraft, each stock paper is not only eco-friendly but also strong enough to store and transport the items. The expert designers measure the products’ size and create boxes that are an apt fit; not too big nor too small. The perfect size holds the content properly without the risk of damage or compression.

Next, the experts use material thicknesses depending on the apparel’s nature. Shoes and certain accessories require stiffer boxes that don’t bend easily. Otherwise, the shape of the products can get distorted while shipping.

Ethical supply chain

A lack of communication with supply chain partners is bound to result in damaged deliveries and eventually replacements, which means repeated transport.

Being in touch with the involved partners ensures better control over the supply chain and moving towards the goal of a sustainable future in the apparel industry. We live in an increasingly connected world and there can’t be any excuse for not dwelling in effective communications with the desired parties.

Box designers ensure that an apt box space is allocated to printing important guidelines to customers and stakeholders. These contain:

  • Storage guidelines. Certain apparel items need specific environments to stay secure. Mentioning these on the boxes is a clever way of ensuring that the packaging stays intact.
  • Operating instructions. The courier companies can read off the handling tips to treat the boxes accordingly. It helps to save time and costs by printing all the content on the box covers.
  • Apparel items are tagged with dry cleaning instructions too. When customers use the products in the right manner, there would be fewer complaints and need for refunds, fueling lesser transport requirements

Hiring professional box manufacturers works best to comply with reducing excessive energies whether during shipping or while box production.

The Amazon effect

E-commerce brands have a new benchmark to adhere to and this pertains to the packaging offered by Amazon and eBay.

Selling through Amazon is convenient but the packaging has to be up-to-the-mark. Box makers ensure that the packaging boxes are created in line with the stated guidelines. A failure to do so might land the apparel brand in trouble due to returned packaging causing significant loss of time and resources.

Reusable packaging is bound to find its way to an expanded customer base. Amazon surely has a commendable approach to marketing and the boxes can help sell more stock if made as per the desired quality and structure. Professional box designers are the right people to guide you on attaining this packaging benchmark without over-drying financial resources and worrying about replacements.

Additionally, improving the quality of the overall packaging boxes, even when not selling through Amazon, helps to be at par with international packaging standards. Customers highly appreciate premium packaging that is also reusable. It extends a favorable brand image that prompts more sales.

Meeting the customers’ expectations

The modern digital world has evolved customers’ tastes and made them more aware of their surroundings. They now know of the available apparel options and brand choices.

Going green in packaging helps the brand to be in sync with buyers’ demands while being proficient in styling the boxes as per the brand image.

The materials stated above are compatible with modern printing technologies. It means that brands can showcase their values and objectives on the boxes in any creative way deemed appropriate by the sellers. They can use this window to convey their ethical production processes too along with a host of positive brand working ethos. Reducing the need for extra marketing costs and detailing, the boxes can overcome the brand’s needs for rigorous advertising on costly platforms.

Customers want their packaging to last with the life of the products and even beyond. Sustainable boxes have the ability to remain in shape for a durable time frame and keep reinstating the brand image to the customers. It helps to spark customer loyalty and the impulsive need to collect more of the packaging boxes for alternate uses.

We all order from brands that give us premium packaging with the apparel items. This seems like a value-added element that customers highly appreciate and consider before buying apparel products. Apparel products need dynamic packaging for every occasion. True box manufacturers create sustainable packaging boxes that elevate brand sales.

Custom boxes

Giving repeatable shopping feel

Customers look forward to shopping, whether physically at stores or through online portals. How can brands effectively do so?

The packaging marks as an important point of contact and conveys a host of brand info that compels customers to reorder. Many unboxing videos are currently the new trend on YouTube and social media platforms. Customers post their positive shopping experiences, encouraging others to do the same.

Sustainable packaging materials are made of unique branding features. Custom boxes made from sturdy materials support custom box designs including external accessories like ribbons, handles, and creative locks. These all combine to give a personalized packaging feel to the buyers and adds to the brand’s value perception.

Repeated purchases keep the business going. Competition in the apparel industry is tense with brands coming up with new additions for every occasion and season. Keeping pace with it is viable with sustainable packaging that keeps the contents safe and reduces costs at the same time.

How to get started?

Professional box makers are just a click away!

You don’t have to visit their office in person, every custom detailing can be added or picked from the comfort of your working space. Getting sustainable and appealing packaging can become convenient when working with pro box makers. They employ the best printing and box-making methods to ensure that the brand gets good value for money. Custom designs, as well as sellers’ own ideas, are incorporated to produce unique boxes that stand apart from the crowd.

The following steps define how brands can get on with the apparel packaging creation:

  1. Determine the number of boxes needed. Getting packaging in bulk is cheaper and is more resource-friendly.
  2. Outline the customer type. Every apparel product has a specific customer group it caters to. Knowing this helps in designing the boxes likewise for better visual appeal.
  3. Set achievable budget. Custom box options help to cut corners and fit into the set total costs. Box makers can implement box features that go well with the stated cost outlines.
  4. Market the brand on the boxes. Creative patterns and individual branding add zest to the packaging boxes and compel customers to buy on a loop.


Settling for sustainable apparel packaging is the current need of the industry. Using the help of expert box manufacturers ensures that the business gains favorable brand repute.


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