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Furniture storage and safekeeping: why and how much does it cost in Richmond?

Looking around Richmond you have surely seen the rise of furniture storage rooms. But what does the service consist of? When is it used? And what are its costs? Let’s find out together.

When to resort to furniture storage

There are numerous occasions in which it may be necessary to resort to furniture storage:
  • Moving

When you move house you may have to leave the first one when the new one is not yet ready.

  • Relocation for work

When you get a relocation abroad for work for a specific period of time, many in the new reality prefer to look for a movable home. This is one way to reduce the cost of furniture transfer. Again for cost optimization, if in Canada they live in rent, the choice is to cancel it and keep their furniture in a deposit.
  • Sale of the second house or renovation of the first

The problem of where to store the furniture also arises when you decide to sell the second house. But keep the furniture contained in it or when you have to free the first house for its renovation.

The characteristics to look for

In choosing the furniture deposit you must ensure that this guarantees some elements that cannot ignore.

Dry rooms and cleanliness

To ensure the best preservation of the furniture, the storage rooms must be dry and free from signs of mold. Keep an eye on their cleanliness too.

Safe environments

The furniture combines a strictly economic value with an emotional value. Precisely for this reason, it is important that you can have a box for your exclusive use and that the deposit is safe and has anti-intrusion and video surveillance systems with closed-circuit video systems.

Fire-proof environments

“What if everything goes up in smoke?”. When choosing the depot, make sure that the depot is equipped with a fire prevention system. Although fire is a remote possibility, it cannot rule out.

What are the costs

It is not generally possible to say how much the furniture storage service costs. In fact, the cost depends on a series of factors. Such as the size of the box, the number of objects and their dimensions, a short or long stock, do-it-yourself transport or carried out by the owner of the warehouse. What you can do is ask for a series of quotes and compare them. But be careful not to pay attention only to the lowest price, forgetting the guarantees that are offered to you.


An increasingly frequent practice

As is known, the removal procedures have varying times and methods. Apart from the packing and arrangement work, a lot also depends on the new house that will host the private individual and his personal belongings. It often happens that there is a need to leave the current home, even though the new home is still incomplete. Similarly, it may happen that the customer does not have clear ideas about the positioning of furniture and furnishing accessories within the new spaces.
In both cases, it is necessary to resort to deposits capable of containing all the elements removed from the first house, pending the definitive arrangement. The storage and moving company Vancouver Storage offers, among other services, also warehouses and boxes to use as temporary containers, to allow the private individual to decide how to proceed, in absolute tranquility. It’s about an extremely valid solution, which has the sole purpose of providing further aid to the move, with a view to total tranquility in operations.

Why furniture storage is important

Since moving with furniture storage has become the practice, the number of people entrusting their furniture to specialized firms has increased considerably. This is because we are dealing with an extremely welcome service, potentially resolving a multiplicity of problems. A new home brings with it great changes, which can give rise to completely new doubts and needs in the private sector. The furniture storage can act as temporary support, becoming a safe place in which to keep goods with an economic and emotional value.
While waiting for the new property to be ready to accommodate the furniture or to provide the owner with the time necessary to design the future arrangement, the moving company will take care of the conservation of the stored objects, charging the customer a cost that varies from depending on the period of stay and the cubic meters occupied. At the appropriate time, the company in charge will proceed to return the goods.

Operation of the furniture depot

The customer who requests a move with furniture storage has the possibility to choose the space to occupy, among the various alternatives proposed by the company. In fact, according to the needs, warehouses, boxes, and containers will be ready to host more or less substantial quantities of objects.
The integrity of the content is guaranteed by sophisticated anti-intrusion and video surveillance systems, activated when the space in question is filled. The contract with the specialized company determines the exclusive assignment of the box until the expiry of the deadline, with the possibility of extending the stock according to the customer’s needs. Only at the explicit request of the latter. In fact, it will be possible to access the premises of the deposit.
The sheds of the Vancouver Storage moving and storage company have been built with cutting-edge technological procedures, to meet the modern demands of the sector. Go personally to the company headquarters, located in Richmond. And choose the best solution for you, in terms of furniture storage. To request further information on this and other services, do not hesitate to contact us to request a  quote without obligation or through this form and wait to contact the experts. For over 10 years, we at Vancouver Storage have specialized in removals for private individuals and companies in Richmond and throughout the national territory.

The best packaging for removals: boxes, crates, and essential accessories

Arrive at your destination with your furniture and objects perfectly intact. This is the hope of every move, to continue living your things in a new context. An objective that can achieve thanks to a move with attention to the smallest details, perhaps with the support of professionals in the sector.

If you love your items, take care of them

For objects to carry from one property to another without anything happening to them, they must be packaged correctly. This is not an operation that must leave to chance but carefully looked after. And good packaging starts with choosing the right tools.
Precisely for this reason, even if you choose to do it yourself, do not satisfy with boxes recovered by chance but invest in dedicated material. For reasons of hygiene and to protect health it is important to use only and exclusively new packaging. The size, sturdiness, and shape are the characteristics to take into consideration to understand how to use the boxes. For heavy objects such as books you need sturdy and not too large ones (due to weight), for large voluminous material, clothes to keep hanging so as not to crease them, high wardrobe model.

Be the best storage and moving company in Richmond

If there are no particular problems for books and linen, it is delicate objects that require the utmost effort to protect them. Glassware, cannot simply insert as they are in a box but must preserve with the help of suitable materials. Paper is very common for this use. But even better is the use of bubble wrap, which can purchase. by the meter or in bags.
For objects such as mirrors and works of art, wooden crates are ideal. These are also important when you need maximum stability and robustness during transport. Such as during ship transfers, and must be specially made and tailored. And don’t forget duct tape, labels, markers, and scissors – it’s always handy to have them on hand while packing.

Pay attention to the composition of the packages

When making the packages, you have to pay attention to the arrangement with which you insert the objects. They must place in such a way that they are firmly placed, placing the less delicate ones in the lower part of the box. You also need to pay attention to weight balance. And don’t forget to mark its contents and the room where it is to place on the box.

Moving stress, how to avoid it?

While for some people moving house gives new energy, for the majority it is a source of great stress. This is because you close a chapter of your life and you are afraid of what will reserve what you are about to live. However, small tricks are enough to overcome, or at least reduce, the stress of moving.

Get to know the new city or the new neighborhood

Whether you change cities or move to a different neighborhood, the questions about what it will be like to live in the new place are numerous. To feel a little at home even before the move. If you are a parent, a discovery to make with your children.

Get ready for a journey into memory

When making the move, especially if you are not a fan of decluttering, we will find many objects and clothes that will recall the memories of when we were younger. A journey into the past, which could make us melancholy. It is useless to avoid being carried away by emotions, better to live them and then return to look with confidence to the future and the changes we are about to experience.

Moving chaos

To increase these perfectly normal moods, there is also the fear that the move will turn into chaos. But for this, it takes very little. A notepad and a pen to make a list with all the most important things to do and the timing with which to start thinking about them, remembering however that the unexpected is part of life. And the pleasure of checking them when they were made.
If you do not want to take risks for your furniture storage in Richmond, contact Vancouver Storage, which is present in Richmond. For information call us at the toll-free number 604-600-8541, or write to [email protected]


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