Andaman and Nicobar Islands’ best tourist attractions

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If you imagine a white sand beach kissing Cyanic which is clear and clear on Emerald Islands, forgive me !!! You have no choice but the Andaman Islands and Nicobar. This incuse can even change your uncomfortable atmosphere with an adventurous atmosphere because they offer many pelagic activities. Then in the infidel world, you come out … and when you enter the battle story about ‘cellular prison’ which is not managed now is a world heritage site and warnings to prisoners (freedom fighters) of your independence movement, Jove-Dove-Judo you will be trout trove perk.


There is no hello strong apostasy in the life of custom culture from the original population. Some tribes are extinct because deforestation that is not arranged and only a few, champions and sentinel, has spread to the outside world and only slightly assimilated into contemporary Indian society. Indians and immigrants from Myanmar and Sri Lanka are other residents who live in pagan harmony. Treasure chest just awaits you on this mystical island.


In the midst of a sylvatic atmosphere, typical dolphins and turtles such as green sea turtles, hawksbill turtles, rear skin turtles, and olive puzzles adorn the color of color with their watering tones. If nature is gosh, then jellyfish and toxic sea snakes such as Laticaida Colubrine and Krait sea will entertain you. “Andaman reel life” is this reptile.


1. Radhanagar beach, Havelock Island


Radhanagar is one of the most important beaches to visit in the Andaman tour packages known as the “Best Asian beach” in 2004 by the magazine at the time. The atmosphere is clean, composite, far from splashing tours with white and smooth white sand glowing under the turquoise blue sea, is the perfect sight for the long streets to the ideal sunset full of sunlight on the horizon. Radhanagar beach is also famous for its activities underwater, such as snorkeling and diving, which allows people who are looking for an adventure to find a colorful sea world.


2. Beach Ross and Smith Island


Another unmatched beach and paradisiac in Andaman … Rolling beach fans from all over the world are Ross beaches and Unmatched Smith Island and Smith Island, a natural sand bar that connects two quiet islands. A few kilometers of nautical from Diglipur Jetty, Ross and Smith Island Island are ideal for rising in crystal clear green waters. This is a paradise for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, and plunging. It has many sports facilities.


The most famous view is undoubtedly a fiftieth-long sandbar connected to the majestic Twin Islands Ross and Smith. At times of high tide and surfaces in low tide, the silky white sand bar is descending into the ocean. The bar divides the shallow pool on one side and some wonderful ones on the other. The warm waters are crystal clear and the pristine untouched beaches on the islands are the most perfect. 


The best part is, the beach is rarely crowded, and you can most freely enjoy the entire view. Tropical forest is a favorite place for nature trails to walk around the beach. There are limited facilities on Smith Island; spacious shadow bamboo shelters, changing rooms and toilets are available.


3. Laxmanpur Beach, Neil Island


Laxmanpur Beach, near Bharatpur Beach, is one of the popular beaches in Andaman because you are left with enough space and time to enjoy privacy even during the peak tourist season. Laxmanpur beach is longer and wider, which is ideal for long and refreshing walks than Bharatpur beach.


This beach decorates lengthy stretches of white sand, blue turquoise waters and lush green forest. Beach No. 1 is the perfect postcard to wash off old fallen trees on the waves. The water is shallow so look after the corals and the few rocks that lie beneath the surface of the water. Beach No. 1 offers some colorful fish and corals at the best snorkeling spots on the islands. If fortunate, you have a good chance of seeing a dugong fed on the grass of the sea. Except during sunset, this lovely serene beach is almost deserted so that you can always find a special place for yourself to have this gem. 


There are many rocks close to the shore & waves hit hard. It is not advisable to swim on this beach. There are plenty of beachside shacks that sell hot and cold drinks and snacks.


4. Lalaji Bay beach, Long Island


Lalaji Bay Beach is a peaceful sandy beach in Andaman, which is located on the west coast of Long Island and is well connected by regular ferry services from Ratangan, Central Andaman. Someone must hire Dunghi from Jetty Long Island or go through the Mangrove River for more than an hour to Lalaji Bay Beach.


Andaman’s pride is situated on the west coast of the Long Island on Lalaji Bay Beach. The beach is a marvelous place to visit, with its beautiful sandy shores and calm vibrants. Standard ferries from Rangat and Central Andaman make it easily accessible to the beach. The ferries take you across the unique Mangrove Bay, which is bordered by a different experience on the way to the beach.


 Lalaji is certainly the perfect place for guests who love to dive in the beach and for those who love to enjoy without a crowd. The slowly crowded beach also gives you lovely carrot sunsets and dolphins hurling back to the sea. You might want to relax and rejuvenate the white sandy beach in the Andaman Islands. You can also rent a dunghi or take a 2 hour trek through the jungle to the beach.


Beach Lalaji Bay is the most popular adventure haven for swimmers and snorkelers here. You can sit on the spotless coastline for lovers of peace, and watch the waves crashing. Lalaji is for tourists of all sorts and everyone on the charming beach will find something for them. The waters appear to reflect glistening crystals and the rich foliage on the shores makes the beach a wonderful and inviting atmosphere. There are only a few facilities available at and near the beach and tourists are advised to bring food and water along with them.

5. Beach of Guitar Island


One of the least traveling beaches is a long, narrow, soft beach that can only be accessed through Dunghis from Jetty Long Island. This beach is a good vacation for couples who want privacy and want to build romantic ideals and impractical attitudes.


6. Beach Wandoor, Port Blair


It is one of the famous Andaman beaches … Wandoor Beach is still known for its beautiful scenery, perfect for swimming and seeing the reef. Near Wandoor Beach, there are around 15 small islands that cover the surrounding area, including Jolly’s buoy, boat, Alexandra, red skin, and Tarmugli, and one of them can go for snorkeling and plunge in Marine National Park Mahatma Gandhi.


7. Amkunj beach, Range


Rangat Amkunj beach is one of the best eco-tourism destinations in India under the guidance of DFO Foresters in Rangat (Division Forest Officer). As one of the tortoise beaches that nest in Andaman, Amkunj beach attracts many environmentally friendly friends. The beach is close to an eco-park with a friendly environment and eco-lodge, luggage beds, sofa logs, log teapots, and log stools. Located next to the beach.


8. Karmatang Beach, Mayabawer


This dull beach will be wild and important for party animals. Yes! Yes! Yes! No more can be explored on the Beach of Carmat, but you should not miss this beach if you travel with a group of Hippies to Andaman. However, the carmatang beach is a beautiful and clean beach with lush beach vegetation and a number of small huts, unlike other Andaman beaches. Travel to Maybundunder is about 30 minutes away.



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