Best Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players

Tennis Racquets For Intermediate Players

The most critical factor any mid-level player should consider is a racquet’s weight. The best tennis racquets for intermediate players must have a lightweight frame. It makes your sport easier. But at the same time, it needs to be the perfect blend of strength, swing, and control any tennis player could search. Without the most suitable tennis racquet, you can never perfect your game.

The sooner you get used to these, the faster you can improve your techniques. It’s easier to switch over to professional racquets as well.

The best tennis racquet for intermediate players is never harsh on your arms and elbows. It makes sure you are in your best of components during play! They aren’t that stiff, are usually around 27 to 29 inches in length, and in most cases have a 16X19 string pattern. Rather, they include the ideal amount of power and feel to your shots.

All significant brands for tennis equipment have their signature line of racquet models to pick from. It leaves us perplexed – which of these tennis racquets for intermediate players will suit us best?  What’s the most versatile on the internet?

A comprehensive collection of user-friendly racquets will get our job done easier!

The 3 top-ranked tennis racquets for intermediate players we can’t take our eyes away would be the HEAD Graphene XT Instinct MP Tennis Racket – Pre-Strung 27 Inch Graphite Racquet, the Wilson Sporting Goods Burn Tennis Racket, and also the Wilson Blade Team Tennis Racket, 4 1/4″.

Each racquet features some of the most crucial elements that budding players’ tennis racquets should have. Wilson’s Blade Team racquets have comparable strings as well. They come pre strung and include a thinner beam structure. It uplifts the games of aggressive players better.

Top 3 Tennis Racquets for Intermediate Players

1. HEAD Graphene XT Instinct MP Tennis Racket – Pre-Strung 27 Inch Graphite Racquet

The latest HEAD Graphene XT Instinct MP is found in a beautiful blue and orange mix. Its exceptional Graphene XT technology promises faster swing and greater power for those players. This world-class technology also ensures the racquet’s weight is evenly distributed along the frame. A few distinctive features of the racquet are here.

Noticeable Features

  • It has a basic 27 inches framework for better usability
  • The open 16×19 string pattern yields a forgiving racquet

This edition of the Graphene XT tennis racquet for intermediate gamers is 30% stronger than its predecessors. The racquet’s ideal weight distribution makes it a powerhouse of strength, relaxation, and usability that’s rare to find. Many tennis players favor it on Prestige and Radical tennis racquets. They believe it is a more forgiving racquet.

Pros of HEAD Graphene XT Instinct MP

  • It has graphite strings that deliver better spin.
  • You won’t realize how lightweight they are unless you use them; still they are strong, and pretty easy to handle

Cons of HEAD Graphene XT Instinct MP

  • The only negative is that they come unstrung

2. Wilson Sporting Goods Burn Tennis Racket

The Wilson Sporting Goods Burn has a very pure and simple layout for a tennis racquet. All these are re-launched with a fresh aesthetic. This tennis racquet for intermediate players is for the baseliner who’s on the watch for racquets that deliver the most effective shots.

Noticeable Features

  • The racquet is so built that it provides superior power and energy in the courtroom
  • Its Distinctive Spin Impact Tech enhances the racquet’s twist without changing its swing pattern
  • It’s a large sweet spot
  • A carbon-graphite composition raises the frame’s stiffness; it provides strength and power to every shooter

The highlight of those Wilson Burn Tennis racquets for intermediate players is the Spin Effect Technology that controls power-punching baseline shots. Being lightweight, they ensure you can balance the swing and rate according to your needs. The upgraded versions are black-matte and come pre-strung using Wilson Sensation, the organization’s multifilament string, for arm-friendly comfort and playability. The Wilson Burn tennis racquets are a must-try for aspiring baseliners!

Pros of Wilson Sporting Goods Burn Tennis Racket

  • This racquet is famous because of its easy maneuverability
  • It’s just the right combination of lightness and power; you will sure notice how your game changes once you start using them

Cons of Wilson Sporting Goods Burn Tennis Racket

  • A few players have discovered that these are fitted with poor quality strings

3. Wilson Blade Team Tennis Racket, 4 1/4″

The hottest Wilson Blade has been inspired by the frame geometry and layout of the Blade Performance racquets. It’s found at a thinner and more user-friendly frame than the prior Blades.

Noticeable Features

  • It comes from the standard 27 in / 68.6 cm length
  • The racquet has a diminished spec variance (+/- 5.5 g); it enhances frame-to-frame consistency
  • Its complex matte finish is complemented with complex patterns on the racquet’s inner rim over the 3 & 9
  • It’s a 16×18 string pattern

The racquet’s narrower beam construction increases the dwell time. Its control is more acceptable for the aggressive kind. It’s a signature multifilament series developed by Wilson. This Wilson tennis racquet for intermediate players does not compromise budding tennis aspirants’ comfort and playability. What is more! This one is offered in all sizes, strengths, and power. There’s an edition for every player, whether a junior a pro! Do not miss the opportunity for booking yours now!

Pros of Wilson Blade Team Tennis Racket

  • It’s especially useful for serves

Cons of Wilson Blade Team Tennis Racket

  • These Wilson tennis racquets have a classic stiff feel about themselves which many mid-level players might detest


The trick is to choose a tennis racquet for intermediate players who guarantees the ideal control, comfort, and texture. There isn’t one perfect racquet. There is a good one for each participant. It ought to match your match, whether in the baseline or the mid level.

Go for a racquet that develops your abilities. If you ask us, the best ones would be people who work equally well for all levels of tennis players – a novice or a pro. Then you wouldn’t feel the necessity to change racquets

Which one is your favorite? Would you like a detailed review of your tennis racquet? Let us know through comments below. We will be happy to share insights on same.


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