Exams and Results: How to deal with the stress during exams & aftermath


Before we discuss further on this topic, it is better to clear in starting that dear students remember that life is about more than grades, so don’t be so hard on yourself, laugh, and learn. Maintain a healthy balance between your desire to excel in tests and your desire to accomplish things that are personally meaningful to you. Consider your success in life as a whole, not just in your current situation, utilize positive affirmations to keep motivated no matter what, and approach the forthcoming exam season with confidence.

It is no doubt that exams have grown into a do-or-die pressure-giving event that makes students feel lot of stress and anxiety, some succumb to the pressure while others anyhow face the pressure.  However, exams and its related stress cause major mental health issues if given a space in your life. The blog deals with the methods to cope with exam related stress and other serious consequences related to this.

Tips to overcome exam fear and stress

Let us first know about the symptoms that show we are under exam stress:

  • Feeling confused or remaining confused or in dilemma or all the time
  • Frequent change in mood, low mood
  • Losing touch and friendliness with friends
  • Overwhelmed feeling
  • Frequent headaches or tensed muscles
  • Upset stomach or feeling sick

Causes of feeling stressed during exam

  • Feeling worried and tensed about failing in the exam
  • Sense of competition
  • Desire to do well in the exams
  • A sense of feeling that they can’t perform well
  • Sometime family pressure also leads to stress during or before exam

Ways on how to get rid of exam stress

  • Make an early revision plan

Before the exam starts or gets scheduled most of the students even those who are less fond of studying get themselves prepared for the revision time, as they have completed the required portion of syllabus for the exam. To cope with the exam stress, you are advised to stick to an early revision plan, and practice sample papers as much as possible.

  • Prepare a productive timetable

A timetable works out well in every situation of your life, be it be your professional life, or student’s life. Plan a productive and effective timetable, but however make sure prepare the timetable only which you follow. Don’t fix unrealistic goals, like giving 12-14 hours in a day for study during exams, no play only study like remarks are highly unrealistic goals.

A timetable must be the one which you can rely upon and follow as per your expectations.

  • Sketch a plan for each day and week

Unlike normal days you can’t think of going for a without plan days and week, instead sketch a plan for each day and week during exam. This will help you to pay attention to your goals and will keep you reminded about what to do and how to study during exams. Things like inclusion of breaks and their durations, handling other critical jobs, and so on will require students to govern them on a daily basis during their daily studies. As a result, they must plan to deal with issues on a daily basis.

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to get ready
  • Be on schedule with your preparations- set realistic goals
  • Take frequent brief breaks from studying
  • Participate in some form of physical activity three to four times per week
  • If you are concerned about an exam, chewing gum can help you keep distracted
  • Place your headphones on and listen to soothing music

On the parent’s responsibilities, parents can try few things to help their child remain out of exam stress

  • During the exams help your child get good and nutritious diet
  • At any moment, if you feel your child is at loss of appetite or mood change, try discussing with them and ease them
  • Most important as a parent is that don’t judge your child’s future and ability on the basis of exam marks, their temporary failures in exam doesn’t mean they are permanent failure
  • Help your child get an adequate amount of sleep and rest

Conclusion related to exam stress

Being prepared is the greatest approach to deal with exam anxiety. For a variety of reasons, students are sometimes unable to thoroughly prepare. Taking deep breaths can help you get rid of negative ideas, which is one of the coping tactics for exam anxiety. Another option to relieve stress is to go to a yoga session or listen to soothing music. Another coping strategy is to take a more holistic approach to test-taking; students should strive for excellence while avoiding becoming perfectionists. Nothing is permanent in life, whether it is failure or win, and no single exam can decide your destiny, in case even if your preparation is not good that does not mean you can’t do well, because everyone deserves a second chance so you can improve yourself.

Result related stress

Exam results anticipation may be a nerve-wrecking experience. You may feel apprehensive and stressed in the days coming up to your results, but this is natural, and a little tension can really help you get motivated to deal with challenges and pressure. If your tension gets overwhelming and you can’t seem to get your mind off of it, you may be suffering from anxiety.

Having a strategy is one of the things that can help you manage your stress in the run-up to results day. You should think about what you need to do once you get your results as well as what you need to do right now. Exams are a source of anxiety. There’s the build-up to the examinations, the exam itself, and then the wait to find out how you have done once it’s all over. It’s understandable if you are feeling nervous at this time.

Ways to cope with result related stress

  • Take a moment to be alone: After you have completed the exam, don’t immediately tell your friends about it. Instead, go for a calm walk-preferably outside. Relax and take a few deep breaths. Keep in mind that you did your best under the circumstances.
  • Try not to tally your answers: Do not tally your answers after coming out of the exam hall. Asking your friends about what their answers on the given questions will drop you in a confused situation, because not everyone has the same method to solve a problem, hence try to stick on your method and be confident about your answers.
  • Give time for your self-care: It’s critical not to get caught up in a cycle of worry and terror, which you as a student will obviously experience. To relax your mind, set aside five minutes each day to sit and do nothing or do something you truly enjoy. Just because results day is approaching doesn’t imply it’s the only thing on your mind. Eat well, maintain a social life, and don’t isolate yourself.
  • Always carry a backup option: It’s not that always we get what we wished for, some get desired results other don’t in that case your backup plan will help you. A well -defined backup plan will give you another option to choose and move with that. Rather than to panic from your unwanted result a back-up plan will help you to cope and move ahead.
  • Try collecting results with your peers: Although grabbing your envelope and walking up to it’s a unique experience, many of your friend groups are going through the same thing. Going together and sharing the big day will be unforgettable for everyone, and no matter what the piece of paper says, you can be assured that your friends will be there for you.
  • Practice Mindfulness: One of the best things you can do if you are concerned and worried about results day or anything else is to practice mindfulness. Being present and mindful of the present moment is the focus of this exercise. It’s about paying attention to and acknowledging your thoughts and feelings so that they don’t overwhelm you.
  • Physical exercise: There is a lot of fact and evidence that shows how exercise can help you relax. Exercise can help take your mind off things for a bit, in addition to being good for your physical health. When you are upset, it can also help you calm down and relax, and even a 20-minute walk can help you.

If you’ve been feeling particularly agitated recently, taking some fresh air can really help you gain perspective. It can help you handle your results day tension whether you do it alone or with a family member.


Let us wrap with a valid conclusion on result related stress

Although many students experience results day stress, it does not have to define your final destiny. Things may be different now, but with a little planning and online pharmacy, you can ensure that whatever your results are, you have a pleasant outcome from the day.

Everything can be changed with a positive mindset, determination, and hard work, so let us start new, with positive energy. Good luck!


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