How an Uber for movers app helps entrepreneurs lead the logistics industry


We are currently living in a fast-paced world and people will demand fast services even for relocation of their homes and offices. This is where an Uber for movers app steps in. Mini-vans and trucks are used to transport any kind of product to different locations. The charges will be generally levied per hour depending on the type of goods to be transferred and the distance to be covered. 

Analyzing the major reasons behind the rising popularity of On-demand movers app development

  • The scalability of the business is quite high. The Uber-like app for movers can be started in one nation initially and then expanded internationally depending on the plans of the entrepreneur.
  • A significant market share can be grabbed while launching the services through discounts and offers. This gives entrepreneurs a competitive edge over other players in the logistics industry. 
  • Real-time fleet management ensures that entrepreneurs coordinate the activities of drivers and delivery executives efficiently resulting in better business prospects. 
  • The entrepreneur will find it very easy to hire gig workers for performing moving and packing services as they function on a contract basis at competitive wages. It is cost-effective for the on-demand movers app when compared to recruiting full-time employees. 

Who are the big players in the Packers and Movers industry currently?

  • Nippon Express – The Japanese logistics giant offers various solutions like Do it Yourself (DIY) packing, domestic moving, and assistance in the transfer of automobiles and musical instruments. They also take care of getting clearances from customs authorities for the import and export of products. Transportation of goods can be air, rail, road, and sea. 
  • Crown Relocations – The company which is based in Hong Kong facilitates seamless relocation services to more than 58 countries for customers. A personal move manager is available 24×7 to take care of the whole relocation process. Their different solutions are the provision of warehouses, packing of various products, transit protection, ensuring secure storage facilities, and pet relocation. 
  • Atlas Van Lines – It is a leading player in the USA providing residential and commercial packing and moving services to 140 nations. A fleet of agents takes care of packing the goods, transporting furniture and automobiles, and storage of products.

Examining the different revenue streams from the Packers and movers app solution

Subscription plans

The entrepreneur can earn huge revenue from subscription plans (monthly and yearly) offered to the customers as per their packing and moving needs.


Publishing targeted advertisements related to trucking and logistics. It is posted after analyzing the likes and preferences of the users. The revenue will increase if there are more clicks and views for the promotional videos and sponsored posts.

Delivery charges

It can be imposed as a fixed rate depending on the distance covered by the delivery executive and driver. The delivery fees can rise if packing and moving services are provided to rural areas and remote locations especially on public holidays.

Order cancellation fees

If the customers happen to cancel their packing and moving requests at the last minute, the admin of the Uber for relocation app has the right to impose cancellation charges. This is done as the logistics executives will take some time to get a new booking or service request. 

Transaction processing charges

All transactions processed via the in-built payment gateway of the Uber-like app for movers will be charged with a corresponding fee depending on the total amount. 

The common types of services available in an Uber for relocation app

  • Domestic shifting – It includes the transfer of offices, factories, products, household items, and automobiles across different cities in a country. 
  • International relocation – It covers the secure shifting of household items and office property to multiple countries. Knowledgeable professionals ensure efficient freight management and timely clearance from customs authorities. Shipping and air transport facilities are available. 
  • Warehouse facilities – State-of-the-art warehouses are available for the safe storage of goods. They are equipped with 24×7 surveillance cameras, fire extinguishers, and other safety measures.  
  • Packing – Depending on the nature of the product, suitable packing materials will be used to safeguard it against any damage and pilferage. Thermocol, paper, and cardboard sheets are utilized along with boxes, cartons, and crates of different sizes. 
  • Moving – Dedicated professionals take care of pre-move and post-move planning across various locations by following a detailed checklist. Photos of all the products are taken during moving to prevent any loss or theft. 
  • Loading and unloading – Skilled laborers ensure proper loading and unloading of the goods from the time of dispatch till it reaches the right destination. 
  • Insurance protection – To avoid any kind of risk and uncertainty, insurance will be provided to customers against incidents like fire, accidents, and other emergencies. Insurance provides 100% coverage for all the products in transit. 

The core features of an on-demand movers app 

  • A social media login option – The users must be easily able to register on the Uber-like app for movers by integrating their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. 
  • A live chat facility – Customers can easily interact with the movers and packers through the real-time chat option. They can also do voice and video calling without any restrictions. 
  • An advanced price calculator – The price of the moving and packing services is charged depending on various factors like the total weight of the consignment, distance to be covered, the value of the goods, and the trends in market demand and supply. 
  • Real-time tracking of goods – Both active and passive RFID tags are attached to each product in transit to ensure real-time tracking and safety of inventory. The admin gets access to the latest data through the transmission of signals. Sensors along with power backup are also provided. 
  • Instant generation of digital invoices – Cumbersome paperwork is eliminated by sharing e-receipts with the users for the specific services that they have availed. 
  • Provision of analytical reports – The admin of the on-demand movers app gets access to up-to-date information about the total number of bookings received,  average bookings per month or year, overall customer rating, employee productivity, and financial data. They can make the best decision to develop the business through these reports. 
  • An integrated referral program – The existing customers of the Uber for relocation app must be able to refer new users like their friends and family members to use the different moving and packing services. They will be provided cashback and rewards for each referral.
  • Availability of 24×7 customer support – Technical support is rendered round-the-clock in numerous languages via live chat, email, and phone. 
  • Other features – Extra features like an availability toggle for the movers and packers, access to earnings reports, an integrated feedback system, and storage of booking history of the customers are also available on the on-demand movers app.

How does an Uber for movers app function?

  • The users register on the Uber-like app for movers by submitting the required information. 
  • The qualified movers and packers create a profile on the Uber for relocation app. 
  • The customers view the available services and prices. 
  • They choose a specific service and confirm their booking by entering details like the type of goods to be transported, the pick-up point, and the destination. 
  • The admin automatically confirms the booking and shares a detailed quotation with the user.  
  • The trained movers and packers arrive at the customer’s location quickly and begin loading the products into trucks and vans. 
  • The users can make online payment beforehand via debit cards, credit cards, net banking, e-wallets, and wire transfers. 
  • The customers receive regular updates till the goods reach the required destination. 
  • Once the products have been safely delivered, the users can rate the quality of the relocation services on a scale of 1-5.

What are the factors affecting the cost of on-demand movers app development?

  • The nature of basic and advanced features included in the Uber for relocation app.
  • The operating platform or system that the Uber for moving app is going to be deployed (Android, iOS, and Web). 
  • The total time of development, which can be just a few weeks or some months. 
  • The hourly rate demanded by the project team, that includes mobile app developers, finance managers, marketing specialists, UI/UX designers, QA testers, and technical support staff
  • The type of tech stack used in the development of the Uber like app for movers. It comprises technologies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Google Maps API, Twilio, HTML5, jQuery, Kotlin, Swift, MongoDB, MySQL, and Hadoop.
  • The level of customization needed by the business firm to showcase its brand name, logo, and colour theme.
  • Separate expenses have to be incurred on the different development phases like market research, technical documentation, UI/UX designing, front-end and back-end development, testing, the official launch of the final version of the solution, and marketing it.

Final Thoughts

The global market for Packers and movers app solutions is all set to soar to $126.5 billion by 2027 with a 6.6% annual growth rate. The top 5 markets where there will be a huge demand for relocation services will be the USA, China, Japan, Canada, and Germany. Hence, entrepreneurs can emerge as the pioneer of this promising industry soon by initiating game-changing on-demand movers app development now.


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