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The harvest he refers to is not in equipment and other aspects, but Liu Rufeng and Blue Dragon Frost's life skills soared overnight, and now they have practiced to the intermediate level, Liu Rufeng's anatomy has also grown. Perhaps the system felt that there were too few players in the nine-day life to meet the needs of the vast nine-day market, so it sent a special task to let people discover the secret of the nine-day life, but this task happened to match the two people. No matter how big the harvest is, thanks to your advice from the village head, now we want to ask, where can we find this wild ginseng? Blue dragon frost a pair of gentle appearance, asked with a smile, just and Liu Rufeng one after another this posture, afraid that if the village head does not tell the truth, he will be a body of old bones to tear down! The village chief sighed helplessly, "I'm really convinced by you. I didn't expect you to deal with other herbs in such a short time. In fact, wild ginseng is also available in Taoyuan Village. But recently, when the river in Taoyuan Valley dried up, ginseng could not grow out. It would take another month to get it." Liu Rufeng narrowed her eyes dangerously and asked with a smile, "Is that all?"? The villagers' illness is imminent. If you don't want them to die, tell us something else quickly! She and Blue Dragon Frost are not fools, how can they not see that the NPC village chief must have something to hide. Seeing that the compliment had no effect,outdoor ficus tree, the village chief had to grit his teeth and said briskly, "Since you can find all the materials within a month.." Well, I'll tell you! In fact, there are all kinds of herbs to be collected in Taoyuan Barren Mountain and Yubi Peak, where the herbs are the most precious under nine days! It's just that the difficulty of the journey is unimaginable, and I don't want you to have an accident. Needless to say, are you still afraid of death when you come out to walk in Jianghu? Grandpa, just tell us where it is,outdoor palm trees, and we won't blame you for the accident. This NPC nagging is really troublesome, Liu Rufeng frowned and asked directly, Blue Dragon Frost seemed to be thinking about something behind her, waiting for Liu Rufeng to ask the whole story before he woke up. Without saying a word, they packed up and went on their way. Listen to the village head cloud, "The journey is long and dangerous, take good safety tools.." The implication is that it must be to climb the mountain, Liu Rufeng specially brought the flying claw rope for this purpose. Yunzhongyan made things on the spur of the moment, really gave two people a lot of help, Liu Rufeng chuckled, looking back at the blue dragon frost. What's up? I'm so quiet these days. Is there anything I can't say to my partner? Do you mean to hide it from me? How can Liu Rufeng not see that there seems to be something wrong with these sky-blue dragon frost? But he Daguai is also natural and unrestrained, Liu Rufeng did not ask what, some things she does not need to make so clear. It's just that Blue Dragon Frost is particularly abnormal today, and I'm afraid something will happen if I don't tell you clearly. Something about the family. Blue dragon frost wry smile, decorative palm trees ,fake blossom tree, in the game also can not feel at ease, if he can really like in the game and Liu Rufeng together as crazy, but the family involved too many things, not to say can be put. Lan Longshuang frowned slightly and asked pointedly, "Rufeng, what should a person do if he doesn't want to get too much fame and wealth, but the fact forces him to accept a heavy burden?" A slender hand boldly put on his shoulder, looking back to see Liu Rufeng's smiling face: "You are here to relax, not to suffer, but also me!"! I support your idea, you are yourself, don't care what others want, we are so crazy in the game? Blue Dragon Frost felt inexplicably relaxed, just as he comforted some lonely Liu Rufeng at that time, tacit understanding and a kind of warmth spread in his heart, any time anything happened, this feeling can not be stopped! He was half a head taller than Liu Rufeng. It was very hard to take Liu Rufeng like this. At that moment, he said with a smile, "With your partner and me being so crazy in the game, what troubles can't be forgotten?" The backhand hugged her shoulder, the heart already had the decision, hesitated what? He still has a long time to go, and his father is still in charge of family affairs, and he won't really let him do anything for the time being.
Walking along the barren mountain for two days, Liu Rufeng two people smoothly watched to the jade pen peak. Then is silence, two people are speechless, Liu Rufeng knocks his head to ask him: "We have not gone the wrong way?" Blue Dragon Frost shook his head with a wry smile. Of course, he also hoped to go the wrong way. Liu Rufeng heart big sigh, jade pen peak is called "jade pen", the whole peak is close at hand but completely unable to explore, this side is the same as the day they threw away the wolves, is a cliff. But there is a broken rope that has been broken and blocked between the mountainsides. Lan Longshuang stepped forward to pick up the broken rope and found the fracture. "This rope is very strong," he said strangely. "It's clear that it was cut off by someone. Is there anyone else here?" Liu Rufeng is not surprised: "This kind of thing has happened before. There are many NPCs running around in this game. Any master of Tianbang can come here to cut the rope. This is not surprising.". And according to the village chief, it's full of precious medicinal materials. I'm afraid the nine-day system won't let people get it easily, will it? At this point, Liu Rufeng took out the "flying claw rope" on her body and connected it from the rope fracture. She said with a smile, "If we didn't have this flying claw, we would really have to stare here today. The wild goose in the clouds doesn't know what to do now. We must thank him well when we go back." Blue dragon frost thought in the heart, or not? If he is dragged to the restaurant by you to "reward", he may be scared away by your eating. Liu Rufeng will give the rope to the blue dragon frost, his archer is also full strength type, plus the strength of the evil bracelet bonus, the actual attack is stronger than Liu Rufeng. Two people carry the internal strength, the whole body True Qi flows, throw together! The claw at the front happened to fall between the two stones. Liu Rufeng tried it and said with a smile, "It's strong enough. We can only climb over it." Then he buckled this end on a big tree and climbed along the rope to the other end. In a moment,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, the two of them had already passed the peak and turned over from one side of the cliff to the other side like a civet cat. In an instant, their faces were full of fragrance, and on the other side of the cliff was a flat meadow!.

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