Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 which changes the marketing term

Digital marketing trends 2021

2020 came with the Coronavirus crisis, and now, more than ever, entrepreneurs must pay attention to the digital marketing market.

Everything in technology advances very fast, and marketing would be no different. See below some trends that we have separated for you:

Referral Marketing 

Indicating products and services to other people is nothing new. We have all been through this situation, either in the position of indicator or as the person receiving the indication.?

Referral Marketing, as it is called, is an exciting strategy to leverage the public of your business through customers who already consume your product or service.

Creating a well-designed referral program where customers receive benefits can be an important way of promoting your brand.


Facebook Ads

With about 730 million active accounts, Facebook is still one of the leading platforms to advertise your business on the Internet. So much so that the social network has an exclusive Marketplace area, in addition to a complete advertising tool for its users.

Thinking about small and medium businesses, the platform also provides an exclusive channel for entrepreneurs to know how boosting posts and content available on the website works through this link.



With so many people sharing photos, videos and interests in this app, Instagram appears like an excellent option for entrepreneurs to advertise their business.

The tips are betting on videos in the stories and the power of dissemination of the micro-influencers (with up to 40 thousand followers), who have more credibility with the people who follow them.

Influence Marketing

The increase in the use of social networks in the latter led to the rise of digital influencers. Influencers are people who have a high number of followers on their profiles.

Whether for the admiration of the lifestyle, or for the irreverence, or even the apparent success and knowledge about a specific area that they demonstrate to have on social networks, influencers can hold people’s attention, which can be crucial when converting an action for sale.

Using a sponsored action in an influencer profile can generate more confidence from people about your brand. It is also a form of advertising that differs from conventional ads on the Internet.


Audios and Podcasts 

Audios and podcasts are platforms that can be consumed at any time, without the need to stop another task to be able to follow carefully. That is why the ability to interact with the public becomes more interesting.

Proper communication also allows linking the imaginary and the emotion when communicating your product or service with the customer.


Marketing on WhatsApp 

The platform provides  WhatsApp Business so that the fixed telephone number of your enterprise is used as the official channel for your brand. Several plugins can be used to automate customer service, which gives a feeling of immediacy in response to the customer.


General Data Protection Law

The General Data Protection Law, which provides personal data on the Internet, has no date yet to enter into force in the country, but companies must work in the light of this reality.

Entrepreneurs need to meet the public’s desire to respect and safeguard the privacy of the data collected in the registrations requested by companies from customers.

To adapt to the new law is to show concern and care for its consumers.



If you want to advertise on the Internet, you need to understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is the search engine optimization tool on the Internet and, through it, you can segment the service and product that you offer to the public that is looking for you. This improves your brand’s positioning in the search rankings and, consequently, can convert into more sales and increase your audience.



Companies need to understand the uberization of labor relations and know-how to extract the benefits that this model can cause.

The uberization allows ordinary people to act autonomously in providing services to companies, with flexible schedules and immediate return for all involved. But care must be taken that relations do not go beyond individual rights limits and become a form of exploitation for employees.


Content marketing 

Producing relevant content on the Internet is a great way to attract and retain customers and bring gains of brand confidence on the Internet and be a measure that optimizes the SEO tools for your company.


Jobs demanding in digital marketing

The digital marketing area is one of the fastest-growing sectors and, with that, new professions are appearing all the time. All because of the enormous potential of social networks that already play a leading role in many people’s lives. Social networks are part of a “chain of professions”, basically a range of functions that work together, forming a workflow for generating content.

Below some professions that should be in evidence in the coming years in the digital marketing segment:

Customer Service 2.0

In a nutshell, it is the new way of analyzing and interpreting events via networks, taking advantage of social media to receive and respond to people. Through this analysis, we seek to use this new SAC to serve the consumer better and faster.

Social Media Marketing

More strategy-oriented function. This professional chooses the best periods for posting content already produced, in addition to monitoring and documenting the polarity of the occurrences, which will be sent to the “SAC 2.0” team.

Media Operator

Responsible for handling the software and the plan. Some places do not have this function. Therefore, it is Social Media Marketing itself that supplies this need.

Social Media Optimization

The creator of content optimizes for social networks to make it appear more frequently and prominently in the search engines of the networks themselves. The SMO has a particular function of carrying out an SEO process for the media, not least because the younger generation starts researching social networks.

Digital Marketing Strategist

It is possible to say that this is where it all starts because the professional will have a broad vision of what the company wants and what happens in the following steps, thus projecting the best way to achieve the entrepreneurs’ objective.

Content Generator for Social Media

The version of the editor’s role. Its focus is more on advertising content: It analyzes what arouses attention, tries to use short phrases and impactful calls. These are the points that differentiate this profession from a traditional Copywriter.

Social media designer

It uses the leading image editing and production software to achieve an aesthetic that represents with clarity and quality what the company wants to pass on to the consumer.

Coordinator of digital influencers

It has the function of capturing influencers, thus forming a “range” of options. There is an ideal influencer for each campaign/post, and with this, the coordinator designates them for each one of them.

Digital Influencer

One of the most talked-about professions in digital marketing. Not always in the right way. In general, it influences people digitally, producing content in the media—looking at it from the point of view of digital marketing.

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