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Tao ran glanced at him lightly. Suddenly, as fast as lightning, he pressed Si Qi's brain on the table. Then he said, "Where do you want me to hit you?" No matter how Si Qi struggled, he couldn't get rid of it. He blushed and said, "You dare to hit me. How dare you hit me? I'll fight with you." Then the door of the study suddenly opened, and Si Shao stood in the doorway with a fruit bowl in his hand. Si Qi was overjoyed. "Sister, help me!" Divorced Leftover Women 15 Si Shao stood in the doorway with a fruit bowl in his hand, as if he had been confused by this scene. Si Qi added, "Sister, call Mom and Dad over quickly. He hit me." Si Qi's words finally reminded Si Shao, and the first thing that Si Shao reacted to was that he quickly reached out and closed the door. Si Qi: "… …" "What are you doing, sister?" Said Si Qi with a look of disbelief. "What's the matter?" Asked Si Shao. "Can't you see that?" Si Qi blushed with excitement and said, "He hit me. He hit your own brother!" Tao ran still pressed Si Qi, not flustered at all: "He refused to do the problem, so I intend to beat him to do it." Si Qi leaned over the table and said, "Sister, listen to me. Is what he said human?" Si Qi thought for a moment, then took out a few pieces of paper and said,inflatable floating water park, "Remember to gag him when you beat him, or it won't be good for him to call his parents." Si Qi: "… …" Is this really my own sister? Stepmother can't do such a thing, can she? Tao Ran said lovingly, "It's better not to do this. He's still young. It's good to be sensible." Si Qi lay on the table with a dull expression. Then he struggled violently and said, "Sister, you're facing an outsider. You're turning your elbow out!" Si Shao looked at Si Qi and said, "I think it's necessary to block it." Tao Ran: "Then block it." Si Shao stopped his brother's mouth with his own hands. "Do you still want to do the paper?" Tao Ran asked. Si Qi: "Hum,Jumping castle with slide, hum, hum.." "Call it.". No one will come to save you even if you break your throat. Tao Ran said, "It's better to do the exercises." "Yes," said Si Shao. "Do the exercises. It's not good to be beaten, is it?" "Whoo whoo." This pair of dog men and women, I love you. Si Qi wrote the test questions with a sad face. As soon as Jing Yu entered the door, his sister looked at him with a wrong look in her eyes. Sure enough, the gigolo is to please the old woman, the elder sister is now fumigating, in order to please the other side actually sold his own brother, is simply a bastard ah! Tao ran ate the apple cut into small pieces and stared at Si Qi. "What are you reading? Write quickly. If you don't finish it in an hour and a half, I'll beat you to death." Si Qi trembled all over and was so wronged that he just wanted to wipe his tears. He really wanted to call his parents loudly, and he had tried it before. But as soon as he shouted, Inflatable 5k obstacle ,Inflatable bouncer, before he could react, Tao ran rushed up from behind and held him down, and his sister stuffed the paper into his mouth with unusual speed. The whole action is very coherent and seamless. Tao ran ate the fruit, Si Shao looked at each other tenderly, and Si Shao reached out to wipe Tao ran's mouth, "Mr. Jing, I'll wipe it for you." Tao Ran smiled and said, "It's really troublesome for Miss Si." "It's all right," said Si Shao. "After all, it's so hard for you to discipline my brother." "It should be." Tao Ran said, "I don't feel hard to contribute to the education of the motherland." The pen in Si Qi's hand creaked. God, how could there be such a shameless dog man and woman in the world! Meng Bozhen has been thinking about this since she saw Tao Ran and Si Shao dating. Before the rebirth, Si Shao caused her to lose Jing Ming and live so miserably. Now how can she watch Si Shao live happily, and she felt that Si Shao did not like Tao Ran at all, she just could not forget Jing Ming, so she seduced Tao Ran to comfort herself. The more she thought about it, the more angry she became, so she planned to tell Jing Ming and Jing Ma about it, but she had no evidence. Remembering that she had bribed several of Si Shao's sisters before, she wanted to ruin Si Shao's reputation, but they failed. What a waste.
She found those women, who had been estranged from Si Shao since then, and Meng Bozhen had no effect on finding them. But one of them said, "It's not that I didn't succeed, it's just that I didn't get a picture.". We put Si Shao and the boy naked in the same bed that day, and I don't believe they didn't do anything. "Yes." "That boy is really handsome," said another. "If it were me, I wouldn't want to let him go even if I wasn't drunk." "Si Shao is so lucky. He is such a handsome young boy. He is the best." "He looks a little like Jing Ming." Hearing this, Meng Bozhen moved in her heart and took out the photos she had taken in the morning and said, "Is that boy this person?" "Yes, that's him." "I didn't think they would really get together." "Si Shao usually pretends to be so serious, but I didn't expect this kind of person to be behind his back." "You really know how to pretend." Yeah, she's really good at pretending. This happened before their party at Jing's house, which means that Si Shao and Jing Yu knew each other before that. But when they were in the Jing family, they pretended not to know each other, and the skittish Si Shao even pretended to be magnanimous and said that he wanted to help her and Jing Ming, saying that he wanted to quit. This bitch! She's been lying from start to finish! Before robbed Jing Ming not to say, now even Jing Ming's younger brother also does not let go, also does not look at own age, unexpectedly also seduces the little boy! She was angry, but she did not think that she was one year older than Si Shao. Although it was very late, she was still not reconciled. She called Jing Ming. "Did you miss me?" Asked Jing Ming? Wait a little longer and I'll be back with you soon. "Jing Ming,Inflatable outdoor park, I have something to say to you." Meng Bozhen made a look of anxiety and embarrassment and said, "I saw something outside today. After thinking about it, I think it's better to tell you." Jing Ming: "What's the matter?" Meng Bozhen: "I saw Jing Yu and Si Shao together. They held hands and went out to play together intimately." I have pictures here. 。 joyshineinflatables.com

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