Benefits and use of Newspaper, History, Benefits, Disadvantages


Benefits and use of Newspaper, History, Benefits, Disadvantages

History of Newspaper

The first newspaper was started in Bengal by the name “Bengal Gazette” by Viceroy Hickey. However, even before this, many page-shaped letters were used for the exchange of information. But the Bengal Gazette is the first full-fledged newspaper, because the first newspapers were in English language, so it was not useful for the general public, it was only a means of use by the British.

The first Hindi newspaper was published in the year 1826 under the name “Udum Martad”. It was a weekly newspaper, but it had to be closed due to pressure in 1827 itself. After this, while fighting against the British, newspapers like Bengaldoot, Samachar Sudha Varshan, Kesari, Vande Mataram etc. were edited.

Benefits and use of Newspapers:

Newspapers are very useful for us along with our daily habits, their utility is different in different areas. Let us throw light on some of its usefulness.

  1. Became a weapon of freedom: When the British were in power, then the people were helpless after being fed up with the oppression of the British. Neither anyone was listening to them, nor was anyone reducing their sorrows. In such a situation, the articles given by the revolutionaries in the newspapers of that time became a means of enthusiasm among the people and filled them with new energy.
  2. Information about the country and abroad: There are many such news channels, in which every news is broadcast, but still the newspapers have their own identity. Reading newspapers daily and getting news of the country and abroad is an important part of people’s lives.
  3. Means of entertainment: Nowadays, along with news in newspapers, there are special things for entertainment as well. There are many things in the newspapers, Hollywood, Bollywood, which are special for entertainment. In today’s time, many good and big newspapers give small copies along with the main newspaper, which becomes a means of entertainment.
  4. Giving a different identity to the game: We sit at home, we know immediately who has achieved what in which field. We get all the news related to any sport whether it is cricket or tennis immediately. Along with giving us information, this news also fills enthusiasm in the minds of the players. From this news, both the player and the game get a different identity.
  5. Useful for children: Newspapers have also started paying attention to their child readers. They organize different magazines as well as many types of competitions for them. Due to which they get a lot of information along with their entertainment, as well as reading habits also increase.
  6. Unlimited Traffic Or Visitor: – So first of all, if I talk about the benefits, then it is Traffic, that is, how many visitors (how to bring traffic to the new website) come to your website. Those who visit your website and if a lot of people come to your website, then you get more benefit and a lot of people come to the news website.
  7. Unlimited Content: – Now let’s talk about the content that we write, if you are a blogger. So you have to think about a new topic every day, that is, you have to think about one topic every day, whereas you do not need to think in the news website because every day a lot of news keeps running in the news website from which you can write articles or posts. And you will not have any shortage of articles which is a great thing for you.
  8. Unlimited Money: – Now let’s talk about money. Many people think that money cannot be earned from news websites, but you can earn a lot of money through Google Adsense. Apart from that, you start getting offers of sponsorship and promotion from many advertising companies, but all that happens when very good traffic starts coming to your website.
  9. Space Selling:- What is Space Selling? Many people do not know about this thing at all. Space Selling is a type of advertisement where you advertise a company in any part of your website, for which they pay you 15 days per week or according to the month and it is all yours. Depends on the traffic of the website.
  10. Branding:- Branding is very important on any news website because if your website is branded then people will trust you more so that they will not hesitate at all to give credit or source to your website, from which you will get to see the benefits.

Information about things through advertisements: Through advertisements published in newspapers, we can get a lot of information like job, marriage. Nowadays, we get to see the advertisement of any new item in the newspapers, whether it is a mobile or a car or anything related to the kitchen, and we get information about these things and their price.

  1. Information about government schemes: Any government scheme, whether any changes have been made in it or it has been newly launched, its information is immediately available to us in the newspapers. So that we can take advantage of knowing him.
  2. Drawback of Newspapers: Although there are many benefits of newspapers, but every thing which is useful for us, it also has some work. Similarly, our newspapers also have many drawbacks, which we are telling here:
  3. Excess of advertising: In ancient times, newspapers were only useful for the publication of news. But nowadays there has been a lot of advertisements in the newspapers for the purpose of making profit. Readers buy their newspapers for the purpose of reading the news and they get disappointed due to the glut of advertisements.
  4. Influence of influential person: Many times we see that influence of influential person is visible in our local newspapers. Sometimes the news related to a particular person is hidden, sometimes some news is presented in exaggeration.
  5. Priority to region-specific news: In today’s time, local news has started getting more prominence in national newspapers by not giving priority to national news in order to earn advertisements in area-specific.
  6. Change in the language of newspapers: In the past, the language of newspapers was completely literary, but now it is not so. In today’s time the language has changed. People who are related to literature still want that some special editing should be done for them by newspapers in good style. So that the coming generation also has the knowledge of literary style.
  7. Delay in Publication of Some News: According to the working system of newspapers, the news of the day is collected in it. Then these news are printed at night and distributed in the morning. Many times it happens that due to the completion of the printing process, some important news is deprived of publication and there is a delay in its publication.
  8. Like what are the advantages mentioned above. Now we will talk about the disadvantages of news website i.e. Disadvantages of News Websites, now we will talk which is very important for you people to understand, so let’s start.
  9. No Longer Content – ​​If I talk about the news website, then the content of it is searched by people only for some time i.e. search, its limit is maximum one week or 10 days i.e. after that your content ki There is no value, or no one is going to benefit you from the content.
  10. Complaint Against You :- I have already told you a disadvantage. Talking about the other, it is a matter of this that if you share some news and that news is fake, that is, you are doing something by using the name of a brand. So that brand can sue you for defamation which can ruin all your hard work in one stroke, so always remember to share the same news which is right, do not promote fake news.
  11. Regular Posting: – When you start a news website, you have to be very regular for it, that is, you have to write a lot of articles on a daily basis and have to write daily, at least 6 to 8 articles have to be written so that Keep your website ranked
  12. Hiring Team – When your website becomes very good and you get a lot of traffic on a daily basis. Then you have to hire a team who can do the work for you and your expenses increase. So this is also a disadvantage for you to some extent because if you have to take a place for that particular member, then it can also be a disadvantage for you to some extent.
  13. Without Credit: – When your website starts running very well, then people use anything in your website but do not give credit to it, then it can harm you and it is also a disadvantage of the website because you are in it. They cannot even claim that this news content is your own because if there are many articles related to the same news, then it is a bit difficult to claim it.

Modern Newspapers & Variations

The usefulness of the newspaper has increased more than before, and there have been many changes in the modern newspaper. Today newspapers are also being read online through the Internet. There was a time when news used to reach us after a day, but today so much has changed that we get news on the same day at the same time. It is expected that a lot of changes are going to happen in the upcoming modern newspaper. Newspapers have played an important role in Digital India. If today India has become a progressive country, then newspapers have played an important role in it.

  1. Essay on Newspaper

In the present tense, if any event happens in any corner of the world, then the next day we get the news of it. This is possible only because of newspapers. It is very difficult to imagine life without newspapers in today’s time. This is the first and most important thing that everyone sees first thing every morning. It helps us to keep us connected with the present times by giving us information about the happenings all over the world.

Newspapers give us information about businessmen, politicians, social issues, unemployment, sports, international news, science, education, medicines, actors, fairs, festivals, techniques etc. It also helps us in enhancing our knowledge skills and technical awareness.

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