Briefly Discuss About Allscripts EMR Software & Its Features

5 things to know about AllScripts EMR

What is an EMR system?

If you are a medical practitioner then chances are that you’re already aware of the numerous benefits an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system brings. The latter enables paperless workflows by maintaining a digital record of patients’ medical histories. Modern EMR software is incorporated with practice management, patient management, and revenue management cycles to augment financial, clinical, and operational performance. 

All you need to know about AllScripts EMR 

An industry leader with experience of over 30 years, AllScripts EMR brings the best EMR systems in the market. Owing to significant acquisitions and a pool of talented employees, AllScripts is recognized for the benefits it brings to the institution that utilizes it. Cater to organizations of all scales offered two different EMR systems (Sunrise and BOSSnet). With Allscripts demo available, clients can see for themselves these powerful systems. 

Allscripts EMR software system has been in business for the past 30 years with a presence across four countries; the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. The company has transitioned from an electronic prescribing software system to EHR. Among many other products mentioned below. Bringing together relevant data sources and facilities to an open and connected health community.

Depending on practice size and complexity, Allscripts EMR system offers two types:

Allscripts Professional EMR

This EMR small to medium scale ambulatories and for physicians’ practice. A suite of fully integrated financial and clinical solutions makes it easier for clinicians to deliver quality care.

Allscripts TouchWorks EMR

This EMR for large ambulatories and multispecialty practices. A highly scalable option that works well for multispecialty and multisite organizations, including Allscripts Prenatal. It is a cloud-based solution that offers robust tools for documenting and communicating maternity care information. Allscripts CQS (Clinical Quality Solution) can also integrate with TouchWorks offering quality management and clinical decision support tools.

Both solutions are ONC-ATCB certified and HIPAA compliant as well. Organizations that require an e-prescribing solution can opt for Allscripts ePrescribe, which can be integrated into specialty EMR.

Allscripts has a team of over 7000+ employees satisfying and connecting 333,188 physicians, 2,340 hospitals. Their patient engagement portal, Allscripts FollowMyHealth, serves over 16 million users.

Over the years, Allscripts has acquired Practice Fusion and Mckesson Hospital Health IT system thereby expanding its footprint in both small and large practice EMR markets.

5 things you need to know about AllScripts EMR

Performance Management 

The sole reason why a medical facility will invest in an EMR system is to see a boost in its performance, be it clinical or financial. The EMR software of AllScripts can be better termed as a business intelligence solution provider since the powerful system can crawl through intensive information to mine clinical data to then remodel it to information necessary to bring a positive impact. The interactive dashboard features impressive reporting tools and graphical representation of actionable items necessary to improve performance. The advanced tools provide clients with customized solutions so as to reduce operational costs, increase patient satisfaction and augment administrative efficiencies. 

E-prescribing Feature

AllScripts e-prescribing feature is one to note. After a doctor provides medical guidance to a patient, s/he can prescribe medicines through the EMR system. The same will then be shared with pharmacies directly so that patients can save up on time than if they had to physically visit to purchase medicines. AllScripts EMR connects with 50,000 pharmacies so that no matter where a patient resides, s/he will be facilitated in the best way. Additionally, AllScripts EMR collaborates with different laboratories and allergy centers so that any test orders can be sent straight to them. The company’s trusted processes ensure that accurate information is shared in a swift manner.

Support Services 

One advantage that AllScripts EMR has over its competitors is that of its impeccable support and training services. A complete EMR system will fail to deliver any benefits if the users are unable to operate it. Hence, AllScripts provides its clients with a number of educational learning. A training consultant can be referred to that will make a customized training strategy that best fits the culture of your institution. Experiential learning encompasses role-based training for users. An annual subscription is offered that gives access to 24/7 training and different types of content. Allscripts EMR demo is provided to users in a classroom setting so that they can see for themselves how to operate the system.

Administrative Tools

The EMR system of AllScripts improves operational efficiencies and gives the administration more control over their daily schedules. The software allows clients to digitize existing paperwork of patients’ medical records. It comes with an included scanning tool that makes it easier to handle intensive papers and files. A complete and comprehensive patient health information management system is maintained through which clients can save all that there is of a patient’s records. The same is available to be consulted or shared with just a click away.  

Mobile Compliant 

AllScripts EMR provides its clients with a mobile application. It is powerful enough to perform all the activities that can be done on a desktop screen. This application is compliant with Android, iOS, and Windows devices and can be accessed with the same user ID. The app allows users to write and save notes, prescribe medicines and test orders, and communicate with patients. Not only that but users are able to make changes to flowsheets, complete defined tasks and view different reports that give an insight into an institution’s overall performance. The mobile app is user-friendly and working remotely. 

Our final verdict about Allscripts EMR

Allscripts Software is an all-rounder that provides its clients with a set of advanced features. Due to an experience of 30 years and multiple strategic acquisitions, the company has invented a perfect concoction that improves financial, clinical, and operational performance for the institution that uses it. In fact, an Allscripts EMR demo is offered on request that allows potential users to taste the overall flavor of the EMR system. 5 things one should know before investing in AllScripts EMR. It includes performance management tools, e-prescribing features, training, and support services, administrative tools along with a mobile application. Allscripts Software is one to opt for to see a positive change in how work is managed in a medical facility. 


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