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"You've been training with him all your girlhood?" The agent of ondergir1s looked at Huang Yusheng and asked, although he had been here for more than ten days. "I'm not sure." Huang Yusheng's answer was also a little confused. He looked at Jin Zhuoxu, who accepted the applause of the guests on the stage, and hesitated to say: "So he has such talent.." "Don't cry." Zheng Xiuyan said to Lin Yuner in a hoarse voice, "I've already shouted hoarse. If you go on crying like this, don't you want to talk tomorrow?" After that, wipe the "drops of water" from the corners of your eyes with the back of your hand.. "When Brother Zhuo Xu said he was going to give me a separate lesson, I didn't seem to want to." "Am I a fool?" Said Kim Hyun-ah in a daze. "I heard that Brother Zhuo Xu has a fan website?" Min Xianyi looked at Kim Tae-yeon beside him and asked. Yes, we are all members. Kim Tae-yeon looked at Min Sun-yi and asked in a slightly hoarse voice, "Do you want to join?" "Count me in." Min Xianyi looked at Kim Zhuoxu and answered Kim Tae-yeon's question: "When I get back to the dormitory, I'll go to your place." "Don't worry, one by one." Jin Zhuoxu looked at the audience and motioned to the guests who had questions to ask. He breathed heavily and said, "Let me drink a mouthful of water and change my clothes.." Moments later, Jin Zhuoxu returned to the stage in casual clothes and pulled a round stool. Jin Zhuoxu sat down and asked with a smile,stainless steel tube fitting, "Now you can ask.." Choi In-sung, do you also want to ask a question? Tell me Jin Zhuoxu saw that Cui Rencheng was also raising his hand and called his name with a smile. "I heard that there is an English version of this song, I would like to know if these two versions will work at the same time, if so, which agency is it?" Cui Rencheng said his question seriously,hydraulic fitting supplier, and then sat down and waited for Jin Zhuoxu's answer. Come up and ask me such a difficult question? Jin Zhuoxu smiled helplessly and said slowly, "The English version of this song will be sold by JIVe Company in the United States. The details will be decided after I go to the United States to discuss with the company later.." As for the Korean version, I haven't considered its sale yet, so I can't give you an answer about the sales company or the way of doing it. When Cui Rencheng heard Jin Zhuoxu say that he had not considered the sale of the Korean version, his eyes suddenly lit up, but he looked at Li Xiuman and Park Zhenying, who looked at each other with a wry smile. After thinking about it, he kept calm and did not impulsively put forward his invitation to cooperate. Continuing to answer questions such as "Have you ever thought about making an album in Korea" and "The design of this stage", Jin Zhuoxu kept smiling all the time. He was very satisfied with the stage effect today. He felt relaxed in the face of a group of people in the industry. Do you want to express your attitude towards false news and malicious opponents to the public? As a journalist, Kong yuanjing's questions are obviously different from those of the guests who pay more attention to the song itself.
"I don't know what I would answer outside, 38 needle valve ,stainless steel needle valve, but here, my answer is-that's what I really think!" Jin Zhuoxu smiled at Kong yuanjing and then said: "Many artists have had this kind of experience-being misinterpreted by the public, being hurt by malicious messages on the Internet, and even being threatened and physically attacked by those anTI.." At this point, Jin Zhuoxu stopped and quietly looked at all the silent people under the stage. After a moment, he said earnestly: "What can they do in the face of these unfortunate experiences?"? Look at TVXQ's Jung Yun-ho, look at the artists who apologize for things they didn't do! Jin Zhuoxu said pointing to the girls sitting quietly at the bar drinking drinks, "Look at these children who will walk on these stages in the future, do we want them to learn that the first sentence is sorry?" Jin Zhuoxu looked at the audience and said earnestly: "My idea is very simple. Don't just want to calm things down. We need to prove ourselves with our own efforts. Apologizing is useless. Only when we are strong, can we have the right to face challenges.." "Why don't you write?" Smiling, Kwon Jae-hee said to Kong yuanjing, who had closed his notepad, "This is big news.." "Do you want me to put what he said in the newspaper?" Kong yuanjing smiled helplessly, "I can't do it." And he knew I wouldn't do it. "Do you want me to give you some compensation?" Kwon Jae-hee's smile looked a little strange, only to see him gently handed Kong yuanjing a dV tape, "just performing, this is a real exclusive." If Jin Zhuoxu sells the single, then the video must be a big gift. "This is not.." Kong yuanjing raised his head strangely and looked at Kwon Jae-hee's strange smile. He asked slowly, "Why did you give it to me?" "Maybe I think you're more pleasing to the eye." Kwon Jae-hee answered slowly, "I believe you know how to make this thing play its real role.." "You mean." Kong yuanjing said in a low voice, "Do you want to create momentum for Jin Zhuoxu?"? He had to think about making his debut in Korea? "Isn't it interesting?" Kwon Jae-hee pushed his eyes and said with a smile, "The feeling of watching the people around you become a big star.." "Who told you to do that?" Kong yuanjing pressed the impulse to tell Jin Zhuoxu about it immediately and asked quietly, "Is it Li Xiuman?"? Park Jin-young? Or Samsung. "Neither." Kwon Jae-hee smiled easily and looked at Kong yuanjing and said, "I know you want to get my information and tell Jin Zhuoxu. That's good. It proves that I chose you right." Listen carefully, I have only one boss, that is Jin Zhuoxu, and this is my own idea, it has nothing to do with anyone, of course, how you will deal with this video I have no curiosity, even if you give Jin Zhuoxu, I have no opinion.. "I know." Kong yuanjing looked into Kwon Jae-hee's eyes and said that no matter what the other party's purpose was,14 needle valve, if the video was in his own hands, then the whole thing would be in his own hands. Kong yuanjing looked at Kwon Jae-hee and said, "I really want to know why you did this." 。

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