Bring The Most Out Of Your Food Delivery Business By Launching The Ubereats Clone

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Hello there! One of the trending and profitable businesses of this decade is the food delivery business. More and more food ordering and delivery platforms are cropping up, thereby creating severe competition. However, there are multiple ways to overcome the competition and soar high. If you are interested in starting your adventure in the food delivery business, then this blog will help you in doing so.

Role of technology in elevating your food delivery business

So far, technology has been spreading out its wings to make our lives easier. The same applies to businesses. With the aid of technology, any business can boost its sales and user base. As far as the food delivery business is concerned, there are many benefits that can be tucked in. Let us see how technology can elevate your business.

Order process made easy

If you launch a food ordering app, then the ordering process will be really easy for your customers. Users can just look at the menu options, select the quantity, and make the payment. Whereas in the case of manual booking (booking over calls), users will have to recite their orders, and chances are there for miscommunication. Therefore, having an exclusive app for your restaurant or food delivery business will guarantee a smooth ordering process.

Manage kitchen operations

Apart from taking orders, kitchen management is a hectic task. Agree? You have to keep a check on the inventory, preparation time, etc., To eliminate the manual task of kitchen management, the food ordering app comes with a solution. You can load the app with the stocks and easily update them. This will help you in seamless kitchen management and also saves time.

 Efficient customer service

Your customers drive your business. Hence, it is highly important to provide constant customer service. In a food ordering app, features like in-app chat, call, etc., will be available. Through these features, you can address the queries or complaints of your customers then and there. This will increase your efficiency with respect to customer service.

Digital receipts

Bills are an acknowledgment of the orders. Through the app, you can generate digital invoices for every order. Also, your customers can recall their past orders via digital receipts.


Maintaining the security of your business data can be accomplished through the food delivery app. UberEats like app uses Blockchain technology to store data. Hence, you don’t have to panic about data breaching.


Marketing is one of the hectic tasks in any business. By having an app, you can directly market your products through push notifications, newsletters, discounts, coupon codes, etc. Other than promoting your products via the app, consider promoting through social media handles. Let your users order their food through any of your social media handles. This will be easy for users and will also help in promoting your business.  

Category-based foods

It is a known fact that certain people are allergic to certain food ingredients. Hence, it is recommended to sort the foods as per their ingredients. On the other hand, people may show a higher affinity for certain food items. Hence, it is recommended to list the food items based on their category. For example, dairy-rich food, soy-rich food, gluten-free food, etc. 

Until now, we have been walking through how technology will revolutionize food ordering. Next, we shall learn how technology will help you in delivering food orders to your users.

Technology and its bias towards delivering food

Scheduled delivery

Scheduling the delivery of food is a major benefit for users. Nowadays, most food delivery apps come with a scheduling feature. Users can order food and fix a time for delivery. This feature will definitely add more convenience to your users. Hence, you must consider integrating the scheduling feature in your food ordering app.

Store pick-up

The store pick-up option is one of the convenient options for your users. Many restaurants employ the self-pick-up option, where users can go to the restaurants and pick up their orders at their favourable time.

Delivery through drones

The food delivery industry is implementing various measures to keep in pace with the changing needs. One of the technologically advanced delivery methods is the employment of drones. The restaurants will pack the orders and load them inside the drones. The drone is coded with the necessary information like the user’s name, location, etc.,

Once the drone reaches the location, the user will receive a message. Then, the user will unlock the drone through the lion shared by the restaurant. After unlocking the drone, the user can take out their parcel.

So, I hope that you have gathered knowledge about how technology is helping out food delivery business to attain great heights. Next, let us walk through the features and revenue models of this business.

Fruitful features of the food delivery app

Smart registration

Let users skip the boring process of registration by simply signing up with their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc.,


Transparency is imperative for your business. The tracking feature will help users to find out the status of their orders and also the delivery person’s location.


Simplify the ordering process of users by adding the reordering feature. Within a few taps, the user can reorder their favourite food.

Schedule or instant delivery

Include different options for delivering the orders. Scheduling the delivery and instant delivery are the two options you can provide. Through scheduling the orders, the users can get their orders at the preferred time.

Live map

Delivery persons can use the live map feature to reach the destination without any difficulties. Also, the map will list the best route for reaching the destination.

The revenue model

  • Delivery charges
  • Commission charges
  • Advertising fees 

Wrapping up, technology has been playing a crucial role in jacking up the food delivery business. In this regard, UberEats clone is the eminent food ordering app development that has different features that will elevate the user experience. Therefore, without any further hesitation, you can kick-start your adventure in the food delivery business by launching the UberEats clone.


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