Dhow cruise Dubai – 2021 What to Know before You Go

dhow cruise

Are you excited about desert safaris and thrilled to attend one soon? If you are planning for it the first time, plan strategically and get assistance from experts. This would make your safari ride an exciting and adventurous one. Nothing can be like spending quality time with a partner surrounded by the beauty of Dubai on its cruise ride.

When festivals are knocking at the door, it is the perfect time to book for Dhow cruise in Dubai. The city glams up in glory and you can enjoy the Dhow cruise ride to have a luxury experience. Before opting for one, explore what the amazing activities you can indulge in the ride are. Do not miss a chance to see the magnificent Dubai skyline from the cruise at night and have an experience of a lifetime.

Highlights of the Cruise Ride would help you Choose the Right Package

The Dhow cruise in Dubai is a two-hour fun ride where one can witness exquisite view from the cruise deck. It is accompanied by drinks of your choice and some delicious dishes to taste. If you are visiting with friends or partners and looking for a happening place, this could be the one.

  • The eye-catching surrounding view of the city’s skyline along the Dubai lakes is a great experience to sail on the cruise, spending some quality time with a partner
  • If you look clicking, you are sure to get amazing frames on the city’s prominent cruise ride and cherish this lifetime experience
  • One gets to know about the historical importance of boat cruising and how people are still fond of indulging in this luxurious enjoyment option
  • The cruise ride is accompanied by live music and dance performance that lets the visitors get a cultural taste of the place
  • Last but not least is the chance to taste the delicious cuisine on the cruise, and one can taste exotic international flavours on the cruise

Besides the adventurous option of desert safari Dubai, one shouldn’t miss a cruise ride, a luxurious yet exquisite experience. Plan it right before boarding on it to enjoy it to the fullest. For this, you need to book the right cruise package that includes delicious cuisine on-board.

Want Standard or Premium Cruise Package to Enjoy?

The Dhow Cruise option offers standard and premium cruise ride options, and you need to pick the one that suits your budget and requirement the best.

Standard Cruise Package

In the traditional dhow cruise made from wood, one would get to know about Arabian culture accompanied by continental buffet arrangement. The overall surrounding would be enhanced with background music that would give an exquisite feeling overall.

  • Some of the destinations to witness in Dubai are souks, Rolex Towers, and enjoy other scenic beauty options while on a cruise.
  • The enjoyable activities and spending quality time with family on a cruise would be an experience of a lifetime.
  • The standard package is a two hours ride with excellent refreshment and dinner options.
  • You would be entertained by options like Tanura Dance, Funny horse dance in this cruise package.

So, check the cruise deals as per its duration and amenities it offers in the package. With a host of benefits and sightseeing options to choose from, we try to make it a memorable and exciting ride for the tourists in Dubai. After enjoying a morning desert safari in Dubai, booking a cruise ride is worth experiencing with your family and friends. But make sure to pick the right time as a long way may make it tiring for you.

What can you enjoy at Premium Dhow Cruise Ride?

If looking for a lavish cruise dinner option, opt for the premium package of Dhow Cruise in Dubai. The unmatched service and amenities that unfold on board are great to have this cruise experience. The luxurious buffet arrangement with the excellent sightseeing destination to witness is worth investing in for the premium option on a cruise. The courteous manner in which the arrangements are made on-board requires special mention, and you can opt for it when visiting Dubai the first time.

The cruise ride would take you through numerous sights which are iconic in Dubai. Passengers would be welcomed with a drink on a cruise accompanied by performance and exciting activities to indulge in. Moreover, they serve authentic dishes which are great to taste with plenty of dessert options to pick from. This is what Premium Dhow Cruise has to offer in its store, making the cruise ride experience of a lifetime for travellers in Dubai.

Get to Know About the Famous Landmarks Through Dhow Cruise Trips
We are one of the most highly-rated providers of Dubai safari tour at the Arabian Desert Safari. Our team of tour providers is focused on 100% customer satisfaction and improvement of our services. Take a ride through the Dubai marina on our dhow cruise. The dhow cruise deals are all-inclusive of lavish dinner and Dubai sightseeing. More so, the dazzling skyscrapers are another amazing view that is guaranteed when you take on a dhow cruise. To enjoy the soothing Arabic background score, buffet dinner on the sea, and the Dubai Marina breeze, you ought to try the dhow cruise from our Dubai safari tour packages.

What is the Safety Measures Followed On-Board?

The Dhow cruise in Dubai follows the latest industry-standard safety measures. It delivers a high-end experience on the cruise with ease of online booking procedure. The payment method is also easy, and it can be completed only by few simple steps. If you do not know how to swim and planning for the cruise ride the first time, the technical team would be available round the clock for the convenience of clients.

Check the payment deals before choosing one so that it is easy on your pockets. When travellers have come to enjoy an adventurous desert safari, it should be complete only if you experience a cruise ride. There are affordable deals too, with plenty of amenities in it to have a great time with partners or friends on the cruise.  Without compromising your trip, spend quality time on cruise rides and make memorable moments to cherish.

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