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Every woman should have a flattering dress to make herself feel beautiful and bring her confidence. While both women and dresses come in various sizes and shapes, some wholesale plus size dresses for women are complementary to certain figures while others are more difficult to pull off. To help you look for the dress that best complements your body shape, we are breaking down the four classic dress silhouettes.
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Most often, you will find that the most suitable silhouette of your outfits is the one that reflects the shape of your body, but remember that while the guide is here to help you, each body is unique and every dress fits differently. Finally, the dresses you feel incredible in are the best dresses for you—regardless of the body shape.

Body Types Complemented by Plus Size A-line Dresses

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As the name suggests, the shape of the A-line dress is flaring out gradually from top to bottom. Unlike a plus size flare dress that usually uses pleats or a defined waistline to create a loose skirt, the flare on A-line dresses is more subtle. Often, the A-line dresses will be matched with or are styled with a belt to create more styles and flared contours, and draw attention to the waistline.

  • Hourglass Shape

    If you have plump breasts and buttocks, you may enjoy belting an A-line dress to accentuate your curves and highlight your waistline.

  • Top-Heavy or Straight Shape

    This feminine silhouette will give the illusion of perfect plump hips, even if you really don’t have them. A dress with fuller skirt will balance out your top and bottom.

  • Bottom-Heavy Shape

    A-line dresses can complement bottom-heavy shapes quite well, you just need to make sure you find the right outfits. If you wear a smaller size on top, it may be the size of the A-line dress you want, because the bottom size may be too big for you.

Body Types Complemented by Plus Size Shift Dresses

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Shift dresses with an uncomplicated and straight silhouette. There are no flares, no folds, and no gatherings on the waist. The width of the dress at the knees is the same as it is at the bust. Shift dresses like the halter dress have a loose feel and can usually slide on curves without attracting the attention of the bust or hips. Shift dresses are often short, so they can accentuate your legs. Many plus size casual outfits fall into this category. In the hot summer, try this plus size shift dress with a pair of sunglasses.

  • Top-Heavy Shape

    If you have a top-heavy figure, you might like yo show off your legs and that is exactly what shift dresses can do. Usually hitting at or above your knee, shift dresses slide on your bust and hips, and accentuate these gorgeous movements.

  • Hourglass Shape

    If you don’t want to flaunt your waistline, a shift dress can look wonderful on hourglass figures. Although the shift does not emphasize your curves, as long as your bust is in proportion to your hips, they will fit your top and bottom. You can find this silhouette in plus size ruffled dresses to add some flair to your outfits.

  • Straight Shape

    If your bust, hips, and upper body are similar in proportions, then shift dresses will be your first choice. Just make sure you can show off your legs comfortably, as shift dresses are usually on the shorter side.

Body Types Complemented by Plus Size Flare Dresses

shestar wholesale Plus-Size Ruffle Hem Plain Dress
Plus size flare dresses do just that: fit, then flare. They are fitted through the bust and then gradually flare out from the waistline. They come in a variety of lengths, prints, and materials, but plus size flared summer dresses are particularly popular.

  • Hourglass Shape

    If you have a fixed waist and like to show it off, then a plus size flared dress is perfect for you. The silhouette of this dress reflects your figure.

  • Bottom-Heavy Shape

    Although you may need to look for a smaller size, a fitted flared dress is a great choice for a heavy figure. If you want to ensure that the top fits, this may require sizing down. The loose skirt will make room for your hips and buttocks, while highlighting the feminine silhouette.

  • Midsection-Heavy Shape

    Although the fitted flared dress is the smallest at the waist, and the heavier body shape at the middle of the abdomen is not the smallest, this silhouette can still be well matched. Look for a dress with a certain degree of flexibility in the waistline among knitted fabrics to make it fit your figure. A slim-fit flared dress will give you the illusion of a defined waistline, no matter what your figure is.

  • Straight Shape

    Though a straight figure does not have an exaggerated waist circumference, a fitted flared dress can well help you create your personality! This outline will make your shape look more curved and may provide you with an hourglass outline. If you are looking for a simple way to express the illusion of curves, then a plus size flared dress is your best choice.

Body Types Complemented by Plus Size Bodycon Dresses

shestar wholesale Plus Size Lace Sheer Bodycon Tank Dress
Bodycon is short for our body consciousness. Bodycon dresses such as ruched dresses are curvy, fit from top to bottom, and usually have good stretch-ability. The slogan of any plus size bodycon dress should be, “If you have got it, flaunt it.” There is almost nothing to hide in this outline.

  • Hourglass Shape

    Thanks to the elasticity of the plus size bodycon dresses, your waistline will protrude like a bust and buttocks. Show off that hourglass figure by throwing on something fitted from top to bottom!

  • Bottom-Heavy Shape

    Stretching can be very useful when looking for a dress that fits your top and bottom. A plus size high-waist bodycon dress may work for the bottom-half of you as well. On the other hand, you may prefer to wear a bodycon dress at the bottom, and the elasticity will help keep the top fit. Show off that gorgeous figure!


No matter what your figure is, there are stylish plus size dresses out there that will look stunning on you!If you already know the contour that best suits your figure, please let us know. If you are not sure which contour is right for you, ask the stylist to send you some options so that you can try it at home and determine your favorites. You might fall in love with a plus size bohemian dress or a daring fit and flare. Take the personalized quiz to learn your body shape, and our online store She Star will help you discover styles you will love.

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