Can I turn my skateboard into an electric skateboard?

Can I turn my skateboard into an electric skateboard?
Can I turn my skateboard into an electric skateboard?

The best electric skateboard conversion kit

Creating an electric skateboard is a skill that is extremely fun but requires a lot of knowledge and research so you can’t fry anything. These things are electronic after all.

Creating something with your bare hands is a lot of fun and rewarding. Once it’s done, it really feels like it’s something you’ve created. 

But don’t worry, I’ll guide you through each option and let you know how easy it is to assemble each conversion kit as well as take a look.

BKB Build Kit Kit Electric Skateboard Kit

The first is that it sends your electric longboard conversion kit with all the tools and equipment needed to make it from scratch. With deck.  Then they packaged it and offered you the whole thing at a discounted price.

Second, it’s amazing! The glasses of this thing are more than the most complete electric skateboard available in the market today and the quality of the components is also much improved.

Partly because I got to assemble it myself but mainly because it rides incredibly. 

 A single drive and a dual-drive

The only difference is the number of motors one and two respectively. The single gets 14 miles range while the dual gets 20 miles. The top speed is the same for both of them, however, the dual tensile strength is a bit higher which means better acceleration and heel-climbing.

You can add some more accessories to the kit like a Bluetooth module so you can connect it to a mobile app to get real-time data on your phone and your smartwatch!

This means that if you want to make an upgrade in the future, you can easily do so. The modular system lets you swap any component. All you need to do is make sure that the new piece you are putting in is compatible with your current setup.

My favorite thing about the Melo Drive is that it has a simple-swap battery system. It takes less than 10 seconds for one battery to pop out and the other to replace. And you can charge extra when you don’t use it so you can basically ride forever.

You can connect it to the Melo app to get information on your journeys like distance travel and maximum speed, you can change the riding mode between Rookie, Echo, and Pro and even update the firmware of your Melo drive.

It’s on the valuable edge of the scale, but it certainly triumphs over simplicity and quality. After all, it is the German engineer.

How Much Does an Electric Skateboard Cost?

In our experience, tops make everything from $ 350 to $ 1000 for boarding. The price range is quite wide, so there are some affordable options if you just want to get into an electric skateboard.

 With this budget in mind, you can create very high-performance boards. Of course, if you’re looking for something a little different, you can spend a lot of money for much less.

What is the actual cost of an electric skateboard?

Now, do you ask yourself some questions? How many gallons of gas do you save? How many Uber/lift/taxi fares do you avoid? The actual cost of an electric skateboard is significantly cheaper than the money it costs to get started. If you travel on an electric skateboard, you will now feel those savings.

Electric long guard conversion kit ideal for boards

It’s a more exciting moment than skateboarding on the best longboards. But have you ever thought that you can skateboard with less effort but your conventions can be faster? This is the solution, friends! Some companies are known for their electric longboard conversion kits that can convert standard boards into impressive and powerful electrical formats. If this sounds interesting, why not modify your old longboard? Just follow the guide and you’ll know exactly what to buy!

Reasons for choosing an electric longboard conversion kit

Before jumping into the best packages available on the market, I would like to get into whiskey. As you know, electric longboards are easy to operate because you can control speed and brakes with remote control. Steering is also easy. You can run by moving your hips back and forth. Or tilt your body in the direction you want and the board will take you there. Even if you find some great budget boards, most of them are made like kids’ toys. Therefore, we recommend selling an electric longboard kit.

You can save time because you don’t have to investigate (I did)

Save money (as above)

Choose your own board

Go to electricity with a heartbeat

We recommend an electric longboard conversion kit

The use of electric longboards is how fast and flexible they are compared to other traditional boards.  Focus on the most recommended electric longboards and you’ll get the answer!

XCSOURCE DIY Electric Skateboard Longboard Kit

One of Amazon’s best electric longboard kits, the XCSOURCE conversion kit is cheap and impressive. It doesn’t come with a motor (it sounds unexpected), but it does. You also don’t have to worry about the price, as the entire purchase will occur at the expense of a fully set up electric longboard.

XCSOURCE uses an electric longboard kit to create a durable build of 80mm wheels. Thanks to its shock-absorbing capacity, you can prevent damage and reserve extra screws for high safety. Still, it requires less maintenance and can withstand the challenges of time.

XCSOURCE DIY Electric Skateboard Longboard Kit

 Similar to the products above, it provides a smooth and accurate transition to boards with industry-standard buffers and shock absorption. Thanks to the consistent transmission ratio, we welcome noise and slip during use. The bonus point when purchasing the XCSOURCE DIY Electric Longboard Kit is that you get 2 additional screws and 4 sets of the crew for backup. In addition, be sure to purchase a remote control to improve board tuning. The price tag is less than 30, so it’s not a bad idea.

ZXMOTO Electric Longboard Drive Kit

The top advice is the ZXMOTO electric longboard drive kit. Moreover, it provides smooth acceleration and a heat-resistant, quiet build. Although there are no installation instructions, you can easily attach them. 

Ternizi Skateboard Conversion Kit

Terniji is known as the famous manufacturer of RC-controlled car and boat models which has been around for almost 20 years. And when it comes to a fully electric longboard conversion kit, the Friends package is what you need, friends.  And this feature helps to charge the battery when braking as well as provide a smooth and safe ride. In addition, the Turnzi conversion kit includes steel trucks, wheels, and precision high-speed bearings.

Handwheel L3-X Gen5 Electric Skateboard

The presence of the Land will L3-X actually changes the game. This conversion kit provides a 1100W dual hub motor with two riding modes, which gives a smooth and powerful ride. And thanks to a wireless remote controller, switching between the two riding modes is easy and saved through regenerative braking. With a range of 7 miles, a maximum speed of 28 miles per hour, and durable polyurethane wheels, you’re guaranteed to get a monster machine for skateboarding or even mountain climbing. You can freewheel if the battery is damaged. If you want to run more, try looking for extra rechargeable batteries. The great thing about the Land will L3-X Zen5 is its low price and easy installation. You simply screw in without using any wires like other kits and then you are ready to go.

The best electric skateboard kit

Many people dig up pre-built production boards and go the way of DIY, making their boards with custom parts that meet their exact needs (and budget). However, DIY can certainly be scary. Various batteries and ESC and motors are irresistible. Soldering and wiring can be tedious.

 A DIY failure is especially heartbreaking because there is no government support to stop it if your board has a problem (have fun with VESC errors at 3 o’clock instead of going with the gang!).


Just like when buying a complete e Board, the thing you want to consider before buying an Escort DIY kit is the specs and performance of the final product.

Make sure the conversion kit wants you to get the maximum speed and range.

The good thing about the electric longboard conversion kit is that all the components have been tested with each other and therefore the performance should be defined by the manufacturer of the glasses.

If they aren’t, ask them, otherwise look elsewhere because it probably didn’t test the ingredients that are going to make you a big problem down the line.


Half of the reason you move towards DIY is that you like to tinker. Once you’ve created it, you won’t want to stop switching and altering ingredients until you have a Frankenstein that is the best DIY BOARD on the planet. The lion’s share of DIY kits, by design, are modular because you are given all the ingredients and you get it all put together. But it is important that you double-check that the motor mounts are not deducted to the trucks, or that the wheel pulleys fit into the cloud well.

Component quality

Buying an electric skateboard kit made of good quality materials is really important because you are going to assemble it yourself and if the thread on the screws is low quality or the wires are thin and brittle, you are going to have a hard time assembling it.

It’s not just the assembly that qualitatively impacts, it’s also the ultimate ride experience. A poorly constructed e board is a sure ticket to planting face to face on the sidewalk. Safety is very important when escorting so make sure you protect yourself by selecting values first.

Assembly difficulty

It really depends on how much effort you put into converting your electric skateboard.

There are some conversion kits that only require you to turn a few screws before you stop escorting, others allow you to get your hands dirty with wiring, soldering, belt-drive assembly, and all those good things.

There’s something in the middle where all the wires have plug-and-play that gives you a chance to see how it all fits together.

Guidance and support

This is a big, perhaps most important one if you have no previous experience with DIY and electronics.

With DIY, it’s very easy to make mistakes that force you to fry something that will cost you more money to fix or replace.

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