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Zhao Xiuqing was picked up by Wang Erya. She saw more completely and shook her head: "I guess there are a lot of people in the four doors. When you come out, you can see which one is less and go first. Don't worry about us. Finally, gather together!" "Good." Yang Xiaoxiao nodded and went to line up with Yuntanzi. The golden door corresponds to "wealth", and Yuntanzi looks at the shining characters on the door and ponders what is inside like other monks. And money, is not to warn people not to be greedy? Yang Xiaoxiao took Yuntanzi's big hand and turned his little head around, looking at all the monks around him, but with different faces and different services. The girl sighed with emotion in her heart. Their brother Yun was very handsome among the monks. It turned out that not all the monks were beautiful. Not far away, a woman in a light purple dress felt a malicious line of sight, turned her head and saw a clean and well-behaved girl looking at herself, her big dark eyes full of curiosity. The woman bent her eyes, the pendant on her forehead reflected colorful colors in the light, and her lips were like the glow of the sky, with a misty and gorgeous beauty. The girl's eyes were wide open, and there was pure admiration and amazement inside. The woman is in a better mood. Crowd a flash, Yang Xiaoxiao can not find that particularly good-looking big sister, she looked around, one by one taller than her,heavy duty plastic pallet, closer can only see below the waist, the rest to raise their heads, can be tired. Yang Xiaoxiao touched his neck and whispered, "I'm so tired." When the little monster with two hands on her shoulders heard this, he hesitated to put away his paws, but did not want to leave so soon. He drifted behind the girl doll and watched her enter the door of wealth before he drifted into the silver door not far away. Wealth As soon as Yang Xiaoxiao went in,plastic pallet supplier, he was blinded by the shining golden light. She narrowed her eyes for a long time, then slowly opened them. She looked up and saw Jinshan Lingbao. She had never seen so many gold dolls open their mouths. The old man not far away could not help laughing. Hearing the sound, Yang Xiaocai noticed the old man not far away, looking at the old man wearing a red gold hat like a small weight, embroidered with all kinds of rare stones, wearing a gold embroidered gold ingot embroidered civil service clothes, a handle of jade Ruyi in his left hand, holding a golden beaded auspicious beast in his right hand that Yang Xiaocai could not recognize, with a kind smiling face on his face. The girl reacted immediately, and her eyes were filled with starlight. She ran up to the old man, raised her head and asked, "You are the God of Wealth, plastic pallet manufacturer ,wholesale plastic pallet, aren't you?" The old man did not deny it: "Sort of!" "Wow!" The little stars in Yang Xiaoxiao's eyes twinkled. "Is all this money yours?"? I've never seen such a lot of gold! The God of Wealth nodded with a smile, and a huge gold ingot appeared in the palm of his hand, as big as Yang Xiaoxiao's head. The girl's eyes stared at the gold ingot without blinking, revealing an envious look that made the God of Wealth see clearly. She couldn't help smiling and thinking that she hadn't seen the little doll come here for many years. The girl's eyes were transparent. Although she was envious, she had no distracting thoughts. It was too much. He handed the gold ingot forward. Yang Xiaoxiao asked in a daze: "For me?" The God of Wealth nodded with a smile.
The girl is so greedy, such a big gold ingot ~ But instead of reaching out her hand, she raised her head and asked the God of Wealth, "God of Wealth, what do you want me to do?" Grandpa, the village head, said that people who get something for nothing will be spurned by the whole village! Xiaoxiao can be good, don't be a person who gets something for nothing! The God of Wealth lowered his head and found that the girl wanted it, but he put his hands behind his back and tried not to let his eyes fall on the gold ingot. He was a little surprised at the self-discipline of the girl. He lowered his voice and asked, "What would you do?" Yang Xiaoxiao broke his fingers carefully and said, "I can cook. Hey, it seems that immortals don't want to eat."? That Then I can carve! I will make a lot of things out of wood! I can also read, count, draw and chop wood! But my painting doesn't have the howl of Xiuqing's painting. If you chop firewood, Erya will be more powerful. The old man looked at the little doll who was reading, but he couldn't hold back his smile. When the baby finished counting, he raised his head and looked at him expectantly. The God of Wealth did not want to disappoint a child. He pretended to think seriously: "Just carve me!" The God of Wealth waved his wide sleeves, and a complete piece of ancient sandalwood immediately appeared beside him, emitting a faint fragrance. Yang Xiaoxiao touched the grain of the wood and knew that it was better than what she had used before, but she had never used it. The strength, angle and luster of each kind of wood were different. She needed to cut a little bit to practice first. The most important thing is that this piece of wood is too big! When she finishes carving a God of wealth, will everyone outside leave. As if knowing what the girl was worried about, the God of Wealth said, "The time inside is different from that outside. Don't worry and take your time." No matter how much time is spent inside the door, only a few seconds have passed outside. Yang Xiaoxiao thought that all the people in front of him went in and soon came out. He nodded and believed the words of the God of Wealth. He took out his small tools and began to work. The God of Wealth stood by, watching the folding firewood knife that the girl pulled out of her clothes to grind the edge, touching her beard and marveling. Yang Xiaoxiao sat in Jinshan Yinshan, holding a small piece of wood in his hand, took a look at the rich and peaceful God of Wealth, adjusted his eyebrows here, and quietly went around behind the God of Wealth to take a look at his gem belt, and carved the details on it. The God of Wealth smiled and touched his long beard, pretending not to notice. When the girl is tired and rubs her eyes to rest, the God of Wealth will take her to see her treasure. Do you know what this is? The God of Wealth was holding a delicate attic,plastic pallet supplier, from which even the jade pillow in the upstairs room could be seen clearly. House "Oh, it's the house!" The God of Wealth rubbed Yang Xiaoxiao's head with a smile and said mysteriously to the little girl, "This house can still get bigger. Do you want to see it?" 。 cnplasticpallet.com

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